NATO Association of Canada - June 22nd, 2020
Recent News and Upcoming Events!
Join Us This Thursday, June 25th at 5pm for Our Virtual Event: "COVID-19 in South Asia: How are India and Pakistan Responding to the Global Pandemic"
We are very excited to host a moderated discussion with our Editor-in-Chief, Dr Joseph McQuade and Dr. Aprajita Sarcar from  Queen's University on "COVID-19 in South Asia: How are India and Pakistan Responding to the Global Pandemic?". The event will be taking place this Thursday June 22nd, at 5pm ET .

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Join Us Monday, June 29th at 12pm for Our Virtual Event: "Challenges & Opportunities in Global Security and Liberal Democracy: A Panel Discussion."
We are proud to collaborate with the  Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect on our upcoming event: "Challenges & Opportunities in Global Security and Liberal Democracy: A Panel Discussion." This event will host Dr. Tom Axworthy , Dr. Adam Chapnick , and Dr. Tina Park . The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Jennifer Orange , who is a post-doctoral fellow at the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary History. The event will take place on
Monday June 29th, at 12pm ET.

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NATO Ministers of Defence Discuss Global Challenges
NATO Defence Ministers met by secure video conference for a two-day discussion on June 17th & 18th 2020 to discuss plans for a second wave of the coronavirus, as well as other key issues such as resilience, missions and operations, and deterrence and defence.

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Featured Publication: "US Foreign Policy and Euro-Caspian Energy Security: The Time is Now to Build the Trans-Caspian Pipeline."
We are very proud to announce that an article written by our Senior Research Fellow and Director of our Energy Security program, Robert Cutler, has been featured in the Atlantic Council's EnergySource publication.

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Previous Events

Watch Our Last Event! "What is The Future of Peace?"
On June 18th, the NATO Association of Canada hosted its inaugural joint event with the Institute for Economics and Peace! We had the pleasure of hosting our guest speakers Holly White , Advisor to the Director General responsible for Canada’s engagement in Egypt, Maghreb, Israel and West Bank/Gaza at Global Affairs Canada and Laurie Smolenski , Outreach and Development Officer at the Institute for Economics and Peace.

If you missed the event you can watch the recording here!

Watch: Disinforming Ourselves to Death: Propaganda, Social Media, and Data Weapons in the Age of AI
On June 3rd, the NATO Association of Canada hosted a moderated discussion with our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Joseph McQuade, and Alexandra Alvarova who is working to unmask malicious information operations through her work. The discussion focused on propaganda, hybrid-warfare, data-weapons, artificial intelligence and disinformation.

If you missed this event you can watch the recording here !

Watch: Cyber Conflict and Security in the Age of COVID-19

The NATO Association of Canada was proud to host a discussion with NATO HQ Cyber Expert Ben Hiller, Deloitte's data protection expert Beth Dewitt and Josh Gold from Citizen Lab ! These three experts discussed cyber conflict and security in the Age of Covid-19 and what international institutions like NATO are able to do to address this challenge. The event was very exciting and it was compelling to have both an international perspective and a corporate perspective!

If you missed this event you can watch the recording here !
Watch Our Event on May 13th: COVID-19: Implications on the Global Order
On May 13th the NATO Association of Canada hosted a virtual event with former Defence Minister Hon. David Collenette , Member of the NATO Parliamentary Association MP Julie Dzerowicz and Retired Major-General David Fraser on "COVID-19 Implications on the Global Order."

If you missed this event you can watch the recording here !

2019 Highlight: Reception of Honour for Rt. Hon Paul Martin
On the evening of November 1st, 2019, the NATO Association of Canada Honoured Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada for his dedication to supporting and improving the rules-based international order.

What is the Standing of ISIS Under International Law?: Examining the Islamic State’s locus of Political Authority

In his new article, Janakan Muthukumar discusses the standing of ISIS under international law by examining ISIS’s locus of political authority.

Read the article here.

In his new article, Ravdeep Sandal explores alternatives to the "First Past the Post" electoral system.

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2020 Vision: The Need to Expand the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves

In his new article, Justin Dell argues that the emergence of multiple security contingencies across the globe this year necessitates that policymakers significantly enlarge the Canadian Armed Forces reserves.

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Climate Change, Human Rights, Capitalism, and Chinese Expansion: How COVID-19 is Reshaping the World

In his new article, Sedrik Pocuch explores COVID-19's impact on climate change, human rights, and other major trends in global governance.

Read the article here.
Canadian Helicopter Crash Off the Greek Coast

In her new article, Antalya Popatia takes an in depth look at the recent helicopter crash that was a part of NATO's Operation Reassurance.

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Read our Disinformation and Digital Democracies Publication

Forwarded by NATO Association Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Joseph McQuade and with contributions from authors Janis Sarts , Sebastian Bay , Guna Šnore , Jazlyn Melnychuk of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Dr. Regina Rin Dr. Heidi Tworek , Elisha Corbett , Abigail Curlew , Dr. Jeffrey Monaghan , Victoria Heath , Christian Picard , Ryan Atkinson , Ian Litschko and Josh Campbell , t his scholarly publication features original work by leading experts studying information and democracy. This marks our first collaborative publication with our new Centre for Disinformation Studies.
NATO Video
#WeAreNATO Video

Watch our NATO Association video - Giving Thanks for Nothing - which explains the value of NATO including interaction with the Toronto Scottish Regiment and HMCS York.

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