A Quick Emmy Reminder from NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter .



Finally. After months of tinkering and fine tuning, your new NATAS Lower Great Lakes Website is here. Check it out at nataslgl.org. Let us know what you think. 



Time to get the swimsuit out of storage. The EMMY awards at Kalahari resort are right around the corner. You'll want to book your room early to lock in the preferred NATAS rate.


hotelOur Chapter Administrator Gary Manke has all the details:

Kalahari Resorts is offered a special NATAS rate, available for Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th

  • $209 per night + tax and resort fee ($19.99)
    (Single, double, triple, quad rates are all the same)
  • Saturday night stay requires a two-night minimum
  • Reservation Number: 877-525-2427
  • Ask for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Lower Great Lakes Room Block.
There are other hotels nearby, including:
  • Fairfield Inn Sandusky (419) 621-9500
  • Hampton Inn Sandusky-Central (419) 609-9000
  • Comfort Inn Sandusky (419) 621-0200
  • Great Wolf Lodge (800) 641-9653
There are many other fine hotels in the area and near Cedar Point, as well.


2016 Student Production Awards
he deadline for submitting entries in the High School Student Production Awards is March 31st, 2016.

The SPA's are designed to recognize and honor the talent of young broadcasters in our region.

The competition is open to any high school student in the television markets covered by our region.  Check if you live in the area by clicking  here.

Video clips must be uploaded to a host site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).  You will be asked to provide a non-password protected URL on the entry form. Entries must have been produced between August 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016.

Entries will be judged by qualified professionals in the Lower Great Lakes Chapter region.

Questions? Feel free to contact Education Committee Chair, Mark Lynch at  mediateacher@mac.com.



Bob Hammer
Emmy Judging is wrapping up on the Boston/New England panels with the San Diego/Pacific Southwest panel right behind.  Boston/New England professional panels are due Friday, March 18, and College/High School panels are due March 25th.  San Diego/Pacific Southwest isn't due until April 1st.  Reminder emails have been sent to all incomplete judges.  See below for a complete list of current judges. Judges working on multiple panels are indicated with the number of panels they are working on.

The Lower Great Lakes Chapter is working on 49 panels that will require a minimum of 343 judges.  As of this writing 186 have completed with about that many still in progress.  All 49 panels have been assigned, however back up judges are still being accepted.  We all know how life happens and breaking stories can get in the way of completing a panel.  Contact Bob Hammer if you are available to be a back up judge.

Completed Judges:  Adam Carroll, Aishah Hasnie, Ali Ghanbari (2), Alison Momeyer, Alyssa Ivanson, Amy Cummings (3), Amy Howell (2), Andy Baskin , Anthony Campagna, Aric Hartvig, Ashley Collins, Audra Collie, Barbara Brosher, Bennett Haeberle, Beth McLeod (3), Bill Loomer, Blake Brenneman, Carl Monday, Charles Ford, Chris Flook (2), Chris Stabile (7), Chrys Peterson (2), Chuck Rigdon, Courtney Leitschuh, Cyndee Hebert, Dan Edwards (2), Daniel Sevic (2), Daniel Ford, Darin Hohman, Dave Furst, Dave Marren, David Bradford (2), David Griffiths, David Holmes, David Kuznicki (5), David Plantz, David Redig (2), Dean Cummings, Debby Knox, Derek Steyer, Dr.Matt Donahue, Eric Swinderman, Gabriel C. Lantz, Gary C. Manke, George Sipl, Grace Nowak, Greg Golya, Greg Malone, Gregory Dunn (2), Heather Hunt (2), Holly Sechrist (2), Howard Monroe, Janine Garner, Jason Ashmawi, Jeff Platz (2), Jeff Wagner, Jennifer Engelking, Jeremiah Slovarp, Jill Glavan (2), Jim Blue (2), Joe Cromer (2), John Bruner, John Duong (2), John Stealey, John Stehr, John Strauss, John Telich, Johnny Wu (2), Jonathan Walsh, Joseph Koskovics (3), Joseph Vella (2), Joshua Kubicek, Julian Grace, Kara Kenney , Kara Martinelli, Kate Keller, Katherine Donaldson (2), Kendall Downing, Kerry Williams, Kevin Beining (5), Kevin Finch, Kevin Grazioli, Kevin Morrissey, Larry Groupe, Laura Eisner, Leah Haslage (2), Loni Blandford, Maia Belay, Marcus Harrison, Mark Wade Stone, Matt Kerkhoff, Matt McCutcheon, Matthew Horn (2), McKenzie Kuehnlein, Megan Hickey , Michael Bachmann, Michael Hoge (2), Mike Berman, Mike Holden, Nicholas Nazario (2), Patrick Longbrake (3), Patrick Murray, Paul Vogelsang, Peggy McClelland, Perry Metz, Peter Huston (4), Phil Trexler, Philip Boyle (2), Randy Ziemnik , Richard Mcquaid, Rick Jackson, Ron Glasenapp, Ryan Speer, Ryan Thedwall (3), Sandra Chapman, Sara Kornokovich, Shannon Houser, Shannon Shonk, Shawn Pierce (2), Shawn Rech, Steve Andress, Steve Slivka, Steve Zaborniak, Susan Moses , Timothy McNicholas (4), Todd Meany, Tom Farmer, Vincent Manganello, Will Ujek, William McMillen, Zachary McFarlen

In Progress Judges:  Allison Barnard, Archie Allen, Ben Yonker, Caitlin Madill, Dean Cummings (2), Gabriela Gonzalez, Ger Vang, James Gherardi, Jamie Bell, Joe Nugent, Justin Crossley, Kris Burke, Leslie Flores, Mary Fecteau, Mike Bacon, Nate Heck, Nina Koehler, Richard Nye, Rick Jackson, Suzanne Stratford, Tony Geftos, William McMillen

Assigned Judges:  Abbie Brewer, Adam Carroll, Alex Michaels, Alexis Gillies, Alina Beteringhe, Alisha  Gaddis, Alphonzo Wesson, Amy Cummings, Andrea Fishman, Andrea Morehead, Andrew Horansky, Andrew Quinn, Anne Ryder, Antoinette Garbo, Aric Hartvig (2), Audra Collie (3), Austin Yoder, Benjamin Reiff, Bennett Haeberle, Bernard D. Wood (2), Bill Castrovince, Bill Loomer, Bob Hill, Bob Segall, Bob Williams, Brady Gibson, Brian Keith, Carl Bachtel, Carl Monday, Carolyn Case, Charles De Mar, Charles Ford, Chris Hagan, Chris Taylor, Christopher Kosinski, Chrys Peterson (2), Dan Edwards, Daniel Cermak, Daniel Herb, Daniel Klein, Daniel Spehler, Darren Sweeney, Darriele Snipes, Dave Furst, David Grendzynski, David Grove, David Novak, DeAndra Taylor, Diane Hook, Elbert  Tucker , Emily Drapp, Erika  Lancaster (3), Eugene Brancolini, Gabriel Kramer (2), Garret Brubaker, Gary Harrison, Greg Kissner, Helen Hamel, Holly Sechrist (2), Ian Zainea (2), J.T. Aguila, James Suiter, Janet Rogers, Jason  Richards, Jason Hurst, Jessica  Briganti, Jet Kaiser, Jill Glavan, Jim Nelson, Joe Pagonakis, Jonathan Adkins, Jonathan Walsh, Joshua Taylor, Juan Eduardo Contreras B., Julian Grace, Julie Flynn, Kara Kenney , Kathy Bruner, Kelly Heidbreder, Kendall Downing (2), Kevin Buzard, Kevin Finch, Kim Jacobs, Kristi Leigh, Kyle Hufford (2), Kyllea Kerg (2), Laura Hartog, Laura Stauter, Libby Hammer, Lisa Lowry, Mario Congreve (2), Mark Lynch, Mark Urycki, Mary Milz, Matthew Granite, Matthew Horn, Maureen Jennings, Max Leinwand, Megan Alicea, Melissa  Reid, Micah Holtgraves, Michael Gibson, Michael Harris (2), Michael O'Mara, Michelle  Nicks, Michelle Decker, Mike Caldwell, Mitch Davis, Nabiel Muhammed, Nicole Lehrman, Nicole Rahr Hahn, Olivia  Dangler, Rafael Sanchez, Ramon Carrera, Richard Mcquaid, Robb  Ressler, Rod Kozar, Ron Prickel, Ron Regan, Ruthanne Gordon-Sullivan, Ryan Thedwall, Sadie Lebo, Sara Wittmeyer, Sarah Buduson (2), Scott Carlson, Shannon Cagle Dawson (2), Sia Nyorkor (2), Stephen Bennet, Steve Jefferson, Steve Rhodes, Steve Warren (2), Steve Zaborniak (2), Susan  Moses , Susan Batt (2), Tad Frank, Tara Sutton, Teresa Mackin (2), Terra Redus Brantley, Todd Walker, Tom Sheehan (2), Tony Geftos, Vasili Safos, Vincent Manganello, William Neff (2)

Questions: Contact Bob Hammer, 440-503-2121 EmmyAwards@nataslgl.org