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Wishing all NATCA Moms a
Happy Mother's Day
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We are forever grateful, for all that you do
And only wish the nicest and best things are given to you.
Happy Mother's Day!

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Terminal Controllers Shine Bright With STARS
The Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) provides air traffic controllers throughout the United States with a state of the art radar display system, giving controllers the ability to verify spacing, direction, headings, vectors, conflict alerts, and weather advisories, all while increasing stability and cost effectiveness at airports. STARS was the terminal automation system chosen by the Agency to help move the National Airspace System (NAS) into the future.

Prior to STARS, several systems were being used simultaneously, including ARTS 2E, ARTS 3E, ARTS 1E, all of which were aging, and finding spare parts to replace the equipment was becoming more and more difficult. ARTS 1E and 2E were initially deployed in the late 1900s, and versions 1E and 2E did not support color displays or the ability to update the software to meet the requirements of NextGen technology such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), Automated Terminal Proximity Alert (ATPA), and Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSAS). To move automation into the 21st century, a change had to be made. With the STARS system in place, there is now one common automation platform. It cuts down on inter-facility training and support needed, ensures continuity throughout the NAS with engineering, and introduces cost-savings to the Agency. Read more .
Unum Grants Peace of Mind
Having insurance grants peace of mind when the unexpected happens. The NATCA group long-term disability program from Unum is the insurance that provides that peace of mind. Unum provides protection in the event you lose your medical or are disabled. You insure everything else that’s important to you. Why leave your career and your financial stability uninsured? It has helped many NATCA members, including these two members who described how it benefited them:
At first, I was highly skeptical about signing up for a long term-disability plan. I thought it would be a total waste of money, since I had never had any health issues in the past. Having had the need to file a claim, I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did. Unum was very helpful and expedient in their claims process.

Michael DeGarmo
Some time ago now, just as I transferred to a new facility, NATCA was promoting Unum and their long-term disability insurance. I didn’t really think much about long-term disability at that point, since I was young and in great health. Frankly, I felt I didn’t need it at all. Thankfully, a senior controller in the room shared a story about a friend who got into a car accident and was in the hospital for a couple of months. His friend wasn’t able to work and did not have any other source of income or savings to help with his accumulating bills. He stated for a small monthly pay deduction, you can have protection for yourself and your family. I said to myself, “what’s the harm? It’s not that much and you never know what life has in store for you.” So I decided to sign up with Unum.

A few years passed by before I was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer at the age of 45. Unum has been a blessing. Their team was so helpful processing my claim. I’m currently receiving a monthly check and I only need to focus on my health. I do not have to worry about how I’m going to support myself and my family. I wish I could remember the name of that senior controller who recommended Unum, so I can thank him personally.

I highly recommend enrolling in this benefit and I hope you never have to use it. However, if life throws you a curveball, you’ll be glad you have this protection. I know I’m grateful that I did.
David Diaz
Enrollment in Unum is happening now through July 31. Don’t wait. Visit to sign up and ensure you and your family are protected from the unthinkable. If you have any questions, you can email or Membership Board of Trustees Chair John Bratcher directly at .
RNAV Gets A Fresh Look with a
Renewed Perspective
The Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) Committee is proud to present its new slogan and logo: Union Passion Never Retires.
“Much like the slogan ‘We Guide You Home’ for NATCA, RNAV's new slogan delivers a positive message that our retired NATCA members can display with pride,” said RNAV Committee Chair Tom Thompson.

During the most recent shutdown, RNAV members volunteered in large numbers nationwide, leafleting at airports. "At the conclusion of the shutdown, the RNAV Committee felt inspired to revitalize our members. This new slogan serves as a constant reminder to our retirees, active members, other unions, and the public that although we are retired from the workforce, our passion for our Union and its work continues," said Thompson.

"It's like a big brother or sister that never quits looking after you," said Fort Worth Center (ZFW) FacRep Nick Daniels. "They watch from afar, but are always there if you need them."

Items, including the shirts below, with the new RNAV slogan can be viewed and purchased on the NATCA Store .
Additionally, if you are approaching retirement and want to learn more about becoming an RNAV member, please click here .
NATCA Marches in Solidarity with Pride
Join NATCA as we march in Pride Parades throughout the country on Saturday, June 8. All NATCA members, family, and friends are welcome to join our contingents:

Indianapolis Pride Parade - Interested parties can contact Eric Yates (Indianapolis Center, ZID) or Marc Schneider (ZID)

San Francisco Pride Parade - Click here for the Facebook event or click here for the Google sign-up. Interested parties can contact Erik Mandt (Oakland Center, ZOA).

Washington, D.C. Capital Pride Parade - Click here for the Google sign-up. Interested parties can contact NATCA National Office .

NATCA logo Pride T-shirts and tank tops are currently being sold, and will include a $10 donation for The Trevor Project, a national nonprofit that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth. The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) will match the dollars raised for charity on the sale of the first 100 Pride shirts with an additional $1,000 donation to The Trevor Project. In 2018, we raised $4,090 for The Trevor Project. With your participation, we hope to raise an even greater amount this year. Visit the NATCA Store to order your T-shirts and tank tops .

We are able to help any other NATCA members who want to organize groups from their locals to march in LGBTQ+ Pride parades in their communities. We will print and ship a banner to any local organizing a contingent and ordering shirts for their group. To request a banner for your local event, send an email to .
NATCA News and Notes
Dallas Area at ZFW Celebrates Full NATCA Membership
The Dallas Area at Fort Worth Center (ZFW) is assigned 52 people and is now 100% NATCA. "The members of the Dallas Area truly understand the value in being a NATCA member and using their collective voices to make their profession, facility, and area the best it can be," said Dallas Area Rep Eric Johnson.

"The NATCA members of the Dallas Area are a great representation of the passion that is the lifeblood of our Union," concluded ZFW FacRep Nick Daniels.

The Dallas Area has six sectors that work transcontinental overflights, and eastbound and southbound departures out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and surrounding airports. The Area also provides sequencing for the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio Terminal Areas.
ZOB Participates in "Bring Your Child to Work Day"
On National Bring Your Child to Work Day, Cleveland Center (ZOB) members hosted 24 children to learn about aviation professions. 

The future aviators, ages 12-18, visited several stations around ZOB, experiencing different aspects of aviation at each one: flight planning, weather, the air traffic control room, basic phraseology, and tech-ops. They learned how to create and follow a flight plan, controlled simulated aircraft, learned the necessity of teamwork, and asked aviation safety professionals about the vital work they do. 

“Outreach from aviation safety professionals to the next generation is invaluable,” said ZOB FacRep Bill Gentry. “This is our future! and getting kids excited about the careers available to them through aviation is critical to raising up the next generation of air traffic controllers, pilots, and more.” 

“I love seeing the kids realize how important details, listening, and teamwork are,” said ZOB member Jen Malloy, who organized the activities for the day. “These are the keys to getting our job done perfectly, so that people don’t have to think twice about walking on a plane, sitting down, and arriving safely to their destination.”
NATCA Safety Team Members Participate in InfoShare
Pictured left to right: Indianapolis Center (ZID) member Mark DiPalmo, Boston Center (ZBW) Staff Specialist Mike Blake, San Francisco ATCT (SFO) member Eric Carter, Atlanta Center (ZTL) member Cher Oxenburg, Washington Center (ZDC) member Chrissy Padgett, and National Safety Committee Chair Steve Hansen
Members of the NATCA Safety Team members working on ATSAP and Partnership for Safety recently participated in the biannual Aviation Safety InfoShare in Dallas. InfoShare brings together aviation safety professionals from labor, industry, and government to discuss safety concerns and best practices learned through collaborative safety reporting programs and other safety data collection systems implemented throughout the aviation industry.
IT Committee Meets to Discuss New Ideas
Standing, left to right: Region X Regional Vice President (RVP) Curt Howe, NATCA Web Specialist Dan Whall, New England Region X (ENE) member Mike MacDonald, Boston TRACON (A90) member Jason Michaud, NATCA IT Specialist Matt Herr, Indianapolis Center (ZID) member Bob Obma, NATCA Deputy Director of Public Affairs Doug Church, NATCA IT Manager Phil Yanchulis, NATCA Director of Public Affairs Thom Metzger, and Jacksonville Center (ZJX) member Jason Doss
Seated, left to right: Washington Center (ZDC) member Kristena Jones, NATCA Senior Social Media Associate Meagan Roper, Central Region RVP Aaron Merrick, and Eastern Region RVP Rich Santa
NATCA’s Information Technology Committee (ITC) is focused on improving our Union’s technology offerings for members. Last month, ITC members gathered at the NATCA National Office. During their meeting they talked about a number of ongoing efforts to improve our Union's technology, website, and systems.
FAA Academy Meet and Greet
FAA Academy students gathered for the Oklahoma City NATCA Meet and Greet along with New England Regional Vice President (RVP) Mick Devine, Southern RVP Jim Marinitti, Professional Standards National Co-Lead Josh Cooper, Eastern Region Reloaded Rep Cynthia Lowther, and Benefits Committee and Organizing Committee Chair John Bratcher. 

Lowther spoke about the importance of focusing on and committing to training once students reach their first facilities. “You are a part of your training team. Take an active role and show that you are invested in your training,” she said. “Your team is there for you and they want you to succeed."
NATCA UAS Rep Discusses New Entrants in the NAS
Aviation leaders and innovators from around the world, including the U.S., Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain, and the U.K. gathered to discuss the problem of dense urban spaces and congested transportation systems in the world's major cities at the Urban Air Mobility Conference in Atlanta. NATCA UAS National Representative Steve Weidner attended and spoke on a panel, UAS Traffic Management: Adaptation and Integration. There he discussed the daunting task of adding thousands of new users into what is currently the safest, most efficient, and most complex airspace in the world. 
NATCA National Finance Committee
Pictured left to right: Cliff Stewart (NWP), Devin Carlisto (NNM), Chris Wilson (NGL), Kyle Kirhheiner (NSO), Marissa McQueen (NCE), Chris Espada (NSW), Jay Tilles (NSO), Bill Cudney (NNE), Brian Gardner (NEA). Not pictured is NFC Chair Kyle McHugh (ZOB), and not in attendance is Doug Rice (NAL) and Ken Watson (NRX).
The National Finance Committee (NFC) has many important responsibilities to the membership, including forwarding proposed amendments and recommendations to the convention body, reviewing salaries of national officers, and reporting on its meetings and activities in between the biennial conventions. The NFC recently met in Las Vegas to discuss the current state of LMs, their timely filing of them, and how to improve the process for the following year. They also discussed the past two Department of Labor audits on two of our locals, the violations, and solutions to prevent other locals from having the same issues. 

"It was a full and productive meeting," said NFC Chair Kyle McHugh. "We discussed local financial policies, reviewed spreadsheets to assist smaller locals with their financial tracking, and discussed the possibility of creating a YouTube video explaining how to use it. The hard work and dedication from these committee members does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated."
World Controllers' Cup 2019
Team USA is forming for World Controllers’ Cup 2019. This year's ninth annual event promises to be the best yet, with 28 countries and over 200 controllers and aviation professionals playing Nov. 3-9 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

Come enjoy the camaraderie and sporting fun with brothers and sisters from around the world. 

Team USA looks to regain its title after last year's sixth-place finish and invites members to join them. Visit or email NATCA member Evan Munro (Miami Center (ZMA), WCC Regional Director) for more information.
NATCA 2020 Convention: Join Us in Houston!
The planning committee for NATCA’s 18th Biennial Convention in Houston, May 27-29, 2020, is continuing to make exciting plans for our Union’s delegates and members to gather for a fantastic convention. Details about the events, venues, and business of the conference will be announced soon. 
Store Item of the Week: NATCA Goes Green Reusable Grocery Bags
Show off your pride for our Union, charity, and efforts towards a sustainable future. These sturdy USA-made reusable bags are available in eight colors: black, bright blue, green, grey, navy blue, orange, purple, and red. The purchase price of each bag includes a $3 donation to NCF.

Price: $5.

To see the item and how to order: Click here . Select USPS or UPS as your shipping preference on your orders. To check on stock availability or for further assistance, call 800-266-0895 or email

This is an exclusive and limited-time offer. Be sure to treat yourself to NATCA’s trendy clearance items while you can.
Member Benefits: Aviation Medicine Advisory Service
Not sure if a medical condition or medication is an issue? Confidential consultancy with a physician is just a click away with Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS). AMAS is one of the least-known, but very best member-only benefits. When facing a medical qualification issue that affects the future of your career, AMAS provides board-certified, respected doctors to assist in answering questions and representing members.

This service is provided as a no-cost member benefit. For more information, please click here .
NATCA Policy Change: Cellular Service National Level Reimbursement Policy
The NATCA National Executive Board (NEB) recently discussed supporting labor friendly wireless carriers. They voted unanimously that effective Nov. 1, 2019, NATCA will provide reimbursement from the national level only for preferred wireless service providers. It was decided that a wireless service provider whose employees are represented nationally by an AFL-CIO union could be considered a NATCA-preferred wireless service provider. Currently, AT&T is the only major U.S. wireless carrier with a union-represented workforce. About half of AT&T's employees are union-represented, primarily by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of-Electrical Workers. This policy applies only to members seeking reimbursement from the national level. It’s does not affect local reimbursement.  If you have questions about this new policy, email .