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CFS 2019 Video Contest
How do you make every day a training day in your workplace? Submit a short video (one minute or less) showing us how you or your facility are improving your training culture. Examples include: on-the-job training, recurrent training, Partnership For Safety SAFE discussions, and more. An individual and a facility winner will be announced at the conclusion of CFS.

Submit videos using this link, and contact with any questions.
CFS 2019: Speaker Profile: FAA Deputy Administrator Dan Elwell
NATCA is honored to welcome back Dan Elwell to the stage at Communicating For Safety. In 2018, he spoke as Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. This year, he returns as Deputy Administrator.
Elwell served as Acting FAA Administrator from June 2017 until August 2019. He previously served at the FAA as the Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning, and Environment from 2006-2008. Most recently, he was Senior Advisor on Aviation to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. Earlier in his career, he served as a legislative fellow for the late Senator Ted Stevens, R-Alaska.

At CFS in 2018, Elwell spoke about the five-year FAA Reauthorization bill that had just been signed, unmanned aircraft systems, commercial space, and supersonic technology coming into view. “Controllers will have to tackle all of that, and we are committed to making sure you are using the best and most efficient equipment,” he said. “It’s pretty clear that we have a lot of work to accomplish over the next five years, and NATCA is an invaluable partner to the FAA. When it counts, you stand up and you step up when extraordinary moments occur.”
CFS 2019: Archie League Medal of Safety Award Winners' Spotlight Series
Part 5 of our 6-part series, exploring the work of our members who will be honored on Sept. 18 at CFS 2019 in Las Vegas at the 15th annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards banquet.
Great Lakes Region
Shane Boulds and Justin Dokken, Minneapolis Center (ZMP)
On April 2, 2019, this particular sector at ZMP was staffed with a partially-certified radar controller, Shane Boulds (left), and a partially-certified radar associate controller, Justin Dokken (right). They had worked a Cessna 172 Skyhawk (N9181P), with a student pilot at the controls, south through their sector and had initiated a handoff to Grand Rapids (GRR) approach. GRR called back via the landline and advised that the pilot of N9181P was having some difficulty navigating in the windy conditions and was turning back to return to Traverse City (TVC). When the pilot checked in, she indicated that she had hit her head in the bumpy conditions, was having some trouble navigating, and wanted to land at a nearby airport. Read more.
Great Lakes Region
Charles Terry and Nick Ferro, Indianapolis Center (ZID)
On Feb. 6, 2019, Dr. Bernard Heckman and his wife were flying their Cessna T210N (N5132C) from Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, Md., to Lake Cumberland Regional Airport in Somerset, Ky. They were on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan and were flying in high terrain (037 minimum IFR altitude) with many obstacles. The weather had started to deteriorate.

A controller working the flight at Indianapolis Center (ZID) noticed the track of N5132C change to a southerly heading. When asked if he was deviating for weather, Dr. Heckman said no, and assured the controller he was correcting his course back towards Somerset (SME). But then the SME airport manager called ZID to inquire about a low-flying aircraft. She had been called by 911 operators with reports that an aircraft was flying dangerously low. Read more
Nominate Your Colleagues for a 2020 Archie League Award
The Archie League Medal of Safety Award highlights aviation "saves." Some involve a team of professionals working together, while others are the result of just one person's efforts. Any NATCA member can nominate another member in good standing year-round! The nominating period for the 2020 Archie League Awards is open now, and covers aviation events that have occurred from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.  Click here  to complete the nomination form.
NATCA Leadership Provides Crucial Information About the Collective Bargaining Agreement
More than 50 NATCA representatives attended Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) training in Las Vegas to learn about the Slate Book CBA and the collaborative commitment between NATCA and the FAA it represents: to continue, together, to maintain the world’s safest and most efficient National Airspace System (NAS).

“This is the best contract our workforce has ever had,” said NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, who briefed attendees and answered questions during the training, along with NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert. “Learn it, own it, and apply it, especially regarding collaboration.” 

“Thank you for being on the front lines with our workforce,” Gilbert said. “We are a very strong workforce capable of many things. We still have many challenges, staffing, modernization, and more. We are going to be looking for engagement from our membership at all levels as we go forward into the coming challenges.”

The CBA training classes included updates about NCEPT, On-The-Job Training, and NATCA’s ongoing effort to change the way the workforce perceives training by encouraging members to make Every Day a Training Day. Rinaldi and Gilbert spoke to the necessity of a commitment to effective, regular training in pursuit of excellence, as well as the legislative challenges facing the NAS. 

“As the professionals that we are, we have to ensure complacency doesn’t take hold. We need to see training as a badge of honor.” Rinaldi said. “We need to make sure that we have given everything that we can to this organization and to the next generation for them to be able to accomplish all this work for our profession.”
Members Participate in Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New RSW Tower
Pictured left to right in the top left corner are RSW member Shannon Banks, Front Line Manager (FLM) Garrett Ritter, Air Traffic Manager Joseph Molsen, Treasurer Frank Asaro, members Ryan Weyer and Ron Eiben, FacRep Ross Costa, VP Anthony Failla, and FLM Joe Knott
Last week, NATCA members at Fort Myers ATCT (RSW) celebrated at Southwest Florida International Airport during a ground-breaking ceremony for the new tower. FacRep Ross Costa, VP Anthony Failla, Treasurer Frank Asaro, and NATCA members Shannon Banks, Ryan Weyer, and Ron Eiben joined Air Traffic Manager Joseph Molsen and Front Line Managers Garrett Ritter and Joe Knott in donning hard hats and wielding shovels for the ceremony. 

"This tower is being built in preparation for future expansion of the airport to include a parallel runway," Costa said.

The new tower will sit at approximately twice the height of the current building. The base building is approximately 15,000 sq. ft., and will be able to accommodate 10 radar positions and six tower positions. The facility is expected to be occupied by mid-2022. 
NATCA Information Technology Committee Team Installs Latest Information Display System at Boston TRACON
NATCA Information Technology Committee (ITC) member Jason Michaud worked with the ITC team to install and integrate the latest Information Display System (IDS) into his facility, Boston TRACON (A90). The new IDS allows for custom graphics, which Michaud capitalized on, to optimize the display for controllers at his facility. 

IDS, or by its full name, Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) Controller Equipment-Information Display System (ACE-IDS), is a network of individual workstations designed to provide air traffic control specialists with static and dynamic data regarding weather and other safety critical operational data. 

Click here to view Michaud’s brief video demonstrating the customized look of A90’s IDS. 
NATCA Policy Counsel Appointed to Safety Oversight and Certification Advisory Committee
On Aug. 21, NATCA Policy Counsel Greg Shoemaker, was appointed by U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to serve as a representative member of the Safety Oversight and Certification Advisory Committee (SOCAC), representing NATCA’s Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) bargaining unit employees. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi nominated Shoemaker for the position in April. The SOCAC was established pursuant to the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 and will advise the Secretary of Transportation on policy-level issues facing the aviation community related to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) safety oversight and certification programs and activities. The SOCAC will begin meeting in the Fall of 2019.

In addition to his other duties as NATCA Policy Counsel, Shoemaker has previously served as NATCA’s Representative to the Title 14 CFR Part 101 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) tasked with recommending rulemaking changes for unmanned free balloons, fireworks, and sky lanterns, as well as NATCA’s representative to the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) Working Group tasked with reviewing the FAA’s Air Traffic Controller Basic Qualification Training process.
Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Participate in an AFSP Community Walk
NATCA is committed to continuing to do everything it can to raise awareness and to lift the veil on mental health and suicide. One of the charities identified by the NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) and our #NATCA2020 Convention Committee to be highlighted at our 18th Biennial Convention next year in Houston is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. AFSP is focused on raising awareness and is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. 

YOU CAN HELP . There are more than 400 Out of the Darkness community walks planned across the country between now and Convention, in big and small communities in all 50 states. All NATCA members have the opportunity to join AFSP’s effort to raise awareness and funds to invest in new research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss.

Already, these NATCA-led walks are planned. Click to learn more and sign up.

NATCA News and Notes
Union Synergy Committee Working to Address Issues of Bias in Aviation
Members of the Union Synergy (US) Committee met at the NATCA National Office to continue its work addressing issues of bias within the aviation safety profession. NATCA is committed to ensuring that the rights of all our members are protected, no matter their ethnicity, religion, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

The committee, co-led by Potomac TRACON (PCT) member Maurice Franklin and Southwest Regional Vice President Andrew LeBovidge, discussed the power of peer-led culture change and the lasting impact it can have. 

“From the time we are little kids, we learn by watching and copying those around us,” Franklin said. “That’s not necessarily a bad thing -- it’s just how we develop. By setting the right example, we can create a change in all of our behaviors for the better.”
NATCA President Speaks on ALPA Panel About Solidarity
NATCA President Paul Rinaldi recently spoke as part of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) Delta Labor Symposium panel, “The Power of One -- Solidarity and Cohesion in the overall Labor Movement.” The symposium sought to engage ALPA members and the aviation labor community through discussion and interaction. 

Joining Rinaldi on the panel were Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter and Euro-Cockpit Association Ryanair Pilot Group lead organizer Capt. Evert Van Zwol, with ALPA Executive Vice President and FedEx Express Group A Capt. Wes Reed moderating. Panelists shared their experiences navigating through some of the most challenging organizational environments for the unions they represent. 

Rinaldi discussed NATCA’s role as an outspoken critic of the recent 35-day government shutdown. He shared NATCA’s methods for pointing out negative ramifications of the shutdown, including the loss of training days for much needed new hire air traffic controllers, as well as setbacks to scheduled technical enhancements of our National Airspace System (NAS).

“Coming together and speaking with one, collective voice during difficult times is essential to creating a unified front to effect change,” Rinaldi said. “It is when we stand together that we are most powerful in defending the NAS.”
Potomac TRACON Member Sings National Anthem at Charlotte Knights Baseball Game
North Carolina NATCA members came together at a Charlotte Knights baseball game for which Potomac TRACON (PCT) member AnnMarie Sullivan sang the national anthem. NATCA members and their families enjoyed a visit with the Homer the Dragon, autographs from players, and a sunny summer day of solidarity at the ballpark. 
San Antonio ATCT Hosts Member Meeting
San Antonio ATCT (SAT) members gathered together with NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Southwest Regional Vice President Andrew LeBovidge to discuss their concerns, frustrations, and ideas concerning their facility. "We primarily discussed NCEPT and how it has affected career progression at our facility, as well as timelines on upcoming changes to traffic count," said SAT FacRep Travis Uhlhorn. "It was great to have the NATCA leadership there and take an interest in our facility."
Asheville ATCT Members Understand the Value of the NATCA Family
NATCA members at Asheville ATCT (AVL) recently hosted NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Southern Regional Vice President Jim Marinitti for a member meeting and event. 

“The opportunity to interact with our leadership further encourages members to continue their involvement and demonstrate solidarity throughout the National Airspace System,” said AVL FacRep Albert Navarro. “The energy among our local has been more radiant as members are more engaged and active.”

At the member meeting, the group discussed operations at AVL and current challenges. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) has enhanced the safety and tracking of aircraft throughout AVL’s mountainous airspace, while the ongoing runway and taxiway construction has added complexity to daily operations as the airport continues to add more flights. 

“We are constantly needing to be creative in the approach control and tower environments to accommodate the different phases,” said Navarro. “We are looking forward to the completion of various projects at the airport and our facility. As the area continues to grow and expand, so does our operation. It is truly an exciting time for us.”

While out at the evening member event, AVL members ran into a group of retired air traffic controllers. 

“They saw our facility NATCA shirts and the conversation took off from there. It showed how big the NATCA family is,” Navarro said.
NATCA Hosts Meet and Greet with FAA Academy Students
NATCA’s most recent Oklahoma City Meet and Greet was another excellent opportunity for FAA Academy trainees to speak with NATCA leaders and get their questions answered about hiring, current issues, and the benefits of NATCA membership. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi was joined by New England Regional Vice President Mick Devine, Training Committee member Jamaal Haltom, Reloaded Rep Jeremy Ferg, Professional Standards Co-Leads Chris Keyes and Garth Koleszar, and Onboarding Committee member Andreas Sanchez were all in attendance to speak with the trainees. 

Keyes talked to the students about the imperative pursuit of excellence all the time. “Talking with some of you today, I heard a lot of statistics, but there’s only one number you need to remember: the number of controllers it takes to damage this profession and a career -- that’s one. Just one mistake by one person can do the damage, and we need you all to succeed.” 
The NATCA Podcast: Increasing Runway Safety
Runway Safety/Runway Status Lights (RWSL) Rep Bridget Singratanakul (Gee), in the latest episode of The NATCA Podcast, updates members on the myraid initiatives, programs, controller/pilot forums, and other efforts to help achieve the perpetual goal of increasing runway safety.
"I am working toward making sure the 52 million takeoffs and landings we have here in the National Airspace System are successful," she says. "The most rewarding part of my role as Rep is when we can see change." Her advice for members: "Continue to be the best you currently are and continue to fight complacency." Click here to listen .
Charlotte Douglas ATCT Hosts Drug and Alcohol Training
Charlotte Douglas ATCT (CLT) recently hosted a Drug and Alcohol class taught by NATCA Drug and Alcohol Committee (DAC) members Martin Ramirez, Jamie Sanders, and Alex Navarro III. 

The class was attended by the CLT Executive Board, newly appointed CLT Drug and Alcohol representatives, CLT members, as well as members from surrounding facilities including Columbia Metropolitan ATCT (CAE), Asheville ATCT (AVL), and Greer ATCT (GSP).

“As an Executive Board, we discussed what two-day class would be the most beneficial to bring to CLT for our board and members,” said CLT FacRep Anthony Schifano. “Considering that drug and alcohol testing is random, we felt this would give us and our members the best possible chance of having a trained representative anytime testing may occur. Additionally, we know how hard it is for other facilities to get someone to a class and offered this option to our brothers and sisters from around the area. It was great to see three small facilities send a member to the class and get to know other fellow members from around the Carolinas.”

“I was very pleased with the knowledge of the instructors, and our membership as a whole will benefit from the knowledge that was shared,” continued Schifano. “Oddly enough, exactly one week after the training, CLT had drug testing in the facility. We had two CLT members present who had just had the training and they performed outstanding. Very proud of our Local and what they have all stepped up to contribute.”
Springfield ATCT Hosts Solidarity Event
Springfield ATCT (SGF) recently hosted a solidarity event with approximately 45 people in attendance. NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, Central Regional Vice President (RVP) Aaron Merrick, Alternate RVP Todd Mariani, and five retired NATCA members from various Central Region facilities were also in attendance. “It was a great event overall,” said SGF FacRep Chad Heath. “Trish spoke about legislative activities and answered questions about NCEPT (National Centralized ERR Process Team) and staff support issues.”
Cleveland Center and Toledo ATCT Members Represent at the Toledo Air Show
NATCA members at Cleveland Center (ZOB) and Toledo ATCT (TOL) recently represented our profession and Union at the Toledo Air Show. The show was two days of aviation celebration featuring top performers like Tora, Tora, Tora; military jet demonstration teams including the 180th Fighter Wing; aircraft on display; and much more. NATCA members spoke to attendees about air traffic control and aviation in Ohio, gave away coloring books and other educational materials, and helped children literally picture themselves in an air traffic control tower with a realistic photo booth as part of the NATCA tent. 

“It was a beautiful day to share what we do with a young and excited crowd,” said ZOB FacRep Bill Gentry. “We look forward to participating in future air shows and outreach to continue to spark interest in aviation in the next generation.”
IT Committee Seeks Up to Two New Members
The NATCA Information Technology Committee (ITC) is seeking up to two members to join the committee.

DUTIES: The ITC is seeking members who enjoy all things technology, video, computers, and electronic dissemination of news, mail, and other material made available to our members to inform them and keep them connected as we grow and strengthen our Union. The ideal volunteer for this position will be able to devote time to helping us improve the way in which we manage our email system, databases, video productions, and more. The more versatile a member can be in this position to contribute ideas and expertise, the better. We are continuing to seek ways to expand the Union’s ability to reach and engage each member and facilitate good communications and be responsive to their needs.

REQUIREMENTS: Should be proficient with MS Excel, PowerPoint, WordPress, and Social Media. A basic level of knowledge in database management would be helpful but is not required.

TIME and TRAVEL COMMITMENT: There is no duty or official time associated with this position. All business will be conducted on the members’ own time. The ITC conducts weekly telcons. In-person meetings occur three times per year. Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the NATCA travel policy.
DEADLINE: The deadline to volunteer is COB Sept. 6, 2019.

TO APPLY: Click here .
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Benefit Spotlight: Why Buy Union?
Did you know that for every $1 spent on American-made products, $1.32 goes back into the U.S. economy? Did you know that on a national average, a union worker makes 30% more than a non-union worker? That a union worker, on average, receives more than twice the health benefits a non-union worker does? And that a union worker is much more likely to have a guaranteed retirement than a non-union employee?

As members of NATCA, some of these things aren’t as much of an issue for us since we are federal employees, organized and protected under different guidelines than most unions. But with only a little more than 11% of the national workforce belonging to a union, we are all brothers and sisters in the same battle of ensuring the workplace is a safe, protected environment, and our workforces are fairly compensated and continue to have a voice with our employers and national leaders.

Buying union-made products protects and creates jobs for union employees and for our country. Buying union-made ensures you receive something that has been built or created by skilled craftsmen and women who will stand behind their product. Union-made means less jobs getting farmed out to other countries. The more union-made products you buy, the stronger the economic foundation is set for the middle class.

“Look for the union label” is more than a catchy ad slogan. It’s a mantra to protect our brothers and sisters and the economy of this nation.