NATCA National Office Departmental Update
December 9 - 31, 2018
Below is our latest news and information and report of activity worked at the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C.:
Government Affairs
  • Congressional Schedule
  • Government Shutdown to Continue
  • Preparing for the 116th Congress
  • Legislative Watchlist
Labor Relations
  • EMP-1.37 Air Traffic Control Specialist Hiring
  • Briefing Requests
Safety and Technology
  • ATO Operational Contingency Group (ATOC)
  • DataComm
  • Enroute Automation Modernization (ERAM)
  • NAS Voice Switch (NVS) 
  • Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures (ATOP)
  • Airspace
  • Automated Terminal Proximity Alert (ATPA)
  • Enterprise-Information Display System (E-IDS)
  • Human Performance
  • NextGen
  • Operational Planning and Scheduling (OPAS)
  • Professional Standards
  • Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR)
  • Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)
  • Time Based Flow Management/Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TBFM/TSAS)
  • Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS)
Public Affairs  
  • New IT Leadership Seeks Your Input and Ideas
  • Wrap-Up - Communicating for Safety 2018
  • The 14th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards
  • Please Help Us Grow Our Disaster Relief Fund
  • NATCA Charitable Foundation: How to Donate with your Paycheck
  • The NATCA Portal: Take Control of Your Member Experience 
  • Have a Question or Idea for a Story or Other Content?
  • By the Numbers
Membership and Marketing
  • NATCA Store Item of the Week: Duffel Bag
  • Benefits Spotlight: Aviation Medicine Advisory Service