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January 21, 2019
Since we introduced our new website ( a few months ago, we've had a lot of questions about accessing information and signing in. We hope the following information helps to clarify:

  • You have one personal sign in and password for the NATIONAL website, at, which you created when you joined. By signing in on this website, you can update your member information, access the Online CE Institute, join the MyNASW community or participate in a Specialty Practice Group.
  • You also have a different sign in and password for the VIRGINIA CHAPTER, at, which is also personal to you and is used to register for continuing education classes, make other purchases through our online store (such as advertising), and access the qualified supervisor directory.
  • Last, there is a general password to be used to access the "Members Only" section on the website. This password is VANASW804 and allows you access to parts of the website such as the Job Listings and other Classified Ads and the newsletter archive, along with finding information about other member benefits.

If you have questions about accessing information with us, please reach out to us!
Take Care of YOU in the New Year - Practice Self-Care
You might have chosen to become a social worker or behavioral health provider because you wanted to join a helping profession and care for others. But what about self-care?

Social workers know that self-care is critical; in fact, we're trained to recognize when a client needs to take better care of himself or herself, right? We know that there are recognizable signs - stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout - that impact our work and our health. And, we know how to connect with the right resources. Why don't we do a better job of taking care of ourselves?

The Social Services profession ranks #3 on a list of jobs with the highest rates of depression - it is estimated that 14.6% of the professionals in the industry suffer from depression. Many of us are busy not only with work, but also personal commitments and relationships, and our own self-care often comes last. Many social workers adopt an attitude of "I'll do it when I need it," but a preventative strategy is much better.

NASWVA is committed to helping our professionals practice self-care, and some great resources for you are listed below.

Something you can do today: make one of your goals for the new year to become a better practitioner of self-care.

First, assess where you are. There are many helpful resources available (see some assessment tools below). You should be able to identify some coping mechanisms you already use as well as some ways you already practice self-care. The purpose of this first step is understand your own starting point.

Next, make a self-care plan. Everyone's plan will be different, but all will have a common focus: committing to attend to important areas of your life. These areas include physical and mental health, relationships, and emotional and spiritual needs.

Develop plans for regular self-care - what you are going to do on an ongoing basis. You could include things like exercise, getting more sleep, meditation, starting a mindfulness practice or gratitude journal (see left), or eliminating poor coping mechanisms.

Also develop plans for emergency self-care - what you will do in more difficult circumstances than the every day. By preparing strategies prior to an emergency, you will be better able to work through the challenge.

Be sure to identify people who can support you in your self-care, and share your plan as needed.

Last, PRACTICE your plan! Remember, it's a work in progress, but better self-care will result in better health and greater happiness, all while paying both personal and professional dividends.
LEARN MORE about the topic & the role of social workers...

NASW Resources:

How to Prevent Burnout in an Always-On World , by Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW

Other Resources:

Social Worker Self-Care — The Overlooked Core Competency , by Kate Jackson, from Social Work Today, May/June 2014

Mindfulness: 10 Lessons in Self Care for Social Workers , by Deborah Lisansky Beck, MSW, LICSW, from The New Social Worker,

Self Care in Social Work Assessment Tools - includes tools to measure stress or burnout along with helpful tips on coping and mindfulness

Professional Quality of Life Scale - a tool to assess Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout, and Secondary Traumatic Stress

Nip it in the Bud: Signs of Social Work Burnout and Tips for Self-Care , Florida State University School of Social Work

Self Care is a Requirement, by Aaron Garth, from Social Work Helper

Project Time Off - interesting info about how taking time off will improve your productivity, creativity, physical health and mental well being

The American Heart Association's stress management ideas
Online conference registration IS NOW OPEN
Visit our website to learn more , or click the button below to register now

Early Bird Deadline is January 31st - register now to save!

Don't miss out - close to 100 of your peers have already registered for the 2019 NASW Virginia Annual Conference! It's a great opportunity to network, learn, and understand the latest in all areas of our profession. We expect hundreds of social workers and behavioral health and human services professionals to attend this year's event at the Williamsburg Lodge, March 28 - 30.

The event features an exciting slate of topics (to see some highlights, click here) and offers you a total of 20.5 credit hours. You can choose to attend 1, 2, or 3 days ( see the full schedule here ). On Thursday, we will also offer a separate track for undergraduate and graduate students , with a discounted one-day price of just $28 for NASW student members! Student members can attend the full three days for just $168.

You don't have to be a member to participate, but if you are, you'll save! As a NASW member, you'll pay just $350 for the full three-day conference, a savings of $110 if you sign up by the 1/31/19 Early Bird Deadline). See all the options here!  
Hey Students:
Here's Why You Should Attend the Conference

  • We have a special student-focused track on Thursday - just $28 for NASW student members or $34 for non members
  • Student members can attend the full 3 day conference for just $168
  • The Thursday session will feature topics of student interest...
  • Why you should belong to NASW and what your professional organization can do for you
  • What do all those letters mean? Explore licensing options and requirements in our profession
  • A primer on government affairs
  • A panel featuring speakers from a variety of practice settings - school social work, social services, healthcare and more
  • Tips on getting that first job
  • You'll have an opportunity to network with our exhibitors, many of whom are seeking employees for their organizations, and our speakers
  • There will be ample time for networking with other students as well as professionals

Join us - we look forward to seeing you March 28 - 30!
Conference Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities
What's a great way to get in front of hundreds of Virginia social workers and behavioral health and human services professionals?

Be a Sponsor, Exhibitor, or Advertiser
at the 2019 NASWVA Annual Conference!

The event is your organization's opportunity to partner with one of the largest associations of professional social workers and behavioral health professionals in the state. Scheduled for March 28-30, 2019, the conference attracts over 350 attendees. Our participant’s diversity of practice settings assures an appealing audience for organizations recruiting employees, seeking referrals, or marketing products and services.

We are offering MANY options this year for organizations to become involved!
  • Become an Exhibitor and participate with a table at our Exhibitors Fair (trade show),
  • Become a sponsor and get the most visibility for your brand through special benefits, as well as the opportunity to have a table at the Exhibitors Fair,
  • Or choose to simply advertise.

We already have many organizations signed up to participate, including NASW Assurance Services, Good Neighbor, The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt, The Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine, National Counseling Group, New Hope Treatment Centers , and many others.

Learn more by choosing one of the options below. Questions? Email Kristin Berrier at Online registration is now open!
Deadline Coming for Nominations:
NASW Virginia Chapter Annual Awards

Please help us recognize your peers who are doing amazing work in our field. Each year, NASWVA recognizes those in our profession who go above and beyond, and we need your nominations to provide recognition to professionals in our field!

Categories include:

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Social Worker of the Year
  • BSW Student of the Year
  • MSW Student of the Year, and
  • Public Citizen of the Year

The presentation of the awards will be made at the 2019 Annual Conference to be held March 28 – 30, 2019.  The deadline for submission of a nomination is Friday, February 1, 2019.

To nominate someone for an award, check that the nominee meets the criteria for the award fill out the Nomination Form , and  complete the nomination package  (which includes the nomination form, a letter of reference, photo files, a short summary of the nominee's accomplishments, and, in some cases, the nominee's Curriculum Vitae).

Questions? Please reach out to NASWVA Executive Director, Debra Riggs, at
Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

NASWVA provides high-quality training throughout the year, and across the state, for our members. The full calendar of upcoming opportunities can be found here.

You might be interested in one of our upcoming classes, including...

  • Match Point: Overcoming Games Played in Supervision & Crafting Successful Group Supervision (1/25 + 1/26 in Roanoke, NOTE: you can take one or both days; each day is 7 CE hours). During these highly interactive seminars, attendees will engage with other professionals to strengthen their foundation of today’s best practice knowledge and enhance their skills to function effectively in the critical role of clinical supervisor. Day 1 explores the games played in supervision, while Day 2 focuses on the dynamics of group supervision. Try something new - these courses can be taken instead of, or as a follow up to, Core Clinical Supervision. Each course counts toward the 14 hour training requirement mandated by the Virginia Board of Social Work to provide clinical supervision for LCSW candidates. NOTE: Deadline to sign up is 11:59pm on 1/22!

  • Licensure Exam Prep (2/1 + 2/2 in Richmond - NOTE: change of location). This class (14 CE Hours) will prepare you to take your clinical level examination required by most states to become a LCSW. Our proprietary course material was written by LCSWs with 35+ years of experience, and offers insight you won't get anywhere else. The course provides a review of key material, test-taking strategies, practice question review, and tips for success.

  • Core Clinical Supervision (2/22 + 2/23 in Woodbridge). This class is full - to join the waitlist, email OR try the Jan 25/26 class listed above as an alternative. This 14 hour course fulfills the training requirement mandated by the Virginia Board of Social Work to provide clinical supervision for LCSW candidates. The interactive class, which includes presentations plus small and large group discussions, will cover topics such as the purpose and function of supervision, related ethics issues, and theories and models of supervision. NASW was the first to offer this course in Virginia, and you'll learn the proprietary material from experienced instructors who have been teaching the class for years.

  • Independent Clinical Supervision & Digital Technology and Clinical Social Work Supervision (4/26 + 4/27 in Richmond, NOTE: you can take one or both days; each day is 7 CE hours/7 Ethics hours). Newly opened classes! Day 1: Independent Clinical Supervision: Current Best Practices and Managing Vicarious Liability - Amid the challenging social work practice climate, what must practitioners engaging in the exciting practice arena of Independent Clinical Supervision know to assure a successful professional experience? From established resources of practice accountability to the formulation of supervision contracts, this interactive training will both educate and empower attendees. Day 2: Mastering the Ethical Divide of Digital Technology and Clinical Social Work Supervision - Social workers face evolving challenges in ethics and practice, and digital technology has brought heightened risk for clinical social work supervisors. Ethical dilemmas abound from conflicts of interest and dual relationships, to state to state disparities of licensure scope, plus privacy and confidentiality. Each 7 hour day counts toward the training requirement mandated by the Virginia Board of Social Work to provide clinical supervision for LCSW candidates.
Easily Track Your CE Hours!

NASW's new CE Tracker tells you exactly what you need to renew your social worker license in your state — everything from the amount and type of CE’s needed, to renewal deadlines. $25 annually for NASW members and $40 annually for non-members.
NASW is your one-stop shop for Continuing Education!

Besides the offerings of the Virginia Chapter, NASW has the Social Work Online CE Institute, which houses hundreds of on-demand titles produced by the NASW Chapters and National Office. The system uses your NASW national login (the one you use at, not the one for the Virginia Chapter) to access the Institute and all your training history. NASW members can access both free CEs and CEs at discounted rates! 

Before you purchase a course, please review the Virginia licensing board’s requirements regarding distance learning/home study CE courses.

Are you interested in joining a Macro Specialty Interest Group?
Some NASWVA members are interested in forming a Macro Specialty Interest Group to network, share resources, and socialize. Want to join?
I'm definitely interested
I'd like to learn more; contact me
This is my area, but no thanks
Are You in Private Practice?

NASW members are welcome to join "An Hour With Private Practice," a monthly call that focuses on topics relevant to those who deliver mental health services in a private solo or group practice. Calls take place on the third Wednesday of each month (except December), from noon to 1 pm ET. The next call is 1/16, with the topic "What you should know to be successful in private practice 2019". Upcoming topics include professional liability issues, ethics, what to do if your information is hacked, and more. The interactive calls are led by Mirean Coleman, LICSW, Clinical Manager at NASW. No registration is needed, and the sessions are free to members! Visit this link to see the upcoming schedule and details on how to join in.
The MyNASW Community — is transforming how NASW members connect, share ideas and resources, and stay up to date. Over 15,000 members have already logged on, and there are over 1,000 conversation threads - you're sure to find something of interest!

Visit to update your profile and join the conversation today. Questions? Contact NASW Member Services at 1-800-742-4089 Monday through Friday 9 am - 9 pm ET.
Need a Resource?

Did you know that NASW has its own publications division, the NASW Press? It's a leading scholarly press in the social sciences, serving faculty, practitioners, agencies, librarians, clinicians, and researchers in social work and in many related disciplines. NASW Press delivers professional information to readers throughout the United States and abroad through its scholarly books, reference works, and periodicals.

New Practice Alert!

NASW has released a new Practice Alert for clinical social workers about the 2019 MACRA quality payment exclusion for clinical social workers, what led to it, and its impact. Visit  this link  to access the Alert.

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Level 1 & 2 Yoga for Resiliency and Trauma Recovery Trainings 
These trainings focus on simple and effective self-regulation techniques for clinicians to use to help increase resiliency and decrease effects of trauma. Join us for a blend of experiential and didactic learning about trauma, resiliency and how yoga can help you and your clients become more resilient, understand trauma and create compassionate connection! 

You will receive: 18 CEs (4 Ethics CEs) approved by NASW-NC (please note that this class meets CE approval by the Virginia Board of Social Work).

2019 Dates: 
Level 1 - Richmond, VA: February 1st
Level 2 - Richmond, VA: February 2-3rd

To register and for more information go to:
Regional Collaborative Manager 
Partner organizations of the Greater Richmond Regional Collaborative to End Sexual and Domestic Violence (GRRC) are committed to providing efficient and effective services, informed by best practices, to better meet the needs of individuals affected by sexual and domestic violence in the region. Partners in the GRRC include:  YWCA Richmond, Hanover Safe Place, Safe Harbor, The James House, GoochlandCares, and Project Hope at Quin Rivers. See the full job description at  where you will also see instructions on how to apply.  
Recruiting geriatric care managers and social workers with experience in geriatrics to participate in a three-week paid care concierge pilot program that assists family caregivers in navigating the aging process. Participants will spend 5-8 hours per week responding via text to inbound questions from family caregivers in the Richmond area during the late February/early March timeframe. Compensation will be an agreed upon hourly rate. 
For more information, contact