NATCA in Washington Registration Closes April 9
Registration will close for NATCA in Washington 2018 on April 9. This year marks 25 Years of NATCA in Action, Educating and Advocating on Capitol Hill. Participants will be notified about their attendance status by their National Legislative Committee member the week of April 16th. Register now to be considered.
HATCH Act Tip of the Month: Don't Post on Duty or in the Workplace
Federal employees MAY display a political party or current campaign logo or the photograph of a candidate in a partisan race as a profile picture on personal Facebook or Twitter accounts. However, they MAY NOT post, share, tweet, or retweet on those accounts while on duty or in the workplace, because the picture is partisan political activity even if the content of the post, share, tweet, or retweet is not political in nature. When in doubt, contact your National Legislative Committee member.
NATCAvists Build Relationships
NATCA members across the country meet with their members of Congress year-round. They educate them on NATCA and our professions, and build strong relationships at home and on Capitol Hill.

California Members Discuss NATCA with Congresswoman Julia Brownley
Congresswoman Julia Brownley (CA-26) hosted an event in Ojai, Calif., March 23-25. NATCA National Legislative Committee Western Pacific Region Chair Trisha Pesiri-Dybvik and her husband, Santa Barbara ATCT NATCA member Jed Dybvik, were in attendance and spoke with the Congresswoman, who serves on the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Aviation, about issues important to NATCA.

"We continued to build upon the great relationship we have with Congresswoman Brownley," says Pesiri-Dybvik.

Pictured above are Congresswoman Brownley (fourth from left), Pesiri-Dybvik (third from right), and Dybvik (second from right) alongside other attending constituents.

Ohio Members Meet with Congressman Tim Ryan
On March 16, Akron, Ohio, Mayor Dan Horrigan hosted an event featuring Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13). NATCA Ohio State Legislative Coordinator Tim Tomayko (Cleveland Center, ZOB), ZOB Legislative Representative Ron Shonk; ZOB FacRep Russ Hannu and his wife, Theresa; Cleveland ATCT (CLE) Legislative Representative Michelle Toth and her husband, Stephen; and Mansfield ATCT (MFD) Ken Pugh and his wife, Cara, were in attendance.

Mayor Horrigan thanked the NATCA representatives for attending prior to Congressman Ryan taking the stage. Congressman Ryan also thanked the NATCA members for attending and emphasized the importance of unions, echoing the powerful speech he gave at NATCA in Washington 2017.

After speaking, Congressman Ryan met the NATCA delegation with excitement. The NATCA members in attendance thanked the Congressman for the opportunity to speak with him and for all of the work he has done to support NATCA.

Pictured above from left to right are K. Pugh, C. Pugh, Toth, R. Hannu, T. Hannu, Congressman Ryan, Shonk, and Tomayko.
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