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Successful TRACON Consolidation Across Michigan Facilities
A major facility consolidation with installation of Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) equipment was successfully completed at Kalamazoo (AZO) on June 12. The successful consolidation and transition is another example of outstanding collaboration by NATCA’s dedicated reps.
“The FAA moved Flint Bishop ATCT (FNT), Saginaw Tri-City ATCT (MBS), and Lansing ATCT (LAN) terminal radar approach control facilities (TRACONs) into Kalamazoo,” TAMR Article 114 Rep Aaron Rose said. “TAMR subject matter experts are on site at each remote tower and TRACON, and everything is running smoothly with no issues.”
It has been more than six years since the FAA began implementing and deploying the latest version of the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) at terminal air traffic control facilities across the country (shown in blue in the animation below). Now, the Agency is in the home stretch of upgrading all eligible facilities with the foundational NextGen technology.
TAMR replaces the 30-plus-year-old analog flight-tracking system at TRACONs and control towers with a fully digital system that supports essential NextGen technologies, including Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). With these upgrades, air traffic controllers can more safely work aircraft on their scopes, which are now flat-panel LCDs that use STARS.

With this successful install and consolidation, three more Automated Radar Terminal Systems (ARTS-IIA) have been decommissioned, with only two more remaining in our National Airspace System.
NATCA Appreciates Dads on Father's Day
and Beyond!
Being a dad is a demanding 24/7/365 job. Fathers are protective, affectionate, trustworthy, encouraging, and patient. We’re proud to honor men who take their responsibilities seriously; not just with their families, but also making sure every member of the flying public across the National Airspace System arrives safely to their destination, every time. So to the NATCA members and staff giving your all to bring up the next generation of leaders, while also working to keep the largest National Airspace System in the world the safest and most efficient: YOU ROCK! 
NATCA Hosts UAS Blue Ribbon Task Force
Earlier this month, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) National Rep Steve Weidner hosted a meeting of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Unmanned Aircraft System Mitigation at Airports at the NATCA National Office in Washington.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) formed the task force to refine practices and provide a framework to mitigate the threat of UAS incursions at airports.

“The members of this group are devoted to working collaboratively to ensure unauthorized and unsafe drone operations do not adversely affect the safety of the flying public at our airports,” said Gilbert, one of the members of the task force.

One of the task force’s main objectives is to lead a dialogue to refine procedural practices for airports, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to ensure an efficient and seamless response to future UAS incidents. Another objective is to develop a longer-term framework to deter incursions at airports that can be used at other high-profile facilities including national landmarks, stadiums, prisons, and military bases. The task force is co-chaired by former FAA Administrator Michael Huerta and CEO of Los Angeles World Airports Deborah Flint. Other members include major airport, air traffic control, aviation, public facility, and security executives.
Honoring Our Region X Members
Joe Yannone, Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) is a Senior Engineer within the Operational Support for Radars, also known as Second Level Engineering. “We’re the cavalry after all else fails when it comes to resolving problems at radar sites,” says Yannone. He has been in the FAA for 25 years and a member of NATCA since 2001. “We in Ops Support Engineering at the Tech Center saw the light as far as needing to unionize, and with the help of Tony Nappi, our group organized and eventually consolidated into the Engineers and Architects unit,” he said. As Yannone is nearing retirement, he is reflecting on his time with NATCA and what advice he leaves for those coming up through the ranks.

The way Yannone became involved with NATCA was simple: someone asked, and he said yes. He’s been involved in quite a few activities over the years with NATCA, including but not limited to the Region X Contract Team, an Alternate Regional Vice President, a FacRep, various workgroups, committees, and more. For the past five years, Yannone has served as the National Article 48 Rep, “yes, we are still A48 in Region X”, for Surveillance/Radar Engineering, “which means I’ve been the BS meter for my ATC counterparts, mainly with the TAMR and SBS/Fusion teams, when it comes to the technical aspects of surveillance and terminal automation.” Read more .
June Length of Service Increase
Each of NATCA's Collective Bargaining Agreements with the FAA provides for a one-point-six percent (1.6%) length of service increase effective the first full pay period of June. This year, the first full pay period of June concluded on June 22, so the increase will be included in the paycheck for pay period 13 covering June 9-22. 

In accordance with our CBAs, if the length of service adjustment will cause the employee's Basic Pay to exceed the band maximum or the employee's Basic Pay is already equal to or exceeds the band maximum, the employee will receive a pay increase up to the band maximum and the remainder as a lump sum payment.
NATCA Members at IFATCA's Conference
NATCA members and staff recently represented our Union at the 58th annual International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) Conference in Costa Rica. NATCA Alaskan Regional Vice President Clint Lancaster led the delegation that included Deidre Hatchard, Denver TRACON (D01), John “JoJo” Olinger, Houston Intercontinental ATCT (IAH), Jeffrey Richards, NATCA's International Liaison and retired from Chicago Center (ZAU), Jaymi Steinberg, Washington Center (ZDC), and Thom Metzger (National Office). At IFATCA's annual conference, representatives from the member associations from more than 130 countries convene to provide direction to the group's executive board and to determine the rules and policies of the Federation.
Above, NATCA's representatives are pictured with former NATCA President and IFATCA EVP for Americas John Carr. The work of this conference takes place both in joint plenary sessions or in simultaneously held committee meetings.
NATCA representative Jaymi Steinberg (ZDC) gave a report to the Technical Operations Committee about a review of frequency spectrum policy. Jaymi said, “The existing policy of 2002 remains strong, but we need to be good stewards today and think about future technologies like space and UAS.”
NATCA representative Deidre Hatchard (D01) and Bob Bailey from Germany gave a committee report to the Professional & Legal Committee about airport infrastructure development. They recommended the following, “When modifying airport infrastructure affecting ATM, local ATCOs shall be involved throughout its design, development and implementation.” The policy was adopted.
NATCA's International Liaison Jeffrey Richards gave his report to the Technical Operations Committee about the activities of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Panel during the last year. The members participating in this committee voted to accept the report.
Through the efforts of IFATCA EVP for Americas and former NATCA President John Carr, at this conference, IFATCA implemented a code of conduct based on the code that NATCA uses at all of our meetings and events.
At the end of the conference NATCA Alaskan Regional Vice President Clint Lancaster, thanked IFATCA participants for the solidarity they showed U.S. controllers during the recent government shutdown: "Thank you from the U.S. Thank you from NATCA. Thank you from all of our controllers.”
NATCA News and Notes
NATCA Hosts OKC Academy Students
On June 6, NATCA hosted a meet and greet for Oklahoma City FAA Academy students with NATCA leaders including President Paul Rinaldi, Alaskan Regional Vice President (RVP) Clint Lancaster, Northwest Mountain RVP Alex Navarro, National Organizing Committee Chair John Bratcher, Professional Standards Co-Leads Lydia Baune and Chris Keyes, Disaster Response Committee member Madeline Bostic, and NATCA National Training Rep Tom Adcock. Also in attendance were Article 114 National Child Care Rep Jennifer Malloy and Dallas/Fort Worth ATCT (DFW) member Andreas Sanchez.

"Professionalism is a choice we all make," Baune told the trainees at the event. "It doesn’t matter who you were in the past, you can choose now who you want to be as an aviation safety professional."
National Organizing Committee Discusses Upcoming Plans
The National Organizing Committee met for its summer session at NATCA's National Office. The Committee reviewed numerous internal organizing ideas, as well as external programs regarding DOD and Federal Contract Towers. The Committee came up with ideas to continue increasing membership in our Union, to ensure our membership stays the highest in the federal sector. Stay tuned for updates to see what you can do to help!
Fayetteville Tower: Covering Their Bases
Fayetteville Grannis ATCT (FAY) members hosted Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, Southern Regional Vice President Jim Marinitti, and NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) members Bob and Robin Hill for a Q&A session at their facility. They discussed local and national issues, such as training and NCEPT, and were told by the NCF members that their (level six) facility was one of the leaders in their contributions to NCF.

After the facility visit, the members and leaders had an enjoyable evening attending a baseball game.
Indianapolis Center Hosts Summer Barbecue
Indianapolis Center (ZID) FacRep Marc Schneider and Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) Chair Tom Thompson hosted a barbecue for retired and active ZID members and retired Indianapolis ATCT (IND) members at the ZID facility. “It was great to see and have so many of our of our retired members join us," said Schneider. "Thanks again for having our backs during the shutdown. Your service and dedication did not go unnoticed. I hope we can have you all, and more, back soon."
NATCA Podcast: Phil Hughes, National Lead for Collaboration
Recently retired Boston TRACON (A90) member Phil Hughes looks back on his 35-year career in the FAA, the evolution and growth of NATCA during that time, and the remarkable success of the collaboration initiative between NATCA and the FAA, now nearly a decade old.

Click here to listen to The NATCA Podcast.
NATCA Professional Standards Co-Lead Garth Koleszar Trains Prospect ATCOs' Branch Members
NATCA continues to promote professionalism both here in the U.S. and with our Union colleagues in other countries. NATCA’s Professional Standards National co-lead Garth Koleszar trained eight new professional standards committee members and eight NATS U.K. management team leads at the Swanwick Control Facility in Hampshire, England.

"This project has been years in the making," said Koleszar. “We started dialogue over two years ago about creating a Professional Standards program with Prospect ATCOs' Branch, the controllers union in the UK. Through numerous meetings working with the Prospect ATCOs' Branch Executive Board and NATS U.K. management, we were able to finally progress to the point where they could stand up their own vibrant program.” 

NATCA has now assisted in the creation and training of new Professional Standards programs for controllers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and is continuing work to do the same in Canada.

“The challenges we face as controllers don’t change with borders, and the solutions we can provide for all of us remain the same.” said Koleszar. “It is through continued global communication and outreach that we have the best chance to move the entire aviation system forward.”
Members Enjoy Lunch at the Marina
Local members of the Wilmington, N.C. ATCT (ILM) met with Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Southern Regional Vice President Jim Marinitti for a Q&A session and visit of their facility. Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch, camaraderie, and beautiful weather at the Marina Grill in downtown Wilmington. 
Northwest Mountain Region Hosts Safety
Advocacy Training
The Northwest Mountain Region (NNM) recently hosted a Safety Advocacy Training course in Portland, Ore. The course provides attendees with the background and knowledge of the different safety programs, processes, and requirements in air traffic control. Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP), Individual Performance Management (IPM), Electronic Occurrence Report (EOR), Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR), Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) are a few of the safety-related topics reviewed. "As with any of the classes offered by NATCA, it was very informative and needed as we are expected to collaborate and embrace a safety culture at all times," said NNM Regional Vice President Alex Navarro. "You only get a changing safety culture to take hold if you can believe and understand the change."

Training classes of all kinds are continually being offered throughout the U.S. and can be found on the NATCA Portal .
Communicating For Safety 2019: Training Must Be Constant
Whether it is new procedures, new equipment, or new rules, training is a part of a continuous self-improvement process, from the time an aviation safety professional begins their career, to the time they retire. With a constant focus on improving our performance, we can make sure we are always operating at peak levels. It’s only by making every day a training day that we ensure excellence is the norm, and not the deviation.  Click here  to watch risk management expert and NATCA’s James Oberstar Sentinel of Safety Award winner Gordon Graham’s message to aviation safety professionals around the world. 
"Every Day is a Training Day" is also the theme for Communicating For Safety 2019, which will be held Sept. 16-18 at Bally’s Las Vegas.  Click here  to register.
Nominate Your Colleague for a 2020 Archie League Award...Today!
The Archie League Medal of Safety award highlights a variety of aviation "saves," some which involve a team of professionals working together, while others are the result of just one person's efforts. Any NATCA member can nominate another member in good standing year-round! The nominating period for the 2020 Archie League Awards is now open, and covers aviation events that occur from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020. Click here to complete the nomination form.
Raleigh Durham Tower Hosts Solidarity Event
Raleigh Durham ATCT (RDU) recently hosted a solidarity event in Durham, N.C. Members brought their families and pets to the kid- and dog-friendly event, where they had the opportunity to meet and talk with NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Southern Regional Vice President Jim Marinitti. "It's so awesome that RDU can have a personal relationship with our elected leadership," said RDU FacRep Nick Stott. "The members get to see that they are not just figureheads, but great people that continuously work hard to further our profession."
NATCA Convention: Houston 2020
Earlier this month, the planning committee for NATCA’s 18th Biennial Convention (May 27-29, 2020) met in Houston to continue preparations for the first NATCA convention of the new decade. In less than one year, delegates and members from all corners of our nation will gather to discuss and shape the future of our great union. Registration will open this fall, but you can start thinking about your travel plans now to make the most of your time in this great American city. 
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