NASU 2021
October 13 - 15, Nashville, TN
Dear Keystone User Community:

The Keystone team is very much looking forward to our NASU 2021 conference with you, in Nashville, October 13th – 15th at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown.
Here is a link to officially register for NASU 2021 and to express your specific interest in proposed sessions and topics. Please respond by September 7th as your response will help us shape the final agenda. In a sense, you are “voting” on these topics because there is almost certainly too much listed here to be able to cover in our two day full conference agenda.  Also, your responses will give us an idea of meeting room sizing (the most popular items in the larger rooms). Note that if something you are interested in ends up not making the final agenda (which we will circulate shortly after September 7) there is the opportunity to request custom “one on one” sessions on any topic of your choice, in the time allocated for the Wednesday afternoon “pre-conference workshops”.  For a small fee, you can schedule time on your topic(s) for which Keystone will assign the right employee(s) to work with you directly.
To see the “footprint” and overall schedule of the conference, please view our “block” agenda here.
Please also register for the Keystone-sponsored meals and reception so we can get an idea of headcounts. Your spouse / guests are most welcome; a fee of $100 will include them in all of our meals/reception. Also, please register your participation in our Saturday tour of the Ryman Theater and lunch (tour at 10 a.m. and lunch at 11:30 a.m.). A fee of $45 per participant is requested for that. Checks for guests or the Saturday excursion (payable to Keystone Information Systems, Inc.) can simply be hand delivered at the conference.
Also below is an update of hotel rooms still available in our room blocks at each of the two hotels. Even if you are still on the fence about attending NASU 2021, we recommend booking the needed room so that it is there if/when you decide to attend.   Rooms may be cancelled up to 48 hours before arrival with no penalty. Our room block will be removed at both hotels on September 13th (and we understand that rooms are scarce otherwise in Nashville at that time)! To that end, if you find you need to cancel a room, especially at the Holiday Inn Express, please contact Dorothy at Keystone before you do so, as she will track a list to connect anyone who is still seeking a room, in our block/rate.
For calling in reservations directly, call 877-666-3243 and identify yourself as part of Keystone NASU 2021.

For calling in reservations directly, call 877-666-3243 and identify yourself as part of Keystone NASU 2021.
Current room availability at the Holiday Inn Express, original block rate ($165) is:

Tuesday 10/12-- 9 Rooms

Wednesday 10/13-- 11 Rooms

Thursday 10/14-- 0 Rooms

Friday 10/15-- 4* Rooms
Here is the link to reserve at the Holiday Inn Express:
*Note that when our original block for Friday night sold out we added some for just that night but they were at a much higher rate of $329.   If you desire to stay at the HIE, please let Dorothy at Keystone know and we may be able to add a Thursday night room to the block for you, likely also at $329, but which would still likely be less than the current going rates.
If would like to make a reservation at the Grand Hyatt; for calling in reservations directly, please call 615-622-1234 and identify yourself as part of Keystone NASU 2021.
Current room availability at the Grand Hyatt is:

Tuesday 10/12-- 3 Rooms

Wednesday 10/13-- 12 Rooms

Thursday 10/14-- 12 Rooms

Friday 10/15-- 1 Room

Here is the link to reserve at the Grand Hyatt.   
Looking forward to seeing you in the Music City in October!
Your friends at Keystone