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New Series: NATCA Historical Committee Presents a Look Back at First 17 NATCA Conventions
It’s a biennial convention year. NATCA conventions bring together local delegates from across the United States to vote on and decide the direction of our Union. NATCA’s 18th Biennial Convention will be held Aug. 10-12 in Houston. The NATCA Historical Committee (NHC) is taking this opportunity to look back at the first 17 conventions and the importance they had in shaping our Union.

NATCA National Historical Committee Chair Ryan Herrick (M98) said, "Our Union’s founding convention in Chicago in 1986 through the 7th Biennial Convention in 1998 in Seattle demonstrated the growth and strength of NATCA. From how to organize, sign up new members, how to operate, and how to be funded, there was a lot to figure out to build our Union. All of this was in addition to ensuring NATCA fully represents our members with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and that our rights and protections are sustained. That’s a tall order, but our founding members took it all on, blazing forward to make a better future for all members."

As we count down to the start of the 18th Biennial Convention, please enjoy part one of our three part series reviewing our Union’s convention documents and history.

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If you are already registered, there is no need to register again. All current registrations are still valid and have been carried over. If you need to cancel your registration because you cannot make the new dates, please log in to your existing convention registration to make the cancellation. If you previously canceled your registration or are now interested in going to the Convention, you can register now. Register or modify existing registrations here.

NATCA’s 18th Biennial Convention will be held at the Marriott Marquis, in Houston. Make your reservation here. All previous hotel reservations for the earlier dates have been cancelled.

SAVE THE DATE: NATCA’s 19th Biennial Convention is now scheduled for June 20-22, 2023. It is planned to be held at The Diplomat, in Hollywood, Fla.
Send Photos of NATCA Dads for Father's Day
Hats off to the coolest dads on the planet! NATCA applauds members and spouses in our NATCA family who work hard to raise their families while ensuring the flying public and the National Airspace System are safe. So we can use them in upcoming social media and member publications, please share photos of your favorite NATCA dads with us at
Series Finale: APA Member Jamie Sanders Talks Leadership With First Blue Angels Female Pilot Katie Cook
In the finale of their four-part conversation, NATCA member and experienced pilot Jamie Sanders (Denver/Centennial ATCT, APA) and Major Katie Cook, a third-generation military aviator and the first female Navy Blue Angels pilot, discussed the keys for success, especially for leaders. 

Cook says the three tips she has for successful people, either leaders or individual contributors, are: motivation that’s bigger than yourself, minutiae (attention to detail), and mistakes (having a good debriefing to learn from a mistake).

Sanders asked Cook, a leader both in and out of the cockpit, to identify the most important traits of a leader.

“The bottom line is you need to put subordinates first,” Cook said. “In the Marine Corps, we say, ‘leaders eat last.’ Your focus needs to be on them, their career development, and getting them the support that they need. Not completely ignoring your career development. But if you are a leader, that’s your job, developing them.”

Cook added a second key part: “If you fish for somebody, you’ll feed them for a day. If you teach somebody to fish, you’ll feed them for a lifetime. Part of being a leader is to cultivate leadership aspects in other people. When someone can make decisions on their own and handle a situation without elevating it to you, that’s when you know they’re on their own … and you’re doing your job as a leader.”

Watch Part 4 of their conversation below:
Review the First Three Parts of This Series
In case you missed the first three parts of this interview, on The NATCA Podcast:

Other ways to listen to The NATCA Podcast:
NATCA's Disaster Response Committee Wants You to be Hurricane Season Prepared
The Atlantic hurricane season occurs from June 1-Nov. 30. Whether this is your first or 25th year in hurricane season, NATCA's Disaster Response Committee (DRC) is sharing the following best practices for preparing for and responding to hurricanes and associated hazards.

Arranging your emergency supplies now is critical. You can have all your items in place to easily roll into a position to confront the storm with no rush later when the storm is bearing down. Critical items that people often forget include prescription drugs, as well as birth certificates, Social Security cards, and cash. Be sure to put these items in plastic zip bags so they don't get wet.

Take some time to review the various steps and processes towards hurricane preparation created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

NATCA DRC Chair Tom Flanary (ZMA) stated, "Before, during, and after a storm, the DRC is ready to assist. In the event of a pending storm, we will contact your FacReps and get an idea of who is staying in a location, who is evacuating, and where you are going. After the storm, the DRC will assist in any way we can, helping you find supplies, getting volunteers to help clean up, arranging temporary emergency housing, and even finding contractors for you. While we hope that no one will ever need to call us in an emergency, we stand always ready to help. All you have to do is email us at or call us at (561) 571-2541 and leave a voicemail."

For more information about the DRC, visit NATCA’s DRC page.
Learn About the Foundation of Your Union with NATCA 101
NATCA 101 provides a foundation of information about the Union for all levels of membership. Members will learn the history of the organization, the work the Union does for its members every day, and be provided with insight for how members can become more involved. 

Education is the first step toward a stronger Local, which leads to a more powerful national Union. A strong Union creates a better future for our members and their families.

Click here to register.
National Office Staff Employee Spotlight:
Greg Shoemaker
We have an amazing National Office staff that our membership can be very proud of. They work hard every day and are committed to providing our members with the very best service and representation in organized labor. Today, we feature Senior Counsel for Policy Greg Shoemaker. Thank you for all you do, Greg!
Where did you go to school, or what other education do you have? 
Shoemaker: I have an undergraduate degree from Penn State University, and have my J.D. from Catholic University.

How did you come to work at NATCA?  
Shoemaker: I first came to work for NATCA in the Labor Relations Department after representing airline pilots and airline pilot unions in private practice.

Do you have family members who are involved in unions?  
Shoemaker: I am the first member of my family to both work for a union and to be a union member. 

What's the most rewarding part of being a member of NATCA’s staff?  
Shoemaker: The most rewarding part of working for NATCA is the satisfaction I get when I hear that NATCA members, local reps, and/or national reps are happy with the resolution of a particular legal or legislative issue.

What's the most challenging? 
Shoemaker: The most challenging part is trying to learn and understand the nuances of air traffic control work and technology, as well as the technical work performed by our Region X members.

Do you have any hobbies or any other activities you enjoy outside of your work for NATCA? 
Shoemaker: With three young children, most of my hobbies are activities that are family-related. We enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and bike riding as a family. I also became a certified Stroke & Turn judge for USA Swimming in order to get more involved with my kids' year-round competitive swimming.
Member Benefit Spotlight:
Lenovo's Dads and Grads Technology Sale
Momentum begins with tools that won’t quit. Receive up to 56% on Lenovo tech, smart devices, and accessories that keep you going, with the NATCA Lenovo Savings Program. Earn rewards galore on every purchase with MyLenovo Rewards. Sign-up is easy. 

Call: (800) 426-7235, ext. 3569 (Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. EDT and Saturday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EDT)
NATCA Store Item of the Month:
Money Clip Wallet
Features of this productBlack leather credit card money clip/wallet with insert and die struck brass. NATCA logo etched into the magnetic clip. Easily fits in the front or back pocket. The item is made of soft 100% cowhide leather. It is union made in the United States.

Price: $42.
To see the item and how to orderClick here. Select USPS or UPS as your shipping preference on your orders. To check on stock availability or for further assistance, call 800-266-0895 or email
Union Members Feature:
Farm Labor Organizing Committee
NATCA continues to highlight our union sisters and brothers who are also essential contributors across our nation's workforce. Today, we highlight and thank our union siblings of Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), AFL-CIO, who fight to improve the working and living conditions and wages of all farmworkers and immigrant workers.

FLOC has thousands of members between Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mexico. Some members live in the United States, while other travel back and forth from their home country for the harvest season. Through their union, these workers have their own direct voice, and are now directly involved in labor negotiations, grievance procedures, and building structures to address issues like transportation from their home areas in Mexico, health care, and immigration policies. Click here to learn more about FLOC.
National Professionalism Award:
Demonstrate, Motivate, Inspire
It's time to nominate your peers for the 2021 NATCA National Professionalism Award!

We need your help to recognize the exceptional individuals you work with day in and day out who demonstrate, motivate, and inspire others at work. 

You know who we are talking about — the individuals who set high standards for themselves and also help elevate others around them. The person who when faced with conflicts or challenges, realizes that they have a choice regarding the manner in which they respond. The person who you know you can depend on for help when you need it. The person who exemplifies professionalism. 

We would love to have the opportunity to recognize these members in a positive way by celebrating them at Communicating For Safety (Sept. 27-29, Bally’s Las Vegas).

Help us learn about these very special and important individuals by creating a thoughtful write-up using our nomination form. We look forward to hearing your stories about these dedicated and committed members.

The deadline for nominations is June 30. Click here to learn more about NATCA's National Professionalism Award and click here to view past winners of the award.
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