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Melissa Davies
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Doug Manning

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Brittany Jacobs
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George Cunningham
Texas A&M University
Laurence Chalip

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Marlene Dixon

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Old Dominion University
Conference Updates
September 7-10
Warsaw, Poland

November 2-5
Tampa, FL

November 2-4
Indianapolis, IN
Job Openings
The following universities are hiring:

Temple University - one year instructional (non-tenure track) position.

Kurtztown University - tenure track opening. 
Doctoral Studies
The following doctoral programs are offering graduate opportunities:

The University of Regina is offering two funding opportunities in Community Fitness Programming and Campus Fitness Centre Management
Nominations for the 2017 NASSM Awards are now open.  
It's that time of the year again. Please consider nominating yourself or another deserving scholar for the following NASSM awards. Click here for more information!
July 2016

The NASSM Publicity and Promotion Committee strives to keep the membership informed through this newsletter. This requires a collaborative effort from the delegates. To contribute to subsequent newsletters, please forward all information to the Committee Chair and Editor,  Brianna Newland . Information can include, but is not limited to: awards, scholarly recognition, conferences, events, and 'from the field' information.

A Note from the President
Dear NASSM Members:
Greetings from College Station, Texas! I trust everyone is having a relaxing summer.
It was wonderful to see you at our annual conference in Orlando, FL. 

This year's conference was one of the biggest ever, and I thank Jo Williams, Marlene Dixon, Rob Ammon, and Chris Green for their incredible hard work and service, ensuring the conference's success. I always enjoy the conference, as we are able to reunite with old friends and meet new ones, present our own research and learn from others, and celebrate our colleagues' accomplishments and award recognitions, including Chris Green (Dr. Earle F. Zeigler Award recipient), Aubrey Kent (Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award), Brenda Pitts (Diversity Award), and Mark Nagel (Distinguished Sport Management Educator Award).

Over the next year, the executive council will engage in a number of activities, including presenting an updated strategic plan to the membership, working with internal and external partners to advance NASSM and its mission, and solidifying future conference locations, among other activities.  As always, please contact us with comments or questions. We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you a wonderful remainder of your summer.


Dr. George Cunningham
NASSM President
NASSM Blog: Debating eSports
We've got an exciting NASSM Blog post this month! The big debate: are eSports  really  sport? Authors Jenny, Manning, Keiper,  and Olrich break it down for us. Read the debate as to whether  eSports are sport on the latest NASSM Blog!

If you have an idea for the blog, please send a short description of your idea to Andrea Geurin.
What the P&P Committee does for NASSM
The Publicity & Promotions Committee works hard behind the scenes to ensure that the NASSM membership is up-to-date on the happenings of the executive council, conference manager, and the membership. We have a number of tools in our toolbox to keep you informed, but YOU - the member - must do your part to stay informed. How, you ask? Well, let us share the many ways in which you can engage with us.

In addition to official NASSM communications and/or Listserv emails, the Publicity and Promotions Committee utilizes social media as a convenient communication tool to engage the membership.  We invite NASSM members to explore ways in which you can interact with your organization's official social media accounts - only then we will expand the reach and influence of the North American Society for Sport Management. 

In February, the P&P Committee launched the official NASSM Blog. The blog aims to connect academics and practitioners with the latest research, programming, and innovations in the sport industry. So far we've published stories about social media and the Olympics, sport management internships and jobs, and innovative projects and collaborations in the classroom. Additionally, the blog also hosts a repository of all past feature stories from the NASSM newsletter. We would love to hear your interesting stories about research projects, industry collaborations, or classroom innovations! If you have a story idea for the blog, please send a short description of your idea to Andrea Geurin.

NASSM Instagram
NASSM joined Instagram just in time to post 61 photos from the 2016 conference in Orlando! If you're an Instagram user, please follow us at @nassm_sportmgt. While this  account will not post a lot throughout the  year, we plan to use it heavily during  NASSM conferences in upcoming years. We've got several plans for the account during next year's conference in Denver to help our membership become more engaged on Instagram, including some daily photo contests! Again, please follow us at @nassm_sportmgt to see all of the photos from the 2016 conference and to receive announcements about the 2017 conference.

Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates , reminders, and/or general information about the organization. We also have an initiative called #NASSMasks. Every Wednesday, around dinner-time (EST), we will post a question on Twitter and tag it with the #NASSMasks hashtag. The question might relate with a current sport-related event or a question about something you're doing in the classroom. You can then post your thoughts on the topic and read the responses from others by following the NASSMasks hashtag. If you have a question you would like to see asked during a #NASSMasks, send them to @NASSM_SportMgt on Twitter! We have over 3,330 followers! Join the fun!

We also rely on the tried, but true Facebook. So, please follow us there for news, photos, reminders, links to our latest NASSM Blog, and other great information! If you haven't liked NASSM on Facebook, you can do it here!

If you have something you'd like to share through our social media channels, please contact Brianna Newland and we'll get it posted for you!
The Teaching & Learning Repository!
The Teaching and Learning Fair at the NASSM conference is an excellent way to share the activities, projects, and pedagogical strategies NASSM members are using in their sport management classrooms. The sharing of these strategies and materials help other members innovate and improve their practice in the classroom, which makes all of our programs stronger. While the NASSM website currently hosts the short abstracts that members submit for these Teaching and Learning Fair presentations, we would like to further highlight all of the great things our members are doing in their classrooms.
As many of you know, in early 2016, we launched the NASSM Blog, as a place to expand upon the great things our members are researching, teaching, and writing. To further this effort, we want to utilize this platform as a place for opting members to share their teaching materials in an online repository. It is not mandatory to share materials you've presented at previous Teaching and Learning Fairs, however for those who are willing, we would like to build up a large repository of these excellent ideas shared during the brief sessions at NASSM conferences.
How to Submit
There are two ways to submit materials to this online repository. Both of these options should be submitted via e-mail to Melissa Davies.
  1. Submit the teaching material with a brief (50 word) description of what the activity is designed to do. Then, provide the assignment document, and/or rubric, or other relevant files.
  2. Submit a more in-depth blog post (approx. 500 words) about the activity, which would fall under our "education" tab on the blog. This content could describe the impact you've found the activity to have on your students, or can provide a more in-depth explanation of the tips you've learned or changes you've made to improve the effectiveness of the activity in your classroom. This analysis can also replicate the things you might explain during the teaching and learning fair face-to-face to give members a better idea of how they could utilize your resources.
2016 NASSM Award Winners!
A BIG congratulations to our 2016 Award winners!

Earle F. Zeigler Lecture Award
B. Christine Green, University of Illinois
Sport Development and the Invisible Hand: Lessons From a Free Market 'System'

Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award
Aubrey Kent, Temple University

Distinguished Sport Management Educator Award
Mark Nagel, University of South Carolina

Diversity Award
Brenda Pitts, Georgia State University

Student Research Competition
Bradley Baker, Temple University (Advisor: Dan Funk)
Run Again Another Day: The Role of Satisfaction on Repeat Marathon Participation

Research Fellow Award
Rui Biscaia, Universidade Europeia
Adrien Bouchet, University of Tulsa
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lesley Ferkins, Auckland University Technology
Larena Hoeber, University of Regina
Yuhei Inoue, University of Minnesota
Lisa Kihl, University of Minnesota
Chad Seifried, Louisiana State University
Marvin Washington, University of Alberta
Congratulations to Kelsey Lefevour!
University of Illinois PhD student, Paralympic advocate, and NASSM member Kelsey LeFevour has made the USA Track and Field Paralympic Team and will represent the USA in Rio! Look for our feature article on her experience next month.

GOOD LUCK, KELSEY! We will all be cheering you on!
Student Board Update
Hello NASSM student members! I am stoked to serve as student president this year and hopefully connect with each and every one of you at some point. I would also like to introduce you to the other student board members Katie Reifurth (University of South Carolina), Mark Slavich (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Kayla Smith (University of Northern Colorado). 

In the coming year, the student board will be working hard to facilitate initiatives during NASSM 2017 (in Colorado) including the student mentor initiative, the student-run panel discussion, and the student social, as well as (our newest initiative) google hangout discussions throughout the year. It is our goal to make these initiatives as relevant and productive as possible for you, and to make being a NASSM student member an overall positive experience, however we can only achieve this with your feedback and support. Please keep an eye out for (and complete) the student survey that will be circulated in September, and in the mean time, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@NASSMstudent) to keep up to date with any communication. Looking forward to a great year!

Student President
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135 Winterwood Dr
Buttler, PA 16001