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Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Paid Leave Benefits Set to Expire Dec. 31
The federal paid leave benefits mandated under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) expire on Dec. 31, 2020.
Families First, a relief package enacted in March, required the federal government to provide employees with two weeks of coronavirus-related paid sick leave, and up to 10 additional weeks of expanded family and medical leave to care for family members. 

To find more information about these benefits mandated under FFCRA, there are fact sheets on NATCA’s website: Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA Leave
Is Your Income Insured with Unum?
Open Enrollment Ends Tomorrow
We are proud of the amazing benefits package that we offer our members, with one of the most valuable being the NATCA group long-term disability (LTD) program from Unum. This is an opportunity exclusive to NATCA members. The current open season to enroll in the NATCA group LTD program from Unum is ending tomorrow, Dec. 10.

Do you have a back-up plan in the event you lose your medical and become disabled? View the video with an important message below:
Having insurance grants peace of mind when the unexpected happens. Unum is that insurance that provides protection and peace of mind in the event you lose your medical and are disabled. Don't miss this final opportunity to enroll.

Chicago TRACON (C90) member Michelle Eddy shares why she is so glad she had Unum when she needed help the most: 

“I signed up for Unum long-term disability insurance shortly after I was hired in the Agency. At the time I felt that I would probably never use it but it was nice to have a safety net. Fast forward 19 years, I was diagnosed with colon cancer 20 months before I will become eligible for retirement. Just the year prior to my diagnosis, I thought about canceling the insurance since I was so close to retirement. I am very thankful I never made that call. My husband is retired so I am the primary source of income. When I got diagnosed there were so many concerns; what will the surgery recovery time be like, how long will chemotherapy take, will I be cured and go on to enjoy my upcoming retirement?

"The last thing I wanted to think about while battling cancer was my finances. I called one of the Unum reps, and she explained the whole process and sent me the paperwork to fill out. The process was super easy and the insurance is actually much better than I had previously understood. This insurance has allowed me to stay at home when I need to and focus on my treatments and getting better. I believe every member should have this insurance. Many of us believe that they are healthy, have plenty of savings and leave, and it won’t happen to us. When a catastrophic accident or illness happens it is crucial to be able to focus on your health and your family, and not worry about your financial obligations.”

Visit for more information and to enroll. 
Unum Prize Drawing Winner at C90
Each week, NATCA has held a prize drawing for the members who have signed up for the Unum LTD insurance. This week, we would like to congratulate Chicago TRACON (C90) member Arnulfo Bravo.

Says Bravo, "The reason for me signing up is because of all the recent uncertainty, and at the same time seeing some of my fellow union members unable to work from different situations. I felt like I needed someone on my side, and my (NATCA) brothers and sisters have told me that this is a great program and that it has helped them tremendously."

Congratulations Arnulfo. Thank you and the many others who have supported and participated in this important NATCA benefit.

Members not enrolled can still sign up. Tomorrow is the FINAL DAY.
NATCA Mourns Tragic Passing of TTD President and Labor Champion Larry Willis
NATCA lost a dear friend and union brother, and the labor movement lost a fierce champion and passionate advocate with the tragic passing last week of Larry Willis, President of the Transportation Trades Department (TTD), AFL-CIO.

For more than 20 years, Willis dedicated his life to the labor movement, working tirelessly to enhance the rights and livelihoods of those who work on the front lines of our transportation system. In addition to serving as president, a position he was elected to in 2017, Willis also served as secretary-treasurer, chief of staff, general counsel, and legislative counsel and representative at TTD. "His mastery of complex legal and regulatory issues set the foundation for TTD’s policy leadership and raised the bar for demanding and enforcing worker protections throughout our nation’s transportation system,” said TTD Secretary-Treasurer Greg Regan. 
"This is a sudden and devastating loss for everyone who was fortunate to have met and worked with Larry,” NATCA President Paul Rinaldi said. “Transportation workers in all 33 unions represented by TTD had an incredible leader in Larry, fighting for them every single day on all issues. He cared deeply about their careers and their families. He fought for their rights with everything he had. He spoke out to protect their safety on the job.”
TTD, under Willis's leadership, "always stood right next to its represented workers,” NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert said. "Larry cared deeply about NATCA and its members and always had our backs. We knew that, because Larry was always there."
The moment that stands out most to NATCA was Willis taking the podium at the Union's rally on Capitol Hill during the government shutdown in January 2019, speaking out to let the world know that TTD was fighting alongside NATCA's dedicated aviation safety professionals. (View Willis’s remarks here.) Shortly thereafter, Larry convened an emergency meeting of the TTD-represented aviation labor unions to highlight the compounding threats to safety that the shutdown was having on the National Airspace System. 

Read more:
NATCA Members Honored
at ATCA Awards Ceremony
The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) hosts an annual award ceremony in conjunction with its annual conference, giving special recognition to those persons and/or organizations engaged in the development, operation, or maintenance of the worldwide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement. The awards were presented virtually yesterday, Dec. 8.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Space Operations team received the President’s Award. The Space Operations team at the Command Center (DCC) is tasked with the safe and efficient integration of space launches and reentry operations into the National Airspace System (NAS). The team was comprised of retired TMU-Command Center (DCC) member Carla Lounsbury (pictured top-left), current DCC Staff Specialist Beth Adams (pictured top-center), members of the FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST), and various contract support staff.

Rapidly growing operations combined with new and changing operations present a unique challenge for the Agency and the Space Operations team. The increase in volume and new missions have led many industry experts to label this the “Second Space Race.” The team has worked hard over the last year to collaboratively develop new and innovative methods to better integrate operations and reduce the effects to the NAS.

During the past year, the team has accomplished the development of time-based launch procedures and dynamic launch/reentry windows, the integration of new space operations, the establishment of new letters of agreement (LOAs) with the three federal ranges at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). The team also made an agreement with WFF for onsite collaboration during launch operations.
Key West Tower (EYW), one of NATCA’s 112 represented federal contract towers (FCT), operated by Robinson Aviation, Inc. received the Chairman’s Award. In September 2017, Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, struck Key West. The tower remained opened until the mandatory evacuation order was given. Once the members were allowed to return, they saw the tower had sustained severe damage. A mobile tower was sent with minimal equipment - no radar, no flight data processing, no weather equipment, or phone service. The controllers used binoculars, portable radios, and a cell phone for coordination. It was several weeks before radar and flight data information was installed in the mobile tower.

Since 2017, the members have continued to ensure the airport operates safely in the midst of extreme circumstances. They continue to work out of the mobile tower, while repairs are still being made to the permanent facility, nearly three years later. Despite their limited field of vision and confined operating quarters, the members continue to provide safe and efficient air traffic services. They remain professional, positive, and focused on their mission, day in and day out.

NATCA continues to hold our EYW members close in our thoughts since the passing of EYW FacRep Mike King in July from complications related to COVID-19.
Riverside, Calif., FCT (RAL) member Tim Maune received the Andy Pitas Aircraft Save Award for preventing a collision between two aircraft. Prior to the tower opening that particular day, Maune heard multiple aircraft taxiing for departure, and two aircraft transmitted that they were attempting to depart at different ends of the same runway. Aircraft departing from each end of the runway are not visible to each other, so the pilots would not have seen each other until it was too late. Maune quickly and decisively alerted one aircraft to not depart. His attention to detail and vigilance in hearing and processing transmissions before the tower was open prevented a catastrophic event and saved both pilots and aircraft from a collision at midfield.
NATCA 2021 Calendars
Coming to Your Facilities
NATCA's 2021 wall calendars are being shipped starting this week and will be available for members soon.

Our Union regularly gets incredible photographs of the facilities where our members work. We extend thanks to the following NATCA members for providing the photos used in the 2021 calendar: Trent Sellers (cover, Raleigh-Durham ATCT); Matthew Smiertka (January, Los Angeles ATCT); Dion Johnson (February, Saginaw Tri-City ATCT); TJ Tibbetts (March, Fargo ATCT); Ashley Aydt (April, Milwaukee ATCT); Jesse Belleau (May, Boston TRACON); Harry Gaydosz (June, Pittsburgh ATCT); Amanda Whipple (July, Fort Worth Alliance ATCT); Dave McAfner (August, Louisville Bowman ATCT); Amanda Bau (September, Boston ATCT); Caroline Pryor (October, Savannah ATCT); Reed Skyllingstad (November, Eugene ATCT); and Anthony Schifano (December, Charlotte ATCT).

For use on the NATCA website and in future calendars, submit your best photos to
Zoom Out of 2020 and Step into 2021
with the NCF Step Challenge
The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) is excited to announce the 45-Day Step Challenge. The challenge will run from Jan. 2 through Feb. 15, 2021. By signing up and participating in this challenge, you will help raise money for NCF, which supports so many amazing charities across the country. You will also get the chance to compete in some friendly competition, while getting the chance to win some amazing prizes. The more people involved, the more money raised. The more money raised, the bigger the prizes!

Anyone can sign up to compete in this challenge. Invite your friends, family, co- workers, kids, etc. You don't even need an activity tracker; a smart phone is the only equipment required to participate.

Prizes will be awarded to both individuals and teams. Not only will prizes be given to the top three steppers, but there will also be random prizes awarded throughout the challenge, via random drawings. The top three steppers will receive a Visa/American Express gift card. The top two teams will receive donations to their team’s charity of choice. The top team will also be awarded with a trophy for bragging rights. You can compete both individually and/or on a team of your choice. Don’t have a team? Come and join the NCF Team! We encourage friendly competition by having facility teams challenge other facilities. However, you have the option to compete with the group or committee of your choosing. All teams, large and small, have a chance to win for their chosen charity, as the winner is calculated by average steps for the team. Which facility/team will claim victory and come out on top?

Registration is open now and there is no registration deadline. To participate, simply click here to pay your $25 registration fee. Your receipt will contain a code that you will need, in order to join the step challenge on the MoveSpring app. You can set up your profile and join a team ahead of time; just remember, no progress counts toward the challenge until the start date of Jan. 2, 2021.

We look forward to helping everyone "Zoom Out of 2020 and Step Into 2021"!
Sign Up for NATCA 101
Have you taken NATCA 101 yet? It's a popular class you won't want to miss. Learn about NATCA history, benefits, and current challenges by signing up for your virtual NATCA 101 course at For all things NATCA Reloaded, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
NATCA Academy 2021 In-Person
Course Schedule Announced
The 2021 NATCA Academy In-Person Course Schedule has been announced. 

If you are interested in attending any NATCA Academy courses, please visit the NATCA Membership Portal to sign up. Once you have logged in, select “List of Events” from the Events menu tab. Then, select “NATCA Academy.” Registrants will be notified approximately 35 days from the course start date of whether they have been confirmed to attend the course.

If you must cancel your reservation for any reason, notify NATCA Training Manager Carolyn Kamara immediately at 800-266-0895, ext. 4854. If you do not cancel by the Thursday preceding the class, your local will be billed for the cost of your cancellation, in accordance with NATCA Standing Rule F-17.

Do not book air travel or make plans to attend any NATCA Academy training without prior approval from your Facility Representative, RVP, or the Administrative Assistant in your region. Refer to the National Constitution Standing Rules Policy and Position Statements for a full explanation of all standing rules.

If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn.
Representative Training 1 (RT-1) – Las Vegas
June 7-11 | Aug. 9-13 | Oct. 18-22
Secretary and Treasurer Training (STT) - Las Vegas
June 8-9 | Aug. 10-11 | Oct. 20-21
Federal Contract Tower Training (FCT) – Washington, D.C.
Aug. 17-18
Safety Advocacy Training (SAT) - Las Vegas
July 13-14 | Nov. 17-18
Legislative Activism Training (LAT) - Las Vegas, NV
July 13-14 | Sept. 8-9 | Nov. 17-18
Advanced Legislative Activism Training (ALAT) – Washington, DC
Aug. 24-25 | Oct. 20-21
Occupational Safety and Health and Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs Training (OSHA/OWCP) - Las Vegas, NV
July 27-28 | Dec. 1-2
Drug and Alcohol (DAC) - Las Vegas, NV
July 27-28 | Dec. 1-2
Training Review Board (TRB) - Location To Be Determined
Jan. 12-14 | Feb. 9-11 | March 16-18 | April 13-15 | May 18-20 | June 15-17 |
July 20-22 | Aug. 24-26 | Sept. 21-23 | October (TBD)
National Office Staff Employee
Spotlight: Sophia Wright
We have an amazing National Office staff that our membership can be very proud of. They come to work each day – and currently are working remotely – committed to providing our members with the very best service and representation in organized labor. Today, we feature Senior Accounting Associate Sophia Wright, who this month is celebrating 15 years of service to NATCA. Thank you for all you do, Sophia!
Where are you from, or what places have you lived?
Wright: I am originally from Washington, D.C., and I now live in Fort Washington, Md. 
Where did you go to school, or what other education do you have?
Wright: I went to Central Senior High School in Capitol Heights, Md.
How did you come to work at NATCA?
Wright: I came to work at NATCA through a temporary agency, before I was offered a permanent position on staff with NATCA.
What's the most rewarding part of being a member of NATCA’s staff? What's the most challenging?
Wright: The most rewarding part of being a member of NATCA staff is working as part of the excellent team in the Accounting Department, including Comptroller Preet Mohinder Singh Virk, Deputy Comptroller Bill Bamford, Senior Accounting Associate Cecilia Harley and Senior Accounting Associate Pamala Suttle. My co-workers are the best. The most challenging moment in my role is for our whole department during audit time.  
Do you have any hobbies or any other activities you enjoy outside of your work for NATCA?
Wright: Yes. I like dancing, swimming, playing cards, and visiting the casino.
Has there been a favorite moment for you while at NATCA?
Wright: I love when everyone gets together for the Christmas party and fun for NATCA at the ballpark.
Union Members Feature: International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
NATCA continues to highlight our union sisters and brothers who are also essential workers during the COVID-19 national emergency. Today we highlight and thank our union siblings of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC). BAC represents highly skilled trowel trades craftworkers across the U.S. and Canada including bricklayers, stone and marble masons, cement masons, plasterers, tilesetters, terrazzo and mosaic workers, pointers, cleaners, and caulkers.

COVID-19 is rapidly changing the way we live and work, and construction work is no exception. BAC works diligently to provide its members with accurate information about how to protect and support themselves and their families, both on the job and at home.

Many jobs are shutting down because of the pandemic, and even where work is continuing, many BAC members may have to stay home for the sake of the safety of themselves and their families. Learn more about what BAC is doing to support its members during this critical time.
Revised Date for Proposed Amendments for 18th Biennial Convention
As a result of the rescheduling of NATCA’s 18th Biennial Convention in Houston to May 25-27, 2021, the time period to submit proposed amendments to the NATCA Constitution and/or resolutions for consideration at the Convention has been extended to 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, Jan. 25, 2021. In accordance with Article XIV, Section 1 of the NATCA Constitution, this new date for the submission of proposed amendments is 120 days prior to the beginning of the Convention (Tuesday, May 25, 2021).

As a reminder, all proposed amendments are required to be sent to Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert ( for submission to the National Constitution Committee.

All proposed amendments already submitted will remain in consideration at Convention provided the author is still a member in good standing. There is no need to re-submit any previously submitted timely amendments. The Constitution Committee will create a new booklet that will be mailed out to all members following the Jan. 25, 2021 deadline.

Members with questions about this process should contact their Constitution Committee representative or NATCA General Counsel Marguerite L. Graf (
Open a SkyOne Account to Help Raise Money for Your Local - Deadline Dec. 31
SkyOne Federal Credit Union is offering a unique opportunity to raise money for facility local accounts that bank with them: a $1,000 incentive that will be deposited directly to your local account.

What do you need to do to help your local get this bonus? Sign-up for an account by or before Dec. 31. This is for a new member account only, and any local that did not hit the bonus in October is eligible to continue towards that goal. SkyOne will count the number of accounts received toward the 20 needed. Additionally, just for signing up with SkyOne, you will receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card as a welcome offer.
To open a new account with SkyOne, follow the steps below:

  • Click here or use the link,
  • Enter your email and click GET STARTED.
  • Click on the first eligibility option and enter NATCA, or the second eligibility box for family (children or spouse).
  • Select YES in the promo code section and enter the facility/local three letter/number identifier.
  • Enter Dina Earl in the “How you heard about us” field.
  • Send your local FacRep a message that you completed the application. You can also send a message to Dina Earl,
At least 20 members need to join from their respective local in order for the local to receive a $1,000 deposit. Additionally, the local will receive $10 for each member over the number needed (20) to join.
SkyOne Account Q&A

Does it have to be a local member?
No, it can be a friend or family, just make sure they select YES in the promo code section and type in the local 3 letter/number identifier.

I am already a member, can I open a second account to qualify?
No, it has to be a new primary owner name, however you can be joint on a family members account and qualify.

What is the minimum deposit?
You need to deposit $5 in a savings account, and $20 in a checking account.

Can I just open a savings account to qualify?

Can I open accounts for my children or grandchildren?
Yes, if you don’t already have one established, you can open accounts for your children and grandchildren. An adult will need to be joint on all minor accounts and children 13 and over are able to have a checking account. Same deposit requirements as above.

What if my local doesn’t bank with SkyOne?
You can talk to your local leadership and the local can apply for SkyOne membership in the same time frame as the promo to participate.

What if my local doesn’t want to move the local account over to SkyOne?
You can always put "NCF" (NATCA Charitable Foundation) in the promo code. NCF already banks with SkyOne and has achieved the $1,000 promo. SkyOne will donate $10 for each new account that uses the NCF promo code. 

When do I get the welcome offer $25 Amazon e-gift card?
30 days after the new account is opened (not entered).

Additional account questions?
Please contact Dina Earl directly at or 310-487-1680.
Good luck and let's raise more money for NATCA locals!
OKC Virtual Meet and Greet
NATCA members hosted its first virtual meet and greet for the students at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, since being shuttered earlier this year. NATCA participants included Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert; Professional Standards Eastern Region Rep Chris Keyes, Washington Center (ZDC), and Northwest Mountain Region Rep Lydia Baune, Spokane ATCT (GEG); Benefits Committee Southwest Region Rep John Bratcher, Fort Smith ATCT (FSM); Reloaded Committee Chair Dawn Johnson, Atlanta Center (ZTL); Union Synergy Committee Co-Chair Maurice Franklin and Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President and member Alex Navarro; and SkyOne Federal Credit Union Rep Dina Earl.

"These NATCA meet and greets are very important, and we needed a way to connect with our future members," said Navarro. "In this moment, communication and solidarity are vital, and I think we were able to accomplish both. It’s always fun and exciting to meet the next generation of controllers and I look forward to the next opportunity."
Operation Traffic Counts Across the U.S.
NATCA Member Resources
Emergency Paid Sick Leave quick reference guide here.

Expanded FMLA Leave quick reference guide here.

FFCRA Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed here.

Download the full MOU here.

Download only the FFCRA leave request form attachment here.
Comparison of the Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA Leave here.