March 2017
National Innovation Forum
Amy Glasscock, Senior Policy Analyst

NASCIO's National Innovation Forum comprised of state members meets once a month for webinars, where we generally highlight innovation from another state. As a technology-focused organization it's easy to think of innovation as the creation of new apps or technologies to improve the functions of state government. While some of our members have done just that, innovation comes in many forms.

Though we have had presentations on emerging technologies such as 3-D printing, wearables and the Internet of Things, some of most highly attended events have been about innovative practices such as innovative work-spaces or innovative workforce development.

In January and February we discussed innovative ways of handling technology procurement and contracting. Later in the year we will focus again on workforce and workspace as well as innovative funding ideas.

From our monthly discussions, as well as the award submissions we get for our NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards, it's no surprise to us that states continue to find new and innovative ways to improve citizen and customer service daily.
Two-Step Verification Implemented for the State of Colorado's Email Users

The Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) took steps in 2016 to drastically reduce phishing attacks on its state email accounts. By launching Google's Two-Step Verification for Colorado's 30,000 state Gmail users, OIT has seen a marked decrease in successful phishing attacks. The keys to a successful rollout were communication, change management, and ensuring there was strong support for such a change at the executive leadership level. And it's something every state should consider as another critical layer of email security.  Learn more .
Watch on Washington Top 5
  1. Cyber bills introduced. Earlier this month, Reps. Kilmer (D-Wash.), Comstock (R-Va.) and Sens. Warner (D-Va.), Gardner (R-Colo.) introduced H.R. 1344, The State Cyber Resiliency Act which would set up a cyber grant program that would provide resources for states to develop and implement effective cyber resiliency plans. Last month, Sens. Peters (D-Mich.), Perdue (R-Ga.) introduced S. 412, State and Local Cyber Protection Act of 2017 which would require DHS' National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) to provide assistance to state and local governments identify and respond to information systems vulnerabilities. 
  2. Private sector recommendations to House Homeland Security. On Mark 9, the House Homeland Security Committee's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Subcommittee hosted a hearing, "The Current State of DHS Private Sector Engagement for Cybersecurity." Five witnesses from the private sector including Intel Security Group and Symantec offered their recommendations for government which included: guidance about the industry role, developing the cyber workforce, maintaining DHS as the civilian lead on cyber, implementing cyber laws, and upholding privacy protections in the 2015 cybersecurity information sharing act. 
  3. FirstNet v Rivada Mercury case update. A decision in the case is expected soon after several hours of oral arguments concluded on March 3 regarding the exclusion of Rivada Mercury from consideration in the FirstNet bid. Several observers are urging U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Elaine Kaplan to issue a decision expeditiously including the City of Boston and the Bay Area Regional Interoperable Communications System Authority (BayRICS). 
  4. New Dems petition Trump on cyber. Members of the New Democrat Coalition sent a letter to President Trump on March 10, "...urging him to prioritize cybersecurity issues in the budget, including building the cyber workforce, strengthening public-private partnership, and investing in cyber infrastructure." Many of the coalition's members serve on committees focused on national intelligence.
  5. Congratulations Doug Robinson! Earlier this month, NASCIO's Executive Director, Doug Robinson, was awarded the IJIS Institute's 2017 Robert P. Shumate National Public Safety and Justice Contribute to Excellence Award which recognizes "...the person from either industry or the public sector that has made the most valuable life-time contribution to justice and public safety information sharing." 
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Call for Roundtable Topics: Digital Government Deep DivesRoundtables
Roundtable sessions provide an opportunity for NASCIO corporate and nonprofit members to share their subject matter expertise with conference attendees through facilitated, case study-based small group discussions on a specific topic.

This year, roundtable discussions will expand the conversations started earlier in the day in Learning Lounges around four key areas: identity management, cybersecurity, emerging technologies, updates from NASCIO's national/federal partners.


NASCIO recently launched the third iteration of the State CIOs Make a Difference campaign, which highlights the often-over-looked success stories of how IT is making an impactful difference for citizens and their government. The effort aligns with NASCIO's strategic goal of advancing state CIOs as key state business leaders who play a role in developing public policy. Six states will be showcased during the campaign, providing individual recognition and elevating the conversation around the important role of state CIOs for all.

Follow @NASCIO for campaign updates and add to the conversation using #StateCIOsRock.

#StateITRocks - Nominate your state's innovative projects for the State IT Recognition Awards and shine a light on state IT successes. 

NASCIO is seeking nominations of transformational projects that:
  • address critical business problems
  • improve business processes
  • increase citizen engagement in state government

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