On June 19, 1987, the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) certified NATCA as the exclusive bargaining representative of all air traffic controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Thirty-one years after that certification, despite unions and the rights of workers to bargain collectively facing unprecedented external threats, our Union is thriving. This week, we all should celebrate NATCA's 31st anniversary.   Read more
2018 NATCA National Representative Election Update 

The 2018 NATCA National Representative Election is now complete. Of the seven bargaining units covered by this election, four units had only one nominee accept nomination. Therefore, these individuals were declared the winners by acclamation. A fifth unit, Office of Chief Counsel (AGC), had no nominees. 

An election was held for National Representative for the remaining two units - Airports (ARP) and Aircraft Certification Services (AIR). The ballot tally for the ARP and AIR National Representatives took place on June 15. Brad Davidson won the election for ARP National Representative, and Scott Odle won the election for AIR National Representative. The full list of winners is below. The new National Representatives' two-year terms will commence on Sept. 1, 2018. 
  • Airports (ARP) - Brad Davidson
  • Aircraft Certification Services (AIR) - Scott Odle
  • Drug Abatement Inspectors & Investigators - Stacie Wooten
  • En Route Automation - Ralph Pagington
  • Terminal Automation - Keith Duffy
  • Flight Service (FSS) - Lawrence Trottini 
NATCA President Paul Rinaldi at RTCA Symposium: Staffing Impacts Modernization

On June 12, Rinaldi spoke as part of a panel, "NextGen in the Northeast Corridor: Let's Do This!" at the RTCA Global Aviation Symposium in Crystal City, Va., an annual forum to examine current and emerging issues facing the aviation community.  The panelists discussed the progress of NextGen in the airspace from Washington, D.C., to Boston.  Delays in the Northeast Corridor (NEC) account for nearly 50 percent of all delays in the entire National Airspace System (NAS).  With so many scheduled flights going through the NEC, its performance has a strong effect on the entire NAS and operations around the world. 

The panelists addressed the effect of new technologies intended to increase efficiency.  "When there's a human in the loop - controllers at the glass and pilots at the controls - that's where you get efficiency. It's about finding the right balance," Rinaldi said. He also  said NextGen and modernization are impacted heavily by the current staffing crisis of Certified Professional Controllers.  Read more

Surface operations are critically important to our safety record, where proactive leadership, swift actions, and teamwork come together to save lives. We want to hear about these successes.

Together, NATCA and the FAA are addressing top trends for surface safety events, including wrong surface landings, runway flyovers, clearing landings/takeoffs on occupied runways, and readback/hearback issues.
Surface Watch is a recognition program jointly sponsored by NATCA and the FAA. It acknowledges individuals and teams of controllers and supervisors for their exemplary saves and initiatives that focus on the surface environment.

Rinaldi to U.S. Contract Tower Association: 'Collaboration is the Theme Here'

At the U.S. Contract Tower Association's (USCTA) annual workshop on the FAA's Federal Contract Tower (FCT) Program, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi spoke about the value of collaboration and working together "Collaboration is the theme here," said Rinaldi, pictured above with AAAE Senior Executive Vice President, Global Operations Spencer Dickerson, who oversees the USCTA. "If the aviation community can be united on some things, whether it is funding, whether it is modernizing our system, whether it is embracing new technology, then we should go with one voice to the Hill and make sure that we can get the legislators to help us."  Read more

ELP, ZAB Work to Help Pilots of Damaged American Airlines Aircraft Land Safely After Harrowing Flight

El Paso (ELP) member Crystal Lingle (pictured above) told local NBC affiliate KTSM-TV that she "could not have fathomed the damage" to American Airlines Flight 1897 on June 3 when the aircraft - en route to Phoenix from San Antonio - entered ELP's airspace after being first skillfully worked by Albuquerque Center.
"All I saw were the pictures the media had (shown at right) and that just blew my mind that they landed that airplane," she said. "The nosecone was basically gone."

Reported KTSM: "When asked how she feels knowing she helped save the 135 people on board, Lingle said, 'I don't see it like that and I've been called a hero over the last week and a half and it blows my mind because honestly, I was just doing my job. I think the real heroes in this situation are the two pilots flying that airplane because it's a miracle that they put that plane on the pavement and 135 people walked away that day.'" 
Watch here
 | More coverage coming in the next NATCA Insider.

The next OSHA Committee webinar, entitled "Temperature and Humidity," is Thursday, July 5 at 11 a.m. EDT. 
OSHA Committee Chairman Mike Odryna said the webinar will cover the requirements for temperature and humidity in the facilities. "It's a very important requirement for many reasons," he said. "Our comfort depends on the amount of moisture in the air and that's not as simple as a single relative humidity number."
Inaugural Solidarity Cup Brings Together U.S., U.K. Unions to Benefit Charities

The relationship between air traffic controllers and engineers from the U.S. and the U.K. has grown. The solidarity that exists between Prospect ATCO's Branch and NATCA is ready to move to the next level. The idea of a Solidarity Cup golf tournament, modeled after the Ryder Cup, was conceived in the UK and the challenge was readily accepted in the U.S.  The inaugural 2018 Solidarity Cup will be held Sept. 30-Oct. 4 at the Celtic Manor in Newport, Wales, site of the 2010 Ryder Cup.  It is more than a friendly competition. It solidifies the relationship of our associations and establishes an opportunity to continue to build on that relationship with the ultimate goal of improving the global airspace system.
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NATCA members at Seattle Center (ZSE) recently competed in a local golf tournament in Puyallup, Wash., to benefit the Sumner Community Food Bank. 
"With the help of our local here at ZSE which donated $300, a donation from NATCA Charitable (NCF) of $500, our individual contributions from each player, and a few silent auction items, we were able to bring in over $1,300," ZSE member Tony Germann said. The event raised more than $25,000 total . Read more
Pictured at top, from left to right: Eric Hartley, Rick Lund (retired), Tony Germann, and Josh Palmer.

NATCA members at Charlotte ATCT (CLT) hosted their annual charity fundraising golf tournament last month and used the proceeds to host  a Big Brothers Big Sisters event at a Charlotte Knights baseball game.  Two CLT NATCA members, Jimmy Sealey and Andrew Buckley, are big brothers in the program and the four enjoyed the game with their #NATCAfamily.  Read more

NATCA Solidarity on Full Display Around the Country

NATCA members and their families gathered recently at several locations for solidarity events. Click below to learn more about each event:

NATCA's 2018 President's Award scholarship program winner is 
Alexandria Hudzinski , daughter of NATCA member Frank Hudzinski of Houston TRACON (I90). She will receive $2,000 from NATCA, plus an additional $1,000 from SkyOne Federal Credit Union. She wrote in her essay that in 2008, " my father suddenly became a single dad left to raise seven children and to continue to work as an Air Traffic Controller at Houston TRACON. Even though I was the second oldest at only 11 years old, I was old enough to know that my father's work ethic would continue to provide for us and that his loyalty and commitment to the family unit would remain steadfast. He was a member of NATCA and always found himself involved in various workgroups, committees, and charitable work. He utilized the skills evidenced through his Union participation and was the proud leader of our 'family union.'"  Read more
Union Plus recently awarded $150,000 in scholarships to 115 students representing 32 unions, including one winner representing NATCA.  Samantha Hasmi-Delgado whose mother, Martha Delgado, is a retired Miami Center member, has been awarded a $2,500 scholarship. She is the recipient of a new award, called Isaiah's Award. 
"The union gives my mom security in her workplace as well as creates a great sense of community and comradery amongst coworkers, which then in turn creates a productive working atmosphere," Hasmi-Delgado said.  Read more

A group of about 40 NATCA members, staff, and their family and friends from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia represented our Union in the 2018 Capital Pride Parade on June 9. There were lots of positive comments from spectators along the route regarding NATCA's participation in the parade. NATCA Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON member Ryan Kimball said, "We were so excited to see the National Office and local members participate in the D.C. parade. To be honest, it was a bit emotional to see that support. I am hopeful we'll expand our representation and visibility in more pride parades."  
Region X Commitment to Safety Award: Deadline is July 31  

Members of Region X perform essential work ensuring the safety of the National Airspace System (NAS). Do you know of a specific instance where safety has been significantly improved, or of individuals or groups that demonstrated prolonged dedication to the safety and well-being of the NAS? 
Nominate individuals or groups for a Region X Commitment to Safety Award . Read more Nominate here

Professionalism Award: Deadline is July 31

There are many things that come to mind when we think of professionalism: Integrity, respect from peers and others, positive attitude, willingness to work with others, dedication, and reliability. Do you know someone whose contributions and performance enhanced the standing of our professions? 
Nominate them for a NATCA National Professionalism Award . Read more Nominate here

We applaud members and spouses in our NATCA family who work hard to raise their families while ensuring the flying public and the Nation al Airspace System are safe. Hats off to the coolest dads on the planet!  Thanks for sharing your dad photos! To add yours to our album, send photos with captions to dads@natca.net. (Photo above of Boston TRACON member Andre Jean and his family.) 

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FAA WorkLife Wisdom: What Leads to Suicidal Thinking?

Suicidal thinking isn't just a stress response. Suicide typically does not happen in response to a single adverse event or trauma. While external stressors such as relationship problems, financial or legal crises, and even bullying abuse can contribute, it's the internal factors-how a person's emotions are impacted-that often make self-destructive thinking possible.

Untreated depression is the most prevalent risk factor. Suicide is usually the end result of a battle with depression. The risk of suicide is more than 50 percent higher in people who are depressed. Severe depression can distort thinking and interfere with an individual's ability to solve complex problems. Other risk factors include having a family history of suicide, being a victim of abuse, having firearms in the home and being exposed to suicidal behavior of others. Read more
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