BARRY KRASNER, 1952-2018
He Made a Difference
In the professional and personal lives of every NATCA member and in the never-ending effort to protect the National Airspace System, Barry Krasner made a profound and everlasting difference. The NATCA Family remembers and pays tribute to our brother and dear friend, a founder, charter member, and President Emeritus. His influence reaches every corner of the Union and our represented professions, well beyond the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C., which is named in his honor.

Krasner believed NATCA membership provides enormous opportunities, both personally and professionally. 
"But with that opportunity comes great responsibility," he said. "Both individually and organizationally, we have the obligation to leave the system and our professions in a better place than we found them. And the way to do that is to marshal our forces and to channel our energies into one cohesive voice."

Krasner, by any measure, helped leave NATCA in a better place than when he found it.  Read more

What is NATCA's biggest accomplishment? Krasner believed one stood out among all the others - the Union's direct affiliation with the AFL-CIO.  "Our direct affiliation has given us the greatest opportunity to ensure NATCA is properly positioned for the future," Krasner said in 2014. Read more

1985 Midair Collision Over New Jersey Helped Galvanize Controllers Behind NATCA Movement; Krasner Was at the Center of Organizing Efforts

Within the first four years of his Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controller career at New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), Krasner found himself at the center of a sequence of events that sparked an organizing drive that resulted in the birth of NATCA. It all happened during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, who had fired nearly the entire controller workforce in 1981.

In Barry Krasner's office at the NATCA National Office building hung a framed copy of a feature that The Washington Times published on Sept. 12, 1996, during the second of Krasner's two terms as NATCA President. It was what the Times called a "Doers profile" and included his answers to a number of questions. When asked about his "inspiration," Krasner answered "My dad, who taught me to stand up for my beliefs."  Read more

Krasner was deeply passionate and dedicated to NATCA organizing. As part of a 2014 organizing drive to bring more bargaining unit members into the NATCA family, Krasner recorded a video to make the case for joining together to make the NATCA difference.  "Both individually and organizationally, we have the obligation to leave the system and our professions in a better place than we found them, and the way to do that is to marshal our forces and to channel our energies into one collective voice," he said.  Watch video

Remember Krasner through images capturing his personality, dedication, and passion for NATCA and its members. View here

Honor Barry With a Donation to Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Barry's wife Sallie is not planning a funeral and requests no flowers. For those wanting to pay tribute to Barry, Sallie asks that you donate to the Lustgarten Foundation that is advancing medical research related to pancreatic cancer. Barry was a longtime survivor of pancreatic cancer. Years ago, he beat his cancer, but later, he suffered a reoccurrence. Pancreatic cancer remains one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with fewer than five percent of people living with the illness surviving for five or more years. Barry beat these odds and survived after his initial diagnosis for nearly a decade. His longtime survival demonstrates how he was a great fighter in everything he did. Donate here to the Lustgarten Foundation. 

ZAB VP Danny Watson: "I cannot say enough about all of my NATCA brothers and sisters and the work that they did that night. Hearing MAYDAY from a commercial airliner is something that I don't think anyone in that room could have ever imagined hearing. The fact that an emergency where a pilot declared MAYDAY, ended with the flight landing safely and no injuries is a testament to the level of skill and professionalism our workforce carries." 
National Office News:  Preet Mohinder Singh Virk Promoted to NATCA Comptroller

NATCA is pleased to announce that Preet Mohinder Singh Virk, NATCA's Deputy Comptroller, has been promoted to Comptroller, replacing Selma Golding-Forrester who retired from NATCA. This promotion became effective on Monday, July 9. Preet joined NATCA as the Senior Staff Accountant on Jan. 22, 2009, was promoted to Deputy Comptroller on July 1, 2011, and he will have his 10-year NATCA anniversary this coming January. 

Preet has been an invaluable part of the Accounting Department over the past nine years, and he has been integral in many of the major changes implemented during that period including the transition to electronic vouchering. NATCA is excited for Preet to be taking on this new role and confident that he will continue the excellent professional leadership that has been a hallmark of the NATCA National Office Accounting Department.

Fulton County, Ga., Federal Contract Tower (FTY) FacRep Rick Cali helped preserve a piece of aviation history - and secured a prestigious accomplishment for air traffic control and our Union - when he successfully delivered the facility's old light gun to become part of the Smithsonian Institution collection. Read more

LAANC Team Wins FAA Award

The Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) Team won the FAA Strategic Achievement Award at last month's annual FAA award ceremony. NATCA UAS Representatives Jeff Richards (third from left in photo above) and Steve Weidner (fourth from left) were among the team honorees.

NASA Flies First UAS Mission Without Safety Chase Plane

NASA's remotely-piloted Ikhana aircraft, based at the agency's Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, Calif., successfully flew its first mission in the National Airspace System without a safety chase aircraft last month. This historic flight, NASA says, moves the United States one step closer to normalizing unmanned aircraft operations in the airspace used by commercial and private pilots.

Said Weidner: "One of the biggest challenges to UAS integration into the NAS is the inability of unmanned aircraft to comply with FAR 91.113 - the requirement to "see and avoid" other aircraft. The NASA no-chase flight demonstrated, for the first time, that equipment can be developed and deployed that will allow unmanned aircraft to detect and avoid other aircraft, thereby satisfying the requirements in FAR 91.113. This flight was a huge step toward normalized UAS operations in the NAS."

Weidner credited Los Angeles Center (ZLA), Oakland Center (ZOA), and Joshua Control Facility (
JCF). "They really leaned forward to make this happen, working against some very short timelines. They did an outstanding job!" Read more

San Diego Members Steer Students Toward Aviation Careers

Recently, NATCA members at San Diego/Lindbergh ATCT (SAN) hosted students for a facility tour during the third annual San Diego Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals' (OBAP) Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy Aviation Career Education camp.

The OBAP ACE Academy stimulates interest among middle and high school youth in aerospace and aviation through week-long summer camps. Southern California TRACON (SCT) member Ian Lewis serves as director for the San Diego camp every year as part of an ongoing campaign to expose local youth to aviation career opportunities.

"I'm happy to know that my colleagues and I have the privilege in making an impact on kids in aiding them to decide on their future," Lewis said. Read more
The U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Janus v. AFSCME:
NATCA Stands With a United House of Labor 

ICYMI, Member Message, June 27: NATCA stands with all of our union brothers and sisters in the labor movement, today and forever. Although NATCA always has had the duty to represent bargaining unit employees who do not become members nor contribute to their own representation in the federal sector, this is a drastic change for state and local government employee unions who will directly and immediately feel the effects of this decision. Read more

International Labor Outrage (International Transport Workers' Federation, ITF): "Labour unions will not be defined by a court case. Despite the disappointing ruling, grassroots organising on work-based issues, with the goal to improve the lives of workers, will remain the focus of the trade union movement." Read more

Penn State Labor Expert Paul Clark He cited NATCA as one example of a group that has gotten creative in the face of these labor challenges.  "You cannot find a group of public employees who are more dedicated to the service they provide to the public," Clark said. "They use their union to get a greater voice in how the air traffic control system is run. They're the people with their hands on the control switches every day and want to have a voice at the table. Without a union, they probably wouldn't have that voice."  Read more | Listen to Clark's Podcast | Watch Clark Speak at Philadelphia NATCA Biennial Convention in April

NATCA Slate Book CBA Training Reflects Collaborative Relationship 

NATCA representatives from Hawaii to New York gathered in Las Vegas in June to learn more about the Slate Book collective bargaining agreement and the strong, collaborative NATCA-FAA relationship it reflects.  "The value of the relationships we've built over the last nine years has wrapped a lining around us that helps us stand out," NATCA President Paul Rinaldi said, addressing class attendees. Read more

NATCA Solidarity

NATCA members and their families gathered recently at two locations for solidarity events. Click below to learn more about each event:

NATCA Meet & Greet for Academy Students Draws Big Crowd

NATCA's June Meet & Greet at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City was the largest yet this year! More than 100 students came to hear from NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, Organizing & Benefits Committees Chair John Bratcher, Reloaded Committee Chair Dawn Johnson, SkyOne Representative Dina Earl, and Professional Standards National Co-Lead Josh Cooper. 
Presenters provided essential advice and tips for those embarking on their new careers. Johnson's biggest tip for trainees: "Know your maps! Your trainers will notice if you are playing video games or if you are studying to become the expert you should be in your airspace."
Region X Commitment to Safety Award: Deadline is July 31  

Members of Region X perform essential work ensuring the safety of the National Airspace System (NAS). Do you know of a specific instance where safety has been significantly improved, or of individuals or groups that demonstrated prolonged dedication to the safety and well-being of the NAS? 
Nominate individuals or groups for a Region X Commitment to Safety Award Read more  Nominate here

Professionalism Award: Deadline is July 31

There are many things that come to mind when we think of professionalism: Integrity, respect from peers and others, positive attitude, willingness to work with others, dedication, and reliability. Do you know someone whose contributions and performance enhanced the standing of our professions? 
Nominate them for a NATCA National Professionalism Award .

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FAA WorkLife Wisdom: Constructive Communication With Teens

Teenage years can be difficult for many families. Young people may develop ideas, values and beliefs that are different to those of their parents. This is part of the normal process of moving towards independence. Parents may struggle with how much independence they should allow their children at different ages and in different circumstances. Each young person is an individual and needs different advice. Communication with teenagers is different from communicating with younger children and can cause conflict and stress. If you follow some simple tips, it may help to improve communication with your teenager.  Read more

ABOVE: Photo courtesy of retired member Don Sapp. Taken on the Jacks Fork River, Eminence, Mo.  BELOW:  Working on the Fourth of July last week came with barbecue at many locations, including Potomac Terminal Radar Approach Control (PCT). NATCA members across the country celebrated the holiday by gathering together, grilling out, and enjoying time with family and friends, including brothers and sisters at Livermore ATCT (LVK, pictured at bottom). As union members, barbecues are a chance to use ethical brands made by companies that treat employees fairly. At Denver Center (ZDV) grocery purchases for the local also benefit the facility's child care organization, Junior Jets. See this list to support fair labor practices with your barbecue purchases this summer.

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