NEWSLETTER | May 2020 | Volume 5 | Issue 5
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To our NASWA family:

This is a difficult and strange time we are living through – abnormal is the new normal. All of us are worried about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our families and friends, our health, our jobs, our food supply system, and our economy. Not only are we stressed in the short-term, but we also are concerned about long-term impact and effects.

Over the past seven weeks, since the pandemic began, NASWA has been prioritizing critical work to support you, our members, by standing up two COVID-19 websites; having regular calls with the U. S. Department of Labor; member briefing calls on a weekly basis; calls with UI attorneys, workforce staff, LMI directors, veterans staff and vendors; and calls with organizations such as National Governors Association, National Conference of State Legislators and National Skills Coalition. We’ve regularly updated Congressional staff, providing input on proposed and potential legislation, sharing state challenges on UI issues, and meeting with other potential partners and stakeholders on your behalf.

None of these actions could have been accomplished without all of us working together during this crisis to serve those experiencing financial and emotional distress. We know there is a long road ahead to recovery for many and we will continue to work alongside you in your effort to serve America’s workforce.

Please continue to reach out to us and share your state’s concerns, observations, needs and updates as well as your own well-being. We know the states will continue to be the incubators for innovation and, like the Great Recession of 2008-2009, are rising to meet the challenge.
As some states are beginning the process of reopening, there is still a lot of uncertainty. Know that the staff of NASWA is always here, dedicated to making sure you, our members, have the support, information and resources they need. Be safe and stay healthy.

We are #strongertogether!
Scott B. Sanders
COVID-19 Resources
Since the passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, NASWA member attorneys have been busy supporting state implementation of the new UI programs. NASWA has provided these attorneys an opportunity to collaborate nationally by setting up regular virtual meetings.

“Some states only have one or two attorneys working with the UI program,” shares Julie Squire, NASWA Policy Director and General Counsel. “The virtual calls give attorneys the ability to find out how other states are interpreting the CARES Act and guidance issued by the United States Department of Labor.” Attorneys interested in joining the calls should contact Julie Squire at .
NASWA and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) continue to partner to create the attached brochure to assist new UI claimants and other dislocated workers make informed financial decisions following a job loss. 
This brochure contains tips on how to:

  • keep your finances on the right track in the event of unemployment;
  • protect yourself when getting financial advice during a period of job dislocation;
  • protect yourself from job search scams when looking for employment; and
  • ask the right questions about your company’s benefit plans at any time.

Order brochures for your local workforce centers.
View the brochure ( English version )
The NASWA UI Integrity Center recently presented a webinar on Integrity resources that can be utilized by states during the current crisis.

These services include providing credentials to all states to use the Fraud Alerting capability via the Integrity Data Hub (IDH), including states who do not currently participate in the IDH. In addition, the webinar highlights valuable on-line training modules on topics such as Claims Adjudication also available free of charge to all states.

If you would like to view a recording of the webinar, please contact Jerry Lord at
Upcoming Meetings
NASWA leadership and the Board Executive Committee have been monitoring developments related to COVID-19. It is with regret that we inform you in-person meetings scheduled in June and July 2020 are canceled. Multiple factors led to the decision to cancel these meetings, including health, safety and the important work being done during this unprecedented time.
Many of these committees will meet virtually.  Please continue to check your committee’s page on our website for updated information (NOTE: Login is required.)
If you secured hotel reservations please contact the hotel directly to cancel reservations as soon as possible.
Registration refunds :  NASWA will refund meeting registration fees. Please allow 4-6 weeks for refund processing.
We look forward to meeting again in person and wish health and safety to all as we make our way through this challenging time.
NASWA in Action
We support the introduction of this important legislation as it would fund critical investments in America's workers and businesses that are needed for successful reemployment and recovery during the immediate crisis and beyond. The Act proposes to use existing, proven funding streams that promote state innovation, flexibility and accountability. This is similar to effective reemployment solutions implemented during the Great Recession.

Now is the time to begin preparing to assist the workforce system's priority populations which include young and low-income workers, dislocated workers, and workers with barriers to employment. Helping these individuals find a foothold in the economy that emerges following the economic downturn of the COVID-19 crisis, which has had a disproportionate impact on many of them, is critical. Increasing access to upskilling opportunities, such as on-the-job and incumbent worker training and transitional jobs, important to their success. The RAWA empowers states and their local partners to expand access to these and other successful education and training models based on local needs. 

The bill targets critical areas of need in the enhancement and use of labor market and administrative data. This will enable policymakers, businesses, jobseekers, researchers and program analysts to have more real-time, actionable intelligence for defining challenges, tailoring solutions and measuring impact.
Attention, State WIOA program directors! On February 21, your agency should have received a unique link to a national survey on the WIOA performance measures related to “effectiveness in serving employers.” Survey responses are due May 15 th . If you haven’t seen the survey or need assistance completing it, please contact our research partners at the Urban Institute ( ).
The survey is part of a USDOL-sponsored study that is nearing its final phases. The survey is an important part of the study because it is gathering information and insights from you, the experienced state WIOA core program directors! While the survey is voluntary, a representative national response will increase the power of the findings. Plus, this is an important opportunity for state program directors to inform federal policy as final measures are crafted. Thank you for taking the time to share your perspectives with the study team. If you have any questions, please contact  Urban Institute staff  or  NASWA staff .
New evidence has just arrived showing positive impacts from ‘reemployment’ programs administered by state workforce agencies and their local partners. Two separate research studies involving five states, each using a... Read more
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