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ZNY Honors Member Linda Waters with
All-Female Crew During Women's Day
New York Center (ZNY) controller Linda Waters commemorated her 35 years as an air traffic controller and upcoming retirement in a special way. As a leader and matriarch of Area F, Waters knew that it could be staffed entirely with women. Additionally, she worked with ZNY FacRep Frank Galante and ZNY member Colleen Shea to get as many female controllers on staff that day, Jan. 21.

"When I first started [35 years ago], there were only three female controllers in my area," said Waters. "In the past few years, Area F has been assigned several female trainees. One night, I realized that we actually had enough women to work the area, including our area manager and chief, and I thought, 'we can do this.' I suggested it to my colleagues, and they were all immediately on board. The rest is history."

Twelve of the 13 women in Waters’s area were present, which allowed it to run on an entirely female crew, and nearly 30 ZNY female members were on hand to honor Waters’s request, officially named “Women’s Day at New York Center.”
In attendance to recognize Waters (pictured left) for her impeccable career and to celebrate the day with the ZNY female controllers were NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, FAA Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer Teri Bristol, ZNY Acting Air Traffic Manager Tia Moore, ZNY Operating Manager Liesl Powers, and many other NATCA members. “Congratulations to Linda for 35 years at ZNY as an accomplished controller,” said Gilbert. “We wish her the best on her well-deserved retirement and in her future endeavors.”
“Linda has always looked out for our best interests and has been a strong source of support in our area,” Shea said. “She has taught us so much, and she will truly be missed.”

"It meant so much to me seeing it actually taking place," said Waters. I am so proud of the women and men of ZNY."
The members of ZNY also used the occasion to celebrate women in air traffic control and advocate for more women to join the field, especially with the FAA hiring bid that came out Jan. 24. 
Said Gilbert, “Encourage young women to pursue a career in air traffic control. Let them know that we need them, want them, and they’re welcome in this career field. If you don’t encourage them, they might not think about it. Someone encouraged me when I didn’t even know what an air traffic controller was.”
NATCA EVP Discusses Paid Parental Leave Updates During Child Care Telcon
NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and Article 114 National Child Care Rep Jennifer Malloy participated in a child care teleconference discussing issues about the FAA nursing mothers program, the child care subsidy program, child care centers near or in FAA facilities, and an update on the recently passed paid parental leave legislation. All of these programs are Agency-paid benefits for full-time employees and managers.

Gilbert spoke to those on the call about the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act and the loophole in the language that excluded FAA employees, as well as several other federal agencies and its employees. She described the steps NATCA is taking to ensure the legislation incorporates FAA employees going forward.

"The problem is," said Gilbert, "to get the language corrected means we will have to pass new legislation, which is difficult. But we are pressing forward and working on legislation in three different areas. First and foremost, we need legislation that is bipartisan, from both Republicans and Democrats, in order to get it passed more easily through Congress. And we have bills that have been introduced since the new year."

Gilbert talked about H.R. 5431 introduced by Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., and Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla.,which would cover only FAA employees. Second, legislation from Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., S. 3079, would cover TSA and FAA employees. Third, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., introduced S. 3104, which would cover all federal workers that were not covered in the initial piece of legislation.  Any of the three bills mentioned would need to be attached to another piece of legislation that might be moving through Congress during 2020.

Additionally, NATCA is working on getting a commitment through the White House, the Department of Transportation (DOT), or the FAA itself to provide the paid parental leave provisions to the FAA workforce, being that the intent of Congress and the White House was to have it for the entire federal workforce, regardless of the technical issue that prevented that from occurring.

"The concern for us is that we want this new legislation passed sooner rather than later ," Gilbert said . "We don’t want our workforce to be covered after Oct. 1, after the rest of the government workforce is covered. We have approached the FAA and asked that we start moving forward to implement this legislation as if we were covered by the law, because it does take work and time and cannot be enacted overnight."

Despite the uphill battle, Gilbert said, "We will continue to work all angles through the White House, Congress, and the DOT to be able to fall in line with the rest of the federal workforce on Oct. 1."
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) WorkLife Program sponsors these teleconferences and provides the FAA workforce with resource and referral services to promote work life balance and assist with employee resilience. The FAA child care program at FAA is a valued WorkLife service that enhances the family and strengthens the workforce. There will be monthly FAA family resource program webinars in 2020 discussing various topics. Click this link to sign up for emails about upcoming topics. For questions, contact Jennifer Malloy at .
Nicole Vitale
NATCA's Director of Labor Relations
NATCA is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Nicole Vitale will be NATCA’s Director of Labor Relations. Nicole joined the Labor Relations Department in May 2013, became the Assistant Director of Labor Relations in March 2016, and has been the Acting Director of Labor Relations for the past eight months. Nicole has done an excellent job leading the department during the recent period of transition, and NATCA is confident that she will continue to provide experienced leadership, guidance, and strategy on the many labor relations issues confronting NATCA and its members.
New NEB Guidelines Governing Use by Locals of Mobile Payment Apps
The NEB recently adopted guidelines governing the use by locals of mobile payment apps (such as Venmo or Cash App) as the means to reimburse members for appropriate union-related expenses, rather than traditional reimbursement by means of a paper check. Adoption of these guidelines was in response to the recognition that many members now primarily or solely utilize mobile payment apps for their banking. The guidelines will be incorporated in NATCA’s Expense Reimbursement Policy.   Before utilizing mobile payment apps for reimbursement, locals must: (1) notify their regional Finance Committee member and (2) participate in a remote training via telephone conference call with the National Office . View the policy here .

Initial trainings will be offered on the following dates: 
  • Wednesday, February 12, at 10:30 am EST
  • Tuesday, March 3, at 12:00 pm EST
  • Thursday, March 12, at 3:00 pm EST

Please register for the training you wish to attend  here . If you have questions about the guidelines or upcoming training schedule, please contact Assistant General Counsel Magen Stevens at .  
Nominate Your Colleague for a 2020 Archie League Medal of Safety Award
The Archie League Medal of Safety Award highlights aviation "saves." Some involve a team of professionals working together, while others are the result of just one person's efforts. Any NATCA member can nominate another member in good standing year-round. The nominating period for the 2020 Archie League Awards is still open and covers aviation events that have occurred from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020. Click here  to complete the nomination form.
2019 Archie League Honorable Mention Awardees Recognized
Salt Lake Center Member Eric Steffen
Pictured left to right: Salt Lake Center (ZLC) Air Traffic Manager Brett Waddoups, FacRep Stephanie Winder, member and award recipient Eric Steffen, Operations Manager Scott Jorgensen, and Area Rep Trent Escandon.
During a recent executive leadership team meeting at Salt Lake City Center (ZLC), the facility's union and management leadership presented Eric Steffen with his 2019 Honorable Mention Archie League Medal of Safety Award, which he received after being nominated for his extraordinary save last year. 
El Paso ATCT Member Crystal Lingle
Pictured left to right: Samantha, Zach, and Lorenzo Herrera, ELP member and award recipient Crystal Lingle, FacRep Cesar Cordero, Treasurer Mary Waltman, and Vice President Brian Canales. The Herrera family is friends with Crystal and was on a facility tour of ELP.
Members of the El Paso ATCT (ELP) local executive board recently presented ELP member Crystal Lingle with her 2019 Honorable Mention Archie League Medal of Safety Award for her part in a hazardous weather encounter by an American Airlines aircraft in Albuquerque Center (ZAB) airspace. Following the incident, Lingle and the rest of the controllers working that day vectored the diverted aircraft and its passengers to a safe landing at El Paso International Airport. 
Hillsboro ATCT Member Brandon Ferguson
Pictured left to right: Hillsboro ATCT (HIO) FacRep Matt Lorsong, member and award recipient Brandon Ferguson, and Air Traffic Manager Joe Reynolds.
NATCA and management leadership at Hillsboro ATCT (HIO) recently presented Brandon Ferguson with his 2019 Archie League Medal of Safety Honorable Mention a ward, which he received after being nominated for his extraordinary save last year.

To see the full list of honorable mention Archie Winners, please click here .
Apply for the 2020 NATCA Scholarship Today!
NATCA offers an in-house scholarship program that can help pay for college expenses for your spouse and children, for all active, retired, and deceased members who have continuous good standing as a member for at least two years.

The application deadline for the 2020 NATCA scholarship is March 1. This year’s application requires an essay about the following topic:  How would you encourage your peers to get out the vote in the 2020 election?  

For details about the NATCA Scholarship Program, including the application, visit NATCA will notify applicants as to whether they will receive the scholarship by April 30.
It's Time to Register for the 18th Biennial Convention and Hotel
NATCA's 18th Biennial Convention in Houston begins in less than four months, May 27-29. W e continue to prepare for what promises to be both an important event. It is time to register and make your hotel reservations. Registration for this convention is a TWO-STEP process:

STEP 1: Register for the Convention  here .

STEP 2: Reserve your hotel room at the Marriott Marquis  here .

Your registration is not done until you have completed both steps.
NATCA News and Notes
CLT FacRep Presents Member with CLT President's Award
For the past few years, Charlotte ATCT (CLT) has given out the CLT NATCA President's Award to a member who goes above and beyond for the facility and its members. The award is given to someone who is dedicated to NATCA, puts in time outside of "duty time," is respected by his/her peers, and is always willing to go the extra step in ensuring the best for our members. 

The 2019 CLT NATCA President's Award was recently presented to Area B Rep Justin Garay (pictured right). “Justin has done anything the local has asked of him,” said CLT FacRep Anthony Schifano (pictured left). “He has always been available to all of our members when needed. 

“Thank you for your service brother! You continue to set the example for others through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice for something larger than yourself.”
Wichita Members Host Solidarity Event
Wichita ATCT (ICT) members hosted a meeting and solidarity event at The Brass Tap Room. Prior to the event, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, Central Regional Vice President (RVP) Aaron Merrick, and Alternate RVP Todd Mariani toured the facility and met with members that were not able to attend the event. At the restaurant, Gilbert, Merrick, and Mariani discussed issues affecting the workforce and explained the current executive orders in place and the negative effects they will have on the entire membership. “Many of the members didn’t know about the executive orders or the effects they will have on our union,” said ICT FacRep Scott Muzzy. “As FacReps, we can’t always talk openly about all issues impacting NATCA and its members at the facility. Anytime your facility is having an event offsite, if you can attend, I highly recommend it.”

“It was great visiting our Wichita brothers and sisters and briefing them on issues that are impacting the federal organized workforce,” said Merrick. “Our membership at Wichita now has a better understanding of issues impacting them and what they can do moving forward.”
Des Moines ATCT Hosts Solidarity Event
Des Moines ATCT (DSM) members were very excited and grateful for the opportunity to have NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert attend the recent DSM solidarity event, along with Central Regional (NCE) Vice President (RVP) Aaron Merrick, NCE Alternate RVP Todd Mariani, National Legislative Committee NCE Rep Allison Schwaegel, Omaha TRACON (R90) FacRep Daniel Witt, and Kansas City ATCT (MCI) Vice President Lisa Cunningham.

“We discussed legislative and workplace topics, and the members appreciated having NATCA leadership available at the event,” said DSM FacRep Craig De Vries. “After the more formal portion of our meeting, everyone took part in a fun evening of laser tag.”
International Publication Touts NATCA's Training Initiative
International aviation trade publication “Air Traffic Management” magazine recently published a NATCA-authored story about the Union’s Every Day Is A Training Day initiative. The article used the Chicago-O’Hare ATCT (ORD) save that won the 2019 President’s Award as an example of why training is so important. Click here to read the full story.
NATCA Hosts Representative Training
NATCA held its first Representative Training (RT1) class of the new year at Bally’s Las Vegas. Nearly 40 students attended with instructors Nick Daniels, Jason Arnold, Aaron Katz, Bob Aitken, and Don Smith.

"The participants' energy and participation was inspiring," said the instructors.

The class featured NATCA President Paul Rinaldi as well as Southwest Regional Vice President (RVP) Andrew LeBovidge, Region X RVP Brad Davidson, and New England RVP Mick Devine.

"In the aviation system, we aren't the problem. We want to be the answer," Rinaldi said. He talked about how NATCA has grown over the years, our Union's battles ahead, and current events on the legislative horizon.
NATCA Hosts Safety Advocacy Training Course
NATCA activists recently completed the NATCA Safety Advocacy Training (SAT) course in Las Vegas.

"We had a great group of NATCA activists, who are now even better equipped to represent their fellow members through safety programs and requirements," said National Safety Committee Chair Steve Hansen.

The training course was designed for NATCA representatives with varying levels of experience. It provides them with the background and knowledge of the different safety programs, processes, and requirements. The interactive course features practical exercises and provides reps with the confidence to promote the safety programs at their facilities.
Secretary-Treasurer Attendees Leave Training Energized
Instructors Ed Szczuka and Jennifer Malloy gave the Secretary-Treasurer Training (STT) attendees an understanding of the importance of strict record-keeping, consistency, and written documentation for financial guidelines. They helped attendees improve their knowledge of NATCA, DOL, and IRS rules. NATCA SkyOne Rep Dina Earl also spoke to the class.  

"Seeing so many NATCAvists eager to learn how to run their locals better and advance our profession and workplaces is so energizing," Malloy said. "We teach them how to keep their facilities informed, be a key role on their local executive board, and to leave things better than they found them." 
NATCA Hosts Inaugural Train the Trainer Course
Members from the Reloaded and National Training Committees gathered for the first "Train the Trainer” course at the NATCA National Office in Washington. The course, which was developed by The LABOR School at Penn State and taught by Penn State instructors, was designed to help NATCA Academy instructors and committee members improve their skills as trainers and facilitators. In the course, attendees discussed adult learning styles, methods of developing and presenting training with impact, classroom management, and communication techniques that can improve learning retention and guarantee successful application beyond the classroom. The National Training Committee will continue to work with Penn State to refine the course material and create a course that will ultimately be taught through the NATCA Academy.
Members Participate in High School Career Fair
Oakland ATCT (OAK) FacRep Kristin Simms and member Josmine Evans shared their passion for aviation with young people at Castro Valley High School, located near the facility. This was Simms’s second year representing the aviation safety profession at the school's career fair. 

"I went to high school there, so it's pretty cool for me," Simms said. 

Are you involved in outreach and education in your community? Share it with us at .
NATCA Hosts IFATCA Committee Meetings
The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) Professional/Legal (PLC) and Technical/Operations (TOC) Committees met recently at the NATCA National Office in Washington. During the meeting, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert spoke to the members and joined them in thanking Deidre Hatchard (Denver TRACON, D01) for her work representing NATCA on the PLC. 

This was the committees’ last meeting before the IFATCA Annual Conference to be held in Singapore, March 30 - April 3. The attendees discussed the papers they’ll be presenting at the conference with topics including drones, automation, and best practices.

“Thanks once again to NATCA for the unwavering support of IFATCA’s activities,” said NATCA Rep to the TOC Jaymi Steinberg (Washington Center, ZDC). “In particular, thanks to Trish, Alaskan Regional Vice President Clint Lancaster, and Executive Administrative Assistant Cheryl Lewis for helping us to set up such a successful IFATCA meeting. It was an honor to host at home.”

NATCA is a proud member of IFATCA. You can learn more about IFATCA at,  and read the latest issue of The Controller magazine at .
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Benefits Spotlight:
Penn State World Campus/NATCA Alliance
Have you or someone in your family thought about pursuing a college degree? Through the Penn StateWorld Campus/ NATCA Alliance partnership, you, your spouse, and children qualify for in-state tuition rates from Penn State, as well as a five percent tuition discount. In addition, if you have taken any NATCA Academy courses, you can earn college credit for completion of all certified NATCA courses as well.

Through the Penn State/NATCA program, you can earn your degree or certificate online when you choose from more than 125 online programs by  clicking here .

Not only does NATCA provide a great avenue to a renowned educational institution, it also has a path to financial assistance to help further your education. The SRF-14 NATCA Education Reimbursement Fund is established for assisting active members in good standing to obtain a Bachelor of Labor Studies degree or any other educational course or certificate as deemed appropriate and approved by the National Executive Board from any NATCA-approved institution or program.

To find out more about Penn State or the Education Reimbursement Fund, visit .