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And your 2015 National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences "Silver Circle" winners are.......


Harry Boomer
Debbie Knox


Congrats to Harry Boomer and Debby Knox, two respected, veteran journalists and newest recipients of the coveted NATAS Silver Circle award.


Harry has spent nearly 40 years in broadcasting, the last 25 in Cleveland. Harry is an anchor/reporter at WOIO, and serves as host and Executive Producer of a public affairs program WUAB 43 Forum. Harry is a 2007 Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee and an active member of the community.


Debby was a long-time news anchor at WISH-TV in Indianapolis, until her retirement in 2013. While her main reporting focus was on the health and medical fields, Debby was also known for her one-on-one interviews with prominent newsmakers, including Presidents Obama and Clinton, Soviet Union President Gorbachev and Desmond Tutu.


Both Harry & Debby will receive their awards at the EMMY'S, June 27th in Indianapolis.





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NATAS logo
Thanks to the 112 peer judges from our chapter for judging entries from the Pacific Northwest Chapter and the Pacific Southwest Chapter.  We finished in excellent time.  The list of judges names is in the table below.  We will have more judging later this summer when we take on panels from the Chicago / Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Lone Star Chapters.  Look for panels to start forming in mid-July.

Where does that leave OUR entries that are being judged?  The last of the judging panels are finishing up this weekend.  The results will then be  tabulated with nominations to be announced April 30th.  Over 500 peer members of the above chapters have stepped up and watched over 150 hours of television to decide the fate of your entry.

If you judged, you are aware there is a procedure to challenge the entry.  Some judges occasionally just leave comments.  The challenges are reviewed by the awards committee and used to assess potential problems not caught during the review process prior to judging.

Here are a few of the comments with specific references deleted:

"I LOVE judging [this category] I get such great story ideas for my own work!"

"This entry is composed of two different packages which should have been submitted separately."

"There are a LOT of cuts between different elements in this entry... no time bug for me to tell where they are sampling from or how badly they are jumping."

"Seems to be lots of little minutes from throughout the day."

"This is a pitch reel!"

"This was uploaded into the wrong category, slate doesn't match the entry. (OOPSY!)"

"Is this really journalism... It feels more like ...advertising."

"This entry has... added information at the end that...was not originally aired as part of the series."

"My sense is that it is not a broadcast piece."

"This is a compilation of... stories that has nothing to do with (the category entered)."

"This has too much VO..."

"This is not a PSA its a commercial... I don't see how this is a PSA its a promo...This is not a promo."

Stay Tuned,

Bob Hammer & John Stealey "The Awards Guys"

For information on judging, contact Awards Administrator, Bob Hammer, at EmmyAwards@NATASLGL.org, or 440-503-2121.

Aaron Webster
Ali Ghanbari
Alison Momeyer
Andrea Fishman
Anne Glausser
Anthony Knopps
Audra Collie
Barbara Brooks
Barney Wiggs
Ben Yonker
Bennett Haeberle
Beth McLeod
Bill McMillen
Billy Muhammed
Bob Williams
Brian Travalik
Caitlin Madill
Carl Monday
Chris Flook
Chris Wilson
Chrys Peterson
Clayton Tayor
Dan Sevic
Dan Spehler
Darren LaShelle
Dave Fulton
David Bradford
David Holmes
David Kuznicki
Dawn Kendrick
Don Boggs
Eric Bolstridge
Evan Johnson
Felix Rodrigues-Lima
Gary Harrison
Greg Golya
Heather Hunt
Holly Sechrist
Jason Klocko
Jeff Tanchak
Jeff Wagner
Jennifer Boresz
Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Picciano
Jill Glavan
Joe Koskovics
Joe Ranyak
John Duong
John Telich
Jon Von Enck
Joni Michels
Joshua Love
Kara Kenney
Karen Hensel
Kerry Williams
Kim Jacobs
Kristen Fofrich
Kristen Kirchhaine
Kristi Leigh
Kyle Hufford
Kyle Travers
Kyliea Kerg
Leah Haslage
Loni Blanford
Marty Oravec
Mary Fecteau
Mary Gerber
Matt Donahue
Matthew Hill
Melissa Mack
Melissa Mack
Michael Bachmann
Michael Long
Mike Bacon
Mitch Davis
Monique Jackson
Myke Perrey
Nate Heck
Nathan Wilson
Nina Criscuolo
Perry Metz
Peter Huston
Rafael Sanchez
Raven Taylor
Rebecca Regnier
Richard Wilson
Rick Jackson
Ron Martin
Ross Ellet
Ryan Minnaugh
Ryan Thedwall
Ryan Wichman
Sara Roth
Sarah Buduson
Sean Ash
Seth Keever
Shane Craig
Shawn Rech
Steve Andress
Steve Kurrent
Steve Warren
Susan Batt
Susanne Schwibs
Tara Sutton
Ted Green
Teresa Mackin
Tim Dale
Tom Farmer
Tom Meyer
Tom Triol
Tony Geftos
Troy Kehoe




Andrew Horansky
ANDREW HORANSKY, who grew up in Westlake, is back in town as WKYC-TV's newest hire. The Multimedia Journalist comes from Gannett sister station KHOU-TV in Houston. Andrew has reported on big stories like the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina. He and his wife have a 7-month old daughter.



goldenbergNEW FACE AT E. 12TH & CHESTER

Sara Goldenberg

SARA GOLDENBERG is the newest reporter at WOIO-TV. Sara comes from KNXV-TV in Phoenix, and before that, KJRH-TV in Tulsa. A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, she has earned a reputation as a great enterprise reporter.

We welcome both Andrew and Sara to the NATAS Lower Great Lakes family.