Government Shutdown:
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers  
Sisters and Brothers, 

We have received questions regarding what happens in the event of a government shutdown at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018. 

While at this time we cannot provide a definitive answer as to whether the government shutdown will take place, we do have a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the most common issues associated with a government shutdown. Please click here.

This list of frequently asked questions is derived from Appendix P-4 of the Slate Book. We removed Chapter 2 as it only applies to Discretionary Furloughs. The attached applies to all NATCA bargaining unit employees in the FAA regardless of contract.

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Vice President or email

In Solidarity, 

The National Executive Board


Below are a few questions and answers not covered by the list from Appendix P-4:

1.     Will excepted employees be paid for performing work during a shutdown furlough? If so, when will excepted employees receive such payments? 
A.    Agencies will incur obligations to pay for services performed by excepted employees during a lapse in appropriations, and those employees will be paid after Congress passes and the President signs a new appropriation or continuing resolution. 
2.     Will employees who are furloughed get paid? 
A. Congress will determine whether furloughed employees receive pay for the furlough period.  

3. May an excepted employee take previously approved paid time off or be granted new requests for paid time off during a shutdown furlough?

A.    No. When an excepted employee is not working or not performing excepted activities in compliance with the Antideficiency Act, he or she cannot be in a pay status. Excepted employees must be either performing excepted activities or furloughed during any absence from work. The furlough must be documented by a furlough notice. 

4.     May an excepted employee be permitted to earn compensatory time off and credit hours (under flexible work schedules) during the shutdown period?

A.    Yes. With agency approval, excepted employees may earn compensatory time off and/or credit hours subject to requirements found in NATCA's collective bargaining agreements.  

5.    May an excepted employee be permitted to earn premium pay (e.g., overtime pay, Sunday premium pay, night pay, OJTI, and all other premiums and differentials contained in NATCA's collective bargaining agreements) during the furlough period?

A.    Yes.  Excepted employees who meet the conditions for overtime pay, Sunday premium pay, night pay, and other premium payments will be entitled to payment in accordance with applicable rules, subject to any relevant payment limitations. Premium pay may be earned but cannot be paid until Congress passes and the President signs a new appropriation or continuing resolution.

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