Saves, Scares, and Scholarships: NATCA Members Rise to the Occasion, While Key Benefit Nears Deadlines

Emotional Reunion as Texas Pilot Meets ZFW Team That Helped Save His Life

On Jan. 10, pilot and Paris, Texas neurologist Dr. Peter Edenhoffer met and thanked air traffic controllers and managers at Fort Worth Center (ZFW) who came to his aid when his Cessna Cardinal experienced complete electrical failure on Super Bowl Sunday in February 2017.  The teamwork and quick-thinking demonstrated by a team of professionals at ZFW with more than 150 years of combined experience helped guide Edenhoffer to a safe emergency landing.  "How can simple words of thanks ever express the depths of saving a life?" Edenhoffer wrote in a thank you note to the team.   Read more .
Out of Gas, But In Luck: 
Pilot Saved by LOU Controller

Louisville-Bowman ATCT (LOU) member Rebecca Goff came to the aid of pilot of a motor glider in an emergency situation. He was out of gas and needed to land quickly. Listen to the whole story on the Federal Aviation Administration's latest installment of its "True Stories of Air Traffic Control" series. Listen here.
Hawaii Missile Launch Scare: 
How a Normal Shift Became Anything But

Veteran Honolulu Control Facility (HCF) member Steve Olson was working his normal Saturday morning shift on Jan. 13 when a terrifying emergency alert was sent across Hawaii, mistakenly warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack.  Olson recounts the experience of what happened next.  "Don't take anything or anyone for granted," he says.  Read more .

NATCA Leaders Visit Hawaii Facilities, Provide Expertise to Major Annual Aviation Issues Conference 

The annual conference brings together aviation professionals and top-level officials from government and all segments of the aviation industry for in-depth discussions of key issues and charting the course for the Washington agenda in the year ahead. NATCA leaders also visited with Union members at Hawaii facilities. Read more.
Benefits Spotlight: Scholarship Opportunities

NATCA offers a scholarship program to Union members and the spouses, children, stepchildren, and legally adopted children of active, retired, or deceased NATCA members. Deadline to apply: March 1. In addition, Union Plus offers a scholarship program for c urrent and retired members of participating unions (NATCA included), their spouses and their dependent children. Deadline to apply: Jan. 31. Read more.
CISM: New Web Section For This Important Program

The NATCA Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is a Union-operated, Agency-supported group designed to help air traffic controllers effectively manage stress that they may experience following a critical incident.
Learn more about CISM and check out the new web section on the NATCA website! Click here.

How to contact CISMCall or text 202-505-CISM (2476) or email
New N90 Opening Features Different Qualifications

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Jan. 18 posted a new New York TRACON opening for FAA employees that removes a long-standing Quality Ranking Factor that often eliminated those employees with radar experience below level 8 or tower only experience. Selected employees will be required to successfully complete FAA Academy requirements prior to receiving a firm offer if they have never been terminal radar certified at a level 10 or above terminal facility.  Employees that have not been facility radar certified at a level 10 or above terminal facility will be required to pass the Ten Eleven Twelve Radar Assessment (TETRA).  If you don't successfully complete the academy requirements, you remain at your current facility. 

The job opening, which includes permanent change of of station relocation expenses of $27,000, will close on Jan. 17, 2019. View the USA Jobs bid. Questions - click here.

Unum Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan:
NATCA-Only Benefit Open Enrollment Starts Feb. 1

Unum long-term disability insurance open enrollment begins Feb. 1. "It won't happen to me" is not a plan. Unum long term disability insurance provides peace of mind and financial security to aviation safety professionals. Learn more today.

NATCA members at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) are working with NASA on an exciting project - Airspace Technology Demonstration-2 - to enhance the air traffic management system. Most National Airspace System (NAS) technology was developed by NASA and helps make flying the safest form of transportation in the world today. Read more.

Feb. 1 Moment of Silence to Honor Key Date in Labor History

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has organized a moment of silence, scheduled to take place on Feb. 1, to honor the 50th anniversary of the events that began the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike. Read more.

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The NATCA Store Item of the Week: Tango Mug

Start your day off right and continue it in style with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee or your favorite warm beverage in this NATCA Tango Mug. This 12oz. glossy blue ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, though hand washing it is recommended. It is union made and made in the USA.
Price: $7.50  

To see the item and how to order : Click here Select USPS or UPS as your shipping preference on your orders. To check on stock availability or for further assistance, call the NATCA National Office at 800-266-0895 or email .

2018 is here and with that comes more opportunity to learn and grow with the Union. Read more .
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WorkLife Wisdom: Small Steps to Becoming Healthy

Take the next steps to a healthier life and improve your health in 2018. Read more.
Regional News
VNY Celebrates Three Kings' Day

Three Kings' Day celebrates the Three Kings in the Christian Nativity story, also referred to as The Three Wise Men.  Van Nuys (VNY) controller and National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NHCFAE) Western Pacific Regional Director Jonathan Eagle organized a Three Kings' Day celebration for Tucson ATCT this year.  Read more.
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