NASN Quarterly Connection: Q2 2020
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Virtual NASN2020: A Seat at the Table:
Winning Together for Student Health
NASN2020 went VIRTUAL this year! More than 1,700 of your colleagues joined us online for our first-ever fully virtual event! In a time when we truly need each other, this opportunity brought us closer together and provided informative educational sessions.

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  • You can still visit the Exhibit Hall to see all our exhibitors! The Exhibit Hall is open to ALL MEMBERS -- not just Virtual NASN2020 registrants!
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NASN Releases Position Brief on Racism
Recent events have led to important conversations about race in this country. NASN's position brief, " Eliminate Racism to Optimize Student Health and Learning," aims to help you with these conversations in our school communities.

It is NASN's position that systematic racism must be eliminated from the United States, and this elimination can begin with school systems, school staff, families and children.

Racism, a public health crisis, threatens the health, educational attainment, and well-being of children and adolescents. School systems hold a profound formative influence in the lives of students. Read the full position brief.
NASN Releases Framework Article Series
To advance school nursing and support best practices, NASN has launched a series of articles in the NASN School Nurse, each focusing on a specific principle of the Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice TM

The first article,  Moving Upstream from the Individual to the Community: Addressing Social Determinants of Health, was published in May, addresses Community/Public Health and presents a case study on asthma and air quality issues comparing the more traditional individual approaches to health (labeled downstream and midstream) with population-level approaches (labeled upstream).  

The article in July’s issue, Framework for 21st Century School Nursing PracticeTM: Clarifications and Updated Definitions clarifies terminology to create a common understanding among practicing school nurses to be able to implement the Framework more fully and with integrity.
President's Endowment Challenge:
Double Down for Data in 2020
The President's Endowment Challenge: Double Down for Data is inspired by the "year of the 2." This fund is launched in 2020. In 2020, we celebrate the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale and an NASN president serves a 2-year term.

Funders who support NASN's programming want to see school nurse data. Collecting, analyzing and disseminating school nurse data takes dollars. When you donate to this fund, no amount is too small --- $2, $20, $200, or double your last contribution. If every member contributed $2, the NASN Endowment Fund would grow by $34,000.

Member Spotlight:
Kate King
As part of NASN's Virtual Hill Day, June 3-4, 2020, we asked members to contact state and federal legislators to advocate for more funding for school nurses.

School nurses are front line healthcare providers, serving as the bridge between the health care and education systems. School nurses serve as public health sentinels for schools as well as their communities. For many children living in or near poverty, the school nurse may be the only health care professional they access regularly.

Kate King discusses Advocacy in Action in this video, "Talking to the Media and Legislators."
Kate King, DNP, MS, RN, LSN
Additional Resources: NASN launched an Advocacy in Action series, short (2-4 minute) videos, highlighting school nurses sharing their stories about how they have successfully influenced key decision makers. Learn tips on how to improve your presentation skills, use data to tell your story, and build a coalition for success.  In addition to Kate, see advice from Lynne Meadows and Wendy Rau.
New This Quarter: Learning Content
Below is new learning content released in Q2 2020:
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NASN is monitoring the CDC response to COVID-19 and working with other groups to provide resources to school nurses. Review NASN's Return to School Guidance on our COVID-19 Resources page.
Chronic Health Conditions Management Healthy Out-of-School Time Roadmap, created by Alliance for a Healthier Generation and NASN