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NASN's Response to COVID-19
The world is responding to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. NASN is monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) response and working with CDC and other groups to provide resources to school nurses. Our page devoted to COVID-19 is updated on a regular basis to include timely information for school nurses.

Danatech Gives You Updated Info About Diabetes
Did you know that NASN collaborates with the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) to make Diabetes Advanced Network Access, or Danatech (formerly DANA), available to all NASN members? Danatech is a website resource that allows school nurses working with students with diabetes to access best-in-class information about diabetes technology.
With their access, NASN members get:
  • Research and review diabetes devices and mobile apps.
  • Access to tech-focused courses, webinars and device training.
  • Useful tools and evidence-based research, clinical trials, reports.
  • Opportunities to participate in focus groups, polls and discussions helping to shape the future of diabetes care. 

NASN members also qualify for the AADE member pricing on any CNE offered through DANA. Recently DANA added a 14.5 hour Continuous Glucous Monitoring Certificate program to their site, which is free for NASN members (a $250 value).

Member Spotlight: Maine's Janis Hogan
Janis Hogan and other school nurses in Maine have been working tirelessly to keep a new law that strengthens Maine’s school vaccination requirements. Read more in the Portland Press Herald.

Hogan reported in early March that Maine citizens overwhelmingly supported keeping the new immunization law, which allows only medical exemptions. Maine is now the 5th state to allow only medical exemptions.  
Janis Hogan, BUS, RN, NCSN
Maine School Nurse of the Year 2018-19
NASN Board of Directors, Maine 
School Nurse
Camden Hills Regional High School
Rockport, Maine
New This Quarter: Learning Content
Below is new learning content that was released in Q1 2020:
  • Webinar recording: School Nurse Educators and A Model for Developing Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines: Raising Scholarship and Student Health
  • Podcast: The Journal of School Nursing: Health Risks and Outcomes of Homelessness in School-Age Children and Youth: A Scoping Review of the Literature
  • Podcast: NASN School Nurse: Addressing Self-Injury in Schools
  • Podcast: NASN School Nurse Chat: Rare Diseases
  • Infographic: National School Health Data Set: Every Students Counts! 2018-2019 National Results
  • Infographic: National School Health Data Set: Every Students Counts! Fillable Infographic Form
  • Advocacy Resource: 2020 NASN Legislative Priorities
  • Member Portal: Digital Membership Card
Member Resources
Do you have students who could use the VSP resources? Now is a great time to request vouchers for VSP because the busy season has passed. And as of 2019, a Social Security number (SSN) is not required to use gift certificates provided by the program. 
School Nurse Day 2020
May 6, 2020

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