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RDURDU Controllers Explain What it Means to be an Air Traffic Controller

NATCA members at Raleigh Durham ATCT (RDU) were recently interviewed by SAS at the North Carolina Department of Transportation hangar for Data On The Fly, a STEM-focused group for providing students with hands-on experience with Internet of Things, data, analytics, visualization, and lot of fun, all centered around aviation. Featured in the video talking about what it's like being an air traffic controller are RDU FacRep Nick Stott and RDU controllers Christina Phorimavong and Alicia Whitman. 

NATCA members at Raleigh Durham ATCT (RDU) share about being a controller
NATCA members at Raleigh Durham ATCT (RDU) share about being a controller

The purpose of the video is to engage STEM students that participate in this program with a better understanding of what air traffic controllers do in their jobs, how technology plays a huge roll in saving lives, and how it all relates to how STEM students will capture the same data that air traffic controllers see on their screens.To learn more about SAS Data On The Fly,  click here
SnowballSnowball Express 2018

NATCA family coast to coast, please support the Snowball Express 2018 Gold Star families! NATCA and NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) are gearing up to give our Gold Star families a heartfelt welcome during this year's amazing event, happening in Orlando, Fla., Dec. 8-12.  Click here  to  check out our Facebook event for more details.

We still need your help with publicity photos. We would love to see your facility promoting Snowball Express, like Chicago TRACON (C90) to the left. Simply print out posters like these, or design your own and snap a picture. Once that is done, email your photos to

Be as creative as you want, but remember to always Turn Off Tune In. 

All pilots and flight attendants participating in this event are also volunteering their time for the Gold Star families.
Also, we would love for you to  print out this Snowball Express calendar (to the right) and the t-shirt poster (below) to display around your facilities.

Finally, if you haven't done so already, don't forget to buy your Snowball Express shirts. All proceeds will benefit NCF to help  charities  like Snowball Express and many others. Hurry, the last day to order these shirts is Dec. 14.

NATCA is proud to be a partner of this event and wants to help make this a special experience for these Gold Star children.  Snowball Express, a program of the Gary Sinise Foundation, honors America's fallen military service members by serving the families left behind. Snowball Express provides comprehensive support programs and helps the children who have lost moms and dads during military service by creating opportunities for joy, friendship, and communal healing. 
NewsNATCA News and Notes
Team USA Takes Sixth Place in World 
 Controllers Cup
Air traffic controllers from across the globe travelled to Las Vegas for the eighth annual World Controllers' Cup (WCC) soccer tournament, held at Aventura Sports Park Nov. 4-10. There were 38 countries and 10 teams in the tournament, which was won by Russia. Team USA brought home sixth place after a heated competition.
After last year's Team USA first-place finish in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, they were ready to defend the cup.
"Last year the team worked so hard and it showed when we won the World Cup," said Miami Center (ZMA) member Evan Munro, who serves on the WCC's Board of Directors. "We knew this year would be tough, but our squad played extremely well and we took sixth!" Read more.

FAA Dedicates Space Operations Control Room at TMU Command Center
Left to right are FAA ATO COO Terri Bristol; DCC member Kevin Piascik, whose cousin was shuttle Challenger pilot, Mike Smith; DCC Vice President Dan Kerr; Barbara Morgan, backup astronaut to Christa McAuliffe, and later flew on STS-118 to the ISS; and incoming DCC FacRep Scott Farrow.
The FAA dedicated a Space Operations Control Room at the TMU Command Center (DCC) in early November. Commercial space operations had been operating out of a makeshift operations area, but the newly dedicated area gives these exciting operations their own permanent space in the facility.
"This is one of those events that makes me very grateful for the opportunities that my job presents," DCC Vice President Dan Kerr said.
NATCA Represents at IFATCA
Southern Regional Vice President Jim Marinitti (right) joined NATCA President Emeritus John Carr, the Executive Vice President Americas for the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA), at the IFATCA Americas regional conference. Hosted by the Haitian Air Traffic Controller's Association (APCAH) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, attendees discussed vital issues affecting safety and efficiency of air traffic in the region.
Southeastern Florida Members Solidarity Event

Members from West Palm Beach (PBI), Vero Beach (VRB), and Ft. Pierce Beach (FPR) hosted a solidarity barbecue in Jupiter, Fla., and invited members, family, and pets for a day of games, fun and food.
Planning Underway for 2020 Biennial Convention

The planning committee for NATCA's 2020 Convention has met and will be ready to showcase the great city of Houston to our Union's members in less than 18 months. NATCA Southwest Regional Vice President Andrew LeBovidge is a member of the committee and said, "NATCA members from the Houston area, and across the Southwest Region, look forward to welcoming our Union brothers and sisters to Houston in May 2020 for several days of NATCA business and solidarity."
Burlington ATCT Members Host Solidarity Event
Burlington ATCT (BTV) hosted a solidarity event at the Spare Time Colchester and City Sports Grille in Colchester, Vt. Regional Vice President (RVP) Mick Devine, Alternate RVP Scott Robillard, and New England Legislative Rep Andre Jean attended the event to hear first hand what's happening with the BTV local.
Chicago Center Hosts Thanksgiving for Members
Chicago Center (ZAU) members at work on Thanksgiving were well-fed during the tasty holiday. Toby Hauck, Omar Ramirez, Jimmy Watkins, and Willy Wills (not pictured) helped feed ZAU members by frying five 18-pound turkeys for all those hard-working employees.
Duluth ATCT Members Show Appreciation to the Great Lakes Region Legislative Team
Duluth ATCT (DLH) members hosted an excellent event overlooking the scenic waters of Lake Superior. FacRep Jason Leach and Legislative Rep Madeline Bostic helped to organize an event that celebrated NATCA unity while recieving support from the Great Lakes regional team.
Abilene ATCT Members Meet with NATCA EVP
Abilene ATCT (ABI) membership got together for an enjoyable dinner and evening with NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Southwest Regional Vice President Andrew LeBovidge.

A90 Honored for Consolidation Work
In 2014, the Section 804 collaborative workgroup selected Cape TRACON (K90)  as the first potential transfer site to undergo realignment analysis. While K90 provided valuable services to the NAS throughout the years, the facility's age and condition made it a good candidate for realignment. The collaborative workgroup determined that K90 would be merged into Boston TRACON (A90).

On Nov. 20, A90 and K90 members were formally recognized for their successful collaboration and seamless transition of the two facilities, with no disruptions to air traffic services.
"This was the very first consolidation under the collaborative process," said New England Regional Vice President (RVP) Mick Devine. "This project was a complex undertaking that broke down the walls of Manchester, Boston, and Cape TRACON with the goal of creating a unified workplace separated into a two-area facility with combined sectors - Boston North and Boston South."

Left to right at the Consolidation Recognition Ceremony on Nov. 20 at Boston TRACON are NATCA Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, New England RVP Mick Devine, A90 FacRep Curt Fischer, and New England Alternate RVP Scott Robillard.
TrainingsNATCA Trainings
OSHA/OWCP Training

NATCA members gathered in Las Vegas for the newly revamped Occupational Safety and Health Administration/ Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OSHA/OWCP) class, presented by NATCA Academy and taught by OSHA Committee Chair Mike Odryna (Boston Center), OWCP Committee Chair Jason Grider (Fort Worth Center), OWCP Committee member Ray Adams (Newark ATCT), and OSHA Committee members Karena Marinas (Los Angeles Center), Deb Stewart (Corpus Christi ATCT), and Charles "CJ" Jacques (Philadelphia ATCT). Attendees learned the requirements and rights that apply to NATCA members related to OSHA and OWCP. 
PortalTake Advantage of the NATCA Portal

The NATCA Portal is the entry point for our NATCA membership directory as well as the way to sign up for NATCA Academy classes, retirement seminars, and more.
Most importantly, the Portal allows you to do two key things: Update your contact information (mailing address, phone numbers, email address), and find your membership number which is used for many things including serving as the username for your access to the Portal itself and the members side of the website.
  • Click here to retrieve your NATCA membership number.
  • Click here if you've been to the NATCA Portal before but cannot remember your password.
Remember, your NATCA membership number is your username for both the NATCA Portal and the members side of the website. Your password is the same for both the Portal and the members side of the website as well.
We are continuously adding key features to the NATCA Portal and we encourage all members to become familiar with the Portal. We stand ready to assist if needed! Click here if you have a question.
BenefitsNATCA Benefits: SkyOne Federal Credit Union
SkyOne offers great services for NATCA members! 
Are you looking for a bank that understands your needs? Perhaps a more personalized banking experience? SkyOne Federal Credit Union offers this and much more to thousands of air transportation employees, their families and even other members of their household. SkyOne understands your career and lifestyle and even provides relief in the event of layoffs or furloughs. Some of the other things offered are:
  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Certificates
  • IRA's
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Home Equity Loans
  • And much more!
In addition to the services listed above, SkyOne gives complimentary consultations regarding Thrift Savings Plans (TSP), Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), Federal Employee Retirement Systems (FERS), Federal Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and Federal Employee Long Term Care Insurance Program (FELTCIP). Complimentary seminars on financial planning are also offered.   
SkyOne goes above and beyond to fit your personal, professional, or even your local NATCA needs. Check them out at Let SkyOne make your life easier. It will change the way you think about banking!  Not a member? You can join online and start enjoying the benefits of SkyOne membership.
StoreNATCA Store Item of the Week: 
 National Sport Shirt
The NATCA national sport shirt is useful for casual evening wear as well as day-to-day wear. It can work as part of an ensemble or make a statement of its own, with greater roofer style and outfit combination. Features: 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton pique men's basic long sleeve polo shirt. Solid matching knit collar and 1x1 spandex rib cuffs. Available in sizes S-4XL. Union made in USA.

Price: $40.00

To see the item and how to order: Click here. Select USPS or UPS as your shipping preference on your orders. To check on stock availability or for further assistance, call 800.266.0895 or email

For a guaranteed Christmas delivery, all orders must be placed no later than Dec. 7. 
EAPFAA Employee Assistance Program: Finance 101
Finance 101
Managing your money can be challenging and stressful, but it's necessary to improve your financial future. Even minor adjustments can have a big influence on savings. Create a budget plan if you haven't already, to help reduce excess spending, pay down debt and/or accumulate savings throughout the year. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started.  Read more.
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