Union's efforts on display heading into one of the biggest travel weekends of the year.

Minneapolis-St. Paul region NATCA members gear up for one of the biggest challenges of their careers. Read more.

NATCA's collective bargaining agreement requires drinking water testing every three years or more often if there is a reason to believe quality is compromised. Much can be learned from testing data, like what year buildings are problematic and how usage patterns affect water quality. Do acceptable results mean our water quality will be good for the next three years? Not necessarily. This webinar will explore things we can do to make sure the water we drink is safe.

The OSHA Committee, along with Geoff Bacci, will be holding a webinar regarding Drinking Water Testing on Feb. 21 at 1 p.m. EST. To register for the webinar, click here.

WorkLife Wisdom

The FAA Step into National Park Team Challenge begins on Feb. 13. In this four-week challenge, you and your teammates can compete against other FAA teams to see who can be the most active. You'll have fun, improve your health, and could even win a $100 Amazon gift card!

There will be a warm-up week starting Feb. 6. The official team competition program will run from Feb. 13 through March 12. To be eligible, teams must have four to 10 members, and each member must log activity (like gardening and calisthenics) or health itinerary items (like videos and articles) each week during the program. To begin, go to 
www.magellanhealth.com/member, click on "Health and Wellness," then on "Get Started" on the "Stay Healthy with Caféwell" page.

Also this week, learn more about smart money management for the whole family. Read more.

Layer up with the NATCA adult tee. Read more.

Do you know your member number and portal password? You need it to register for NATCA classes, access members-only info, view benefits available to you, and much more! Sign in today.

2018 is here and with that comes more opportunity to learn and grow with the Union. Upcoming classes include Legislative Activism Training (LAT) Feb. 21-22 in Las Vegas; Leadership Experience Acceleration Project (LEAP) March 5-7 in Glen Rose, Texas; and Representative Training (RT1) March 5-9 in Las Vegas.  Read more .
Regional News

Jimmy Clouse is a dedicated NATCAvist and noted activist outside of the Union, raising money every year in support of finding a cure for his wife, Miriam, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007. Read more.
NATCA put together a brief presentation to teach the kids about air traffic control that started with a brief video about how planes fly and included a demo on some of the equipment used in the operating environment. Read more.
Solidarity On and Off the Ice

More than 80 NATCA members and their guests from Jacksonville Center (ZJX), Jacksonville Tower (JAX), Sanford Tower (SFB), and Central Florida TRACON (F11) came together in solidarity for a great time at Intuition Ale Works and the Jacksonville Icemen hockey game last week. Way to 'stick' together in solidarity, Central Florida NATCA brothers and sisters!
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