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lastcallWednesday, April 1ST
Last day to add names to entries

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You forgot to add someone to the entry? This is your last chance. No additions to the entry submission after April 1.  A $50 surcharge will apply.  More details, contact Bob Hammer, 440-503-2121 EmmyAwards@NATASLGL.org.



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"O.K," you ask. "When do I finally get to find out if all that hard work scores me an EMMY� nomination?" While the date isn't etched into stone, we have a pretty good idea. It all depends on when judges in other NATAS chapters complete their review of some 700 entries. But right now, it's looking like the end of April. Until then, try and get some sleep.



guthrieEMMY� JUDGING  

Help Judge the Emmys�
Never judged EMMYS� before? Try it. You'll like it. No better way to see how the other half of the TV industry is doing it. It's a great opportunity to pick up some story ideas, production techniques, and television trends. Besides, you'll see how your work stacks up against our colleagues in other markets.
For those of us who have judged EMMYS� before, just a reminder: It's quicker & easier than ever! No after work judging sessions eating cold pizza. It's all on-line, at your fingertips to review at your convenience.

Here's the skinny on EMMY� Judging from our EMMY� Administrator BOB HAMMER:

Now Judging Other Chapters' Work

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2015 Emmy� Awards competition. Lower Great Lakes Chapter received almost 700 entries again this year.

Now, you get to see what other Chapters from around the country are entering and help decide, by peer judging, what work will receive an Emmy� statuette in their markets. Your help is needed, and appreciated.

"Peer Judging" means that you work or have done work in the category you are judging.  If you work in News, you would judge news categories. Or, if you work in Sports, you would judge sports categories. The same applies to photographers judging other photographers' entries, and editors judging other editors' work, for instance.

Below is the list of categories for the first two Chapters we are judging trading.

Choose one or a couple of categories that you are qualified to peer judge and we will send you the log-in information and instructions. You can judge at work or at home on your own computer screen.  

You don't need to do it all at one time.

After you have viewed the required minimum amount of an entry, the judges' score sheet will pop up on the screen. You score each entry for Content, Creativity and Execution, 1-10 points. Craft categories are Creativity and Execution only.  When finished, you verify your scores and turn in your ballot.

To get started, contact Bob Hammer, our Chapter's Awards Administrator, at, EmmyAwards@NATASLGL.org, or 440-503-2121, with the category number and title.

You may also invite colleagues to judge; they do not need to be a member of the Academy.

The deadline for completing judging is Friday, March 20. There will be a need for judging additional NATAS Chapters later this spring/summer, so communicate your interest even if this deadline won't work for you.  If you have already been asked to complete a category and have your judging code click here for judging access.

Categories from the Pacific Southwest & Pacific Northwest NATAS Chapters:

Cat# Title # Judges Needed
01 Overall Excellence (1)
01B/02B Newscast - Evening - Morning -Smaller Markets (6)
04 Evening News (Markets 1-20) (1)
05 Morning/Daytime News (Markets 21-80) (2)
09 Breaking News (may have a modification) (2)
11 News - Business/Consumer - Single Story or Series (2)
23A Sports - News - Single Story or Series (2)
25 Children - Program or Special(5)
29 Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment (3)
30 Arts/Entertainment - Program/Special (5)
30 Health/Science - Program or Special (6)
37 Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited - Program/Special (4)
38 Lifestyle Program - Program/Special (6)
41 Special Event Coverage (Other than News or Sports) (6)
45 Politics/Government - Program/Special (5)
47A Graphic Arts - Graphics (3)
48 Documentary - Historical (1)
52 Promotion - Program - Single Spot (4)
52D Director - Short Form (5)
53 Promotion - Program - Campaign (4)
56 Lighting (6)
59 Anchor - Weather (5)
68 Writer - Program (5)
69 Photographer - News (1)
71 Photographer - Video Essay (1)




muntakEMMY� TRIVIA   

Emmy� Trivia
Think you're the smartest "guy or gal" in the room? We'll see about that. See if you can answer these mostly obvious (sometimes ridiculous) EMMY� SHOW questions:


  1.  What 2 "Cleveland Browns" once teamed up to host a Cleveland Chapter EMMY� Show?

    1. Art Modell & Bill Belichick
    2. Ozzie Newsome & Doug Dieken
    3. Josh Gordon & Johnny Manziel
  2. WHAT does a Regional EMMY� statue weigh?

    1. 3.09 lbs
    2. 4.24 lbs
    3. 5.31 lbs
  3. What EMMY� host's appearance put the annual local EMMY Show in jeopardy?

    1. Drew Carey
    2. Alex Trebek
    3. Liz Richards
  4. Who rode a real horse down the Isle of the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel ballroom in the middle of an EMMY� awards show?

    1. Roy Rodgers
    2. Bruce Campbell
    3. Mark Koontz

For correct answers, visit nataslgl.org

(Winners get bragging rights at the EMMYS� in INDY!)