NATCA commemorates tenure of FAA Administrator Michael Huerta; updates from Puerto Rico; another successful STARS transition; and holiday drives.
Paul Rinaldi Presents Michael Huerta with Commemoration

Said Rinaldi: It was my great privilege today to present outgoing FAA Administrator Michael Huerta with this framed token of gratitude from NATCA. It commemorates his tenure and dedication to collaboration with a copy of the collective bargaining agreement that codified collaboration as the way we do business, and a quote that has guided our working relationship: "Great vision without great people is irrelevant." He is one of those great people who has enabled great vision to come to fruition. In large part due to his strong, effective leadership, the relationship between NATCA and the FAA has transformed for the better. I am proud of the collaborative partnership we have built together. This collaboration has enabled notable progress on NextGen and helped build a stronger workforce. Together, we have maintained the U.S. National Airspace System as the safest, most efficient, most complex, and most diverse system in the world.
NATCA members continued to support those in hurricane-affected areas through the holiday season. Read more.

Learn more about what our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean are going through. Read more.

About NATCA, Fort Myers ATCT member and TAMR Rep Ross Costa shares these recommendations: "Don't ever believe that you can't make a difference in this organization. No matter what level facility, you can make a difference." Read more.

NATCA RT-1 Class a Success

The recently revamped Representative Training Class (RT1) took place in Las Vegas last month. Phoenix TRACON's Aaron Katz, Las Vegas ATCT FacRep Jamaal Haltom, and Fort Worth Center FacRep Nick Daniels taught the course, educating the next generation of NATCA Reps. Well done to NATCA's next group of leaders!
NATCA Charitable Foundation Continues to Support Justin Pepper Foundation

The NATCA Charitable Foundation is supporting the Justin Pepper Foundation, which was established in 2007 to honor the son of retired Columbia Metropolitan (CAE) controller Jim Pepper, who passed away in an accident. This foundation encourages youth charitable activities as educational and character development opportunities. Their goal is to build independence and self confidence in today's youth.

Charlotte ATCT (CLT) members donated $500 to the Justin Pepper Foundation as part of their annual toy drive. CLT FacRep Anthony Schifano expressed his thanks to every CLT member who donated to the toy drive this year. Schifano said he was proud to see CLT continue a tradition of solidarity with the organization's important work, encouraging youth to be charitable in the same manner that Justin had been in his short lifetime.

"Growing Your Resilience and True Grit."  Read more.

Stay warm this season and protect yourself with this great winter layer. Learn more.

2018 is here and with that comes more opportunity to learn and grow with the Union. Read more .
Regional News

Even for a community like Erie, Pa. (ERI), which is well-equipped to handle heavy, lake-effect snowfalls, the unprecedented dumping of snow they received last week stunned residents, including NATCA members who watched in awe from the tower. Read more.

On Dec. 11, Lake Charles, La., (LCH) transitioned to STARS (Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System) from ARTS IIE (Automated Radar Terminal System). Controllers at the facility have adapted expertly to this exciting leap in technology. Read more.
A View from Above

Sunset, solidarity, and great views of the Orlando area, including Sanford ATCT (SFB), courtesy of Micah Maziar, NATCA Safety Management Systems National Representative, NATCA National Safety Committee.

Photos taken from Orlando TRACON (F11) NATCA member Ryan Rawski's Piper Cherokee
. View here.
Florida Members Celebrate the Holidays in Style

NATCA members from Jacksonville Center (ZJX) got a babysitter for the goats and celebrated the holidays in solidarity at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront with a night of food and musical entertainment.

Controllers at Cleveland Center had their biggest year of participation yet for their Season of Sharing toy drive to benefit inner-city children. Read more.

Columbus, Ohio (CMH) controllers Dean Walther, Tim Jones, Phil Carpino, and their families made the holidays bright for children in need. Read more.
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