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May 2020 Newsletter
Welcome to NASW-TN’s e-newsletter. This will be a monthly publication focused on supporting your work with children & families in Tennessee. Monthly issues will be emailed to our members and shared with the public through our Facebook page and website. Each issue will include a theme for that month, the latest information and research related to children & families, as well as tools and resources you can use in your practice.
This is an especially important time to pay attention to mental health issues for our clients and ourselves. During Mental Heath Month, visit some of the resources here to find ways to cope with the mental health needs of children and families. A great resource is National NASW's COVID-19 page. Here you will find information on ethics, populations groups, self care, and personal safety. Another great resource for Mental Health Month is the TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services website. Click Here to view their information.
Resources for You from NASW!
NASW provides a variety of resources to assist our members. Click the button below to access a list of some resources NASW provides in relation to children's mental health.
Would you like to help First Responders?

Mental health professionals know the toll COVID-19 is taking. Help support Tennessee's healthcare workers and first responders. Join the Mental Health Active Response Team today and volunteer to answer the TN COVID-19 Emotional Support Line. Volunteering is easy and can be done from home. Just click on the image or below web address for additional information:
NASW-TN regrets the delay in hosting our Annual Awards ceremony that was originally scheduled for March 24 at Social Work Day on the Hill. We will be highlighting our award winners in this and future issues of Children and Family Connections."

NASW-TN Social Worker of the Year
Ms. Sarah Dill, LMSW

Sarah is a living role-model of commitment to social work values and ideals. She treats everyone she meets in a caring and respectful manner, valuing the dignity and worth of each person. She builds trusting and dependable relationships with her clients, colleagues and community members. As the Mental Health Services Coordinator at Hope House Ms. Dill has honed her social work skills while serving individuals and families living with HIV becoming an expert in working with traumatized and hurting people.
When asked what she considered to be her greatest accomplishment thus far Sarah revealed that it was creating and facilitating an ongoing support group for women of transgender experience. She explains how one of her clients, a transgender woman, expressed her despair that there were no therapy groups specifically for women who identified as transgender or gender non-conforming and were living with HIV. Not one to pass up an opportunity to provide a service needed in the community Sarah created a weekly group for transgender women living with HIV. As a result of her dedication to the group and consistently maintaining and promoting the safeness of the group it has been in existence for over two years!
To understand the impact that Ms. Dill has had on the many clients and families that she has served she received an award in 2014 for being the “Most Helpful Social Worker.” What makes this award extra special is because this description of Ms. Dill was voted on and given to her by women living with HIV who were attending a Women’s HIV Empowerment Forum. Her clients recognize the value of and depth of her commitment.
Nominated by: Robin Lennon-Dearing, PhD, MSW
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Free, one-stop resource for TN families to raise healthy and happy kids. kidcentral tn features articles on health, education, development and more. It also includes a searchable directory for state-sponsored services for children &families.

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