NATO Association of Canada - November 30, 2020
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How do we Tell the Story of NATO?

The NATO Association of Canada is excited to unveil the panelists of our Social Media Summit. With the support of NATO HQ, this event will explain the value of NATO and the rules based international order via Youtube.

The Social Media Summit will bring together attendees from different skill sets: practitioners and policy experts of defence and security; artists, storytellers and digital creatives; and branding experts, marketers and communicators.

The summit will take place on Monday, November 30 via Zoom and will host BGen Jay Janzen, Director-General of Public Affairs for the Canadian Armed Forces, Peter Murray, Marketing Director at Firaxis Games, Kristina Paider of The Hollywood Approach, and Rafferty Jackson, of Jack Industries
NATÔ Canada! Podcast
Episode 3. The Cyber Realm of Canada's Foreign Policy

In this podcast, the NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the NATO Research Group out of the University of Toronto, explore issues related to security, prosperity and the international rules-based order.

Each episode features a member of our team interviewing with either a practitioner, expert, or government official.

In this episode, Josh Gold, a cyber expert from the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab, discusses Canada's approach to cyber security and some of the ways that Canada and multinational institutions can improve their approaches to create a safe environment internationally.
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The Future of North Atlantic Cooperation

We are excited to be holding a virtual discussion with H.E Urban Ahlin, the Swedish Ambassador to Canada, this Thursday! The discussion will primarily focus on Sweden & Canada’s Bilateral Relationship, Common Security Interests and Sweden’s management of COVID-19. It will also touch upon the importance of Arctic Partnerships and Economic Integration, the NATO and the Swedish Delegation and many other interesting subjects.
November 30th, 7 AM EST
Pre-ministerial Press Conference of the NATO Secretary-General

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg will brief the press in advance of the virtual NATO Foreign Ministers meeting during a pre-ministerial press conference on Monday, November 30.
Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin Tapped to Lead Canada's Vaccine Distribution Effort

Maj.-Gen. Fortin is the former commander of the NATO Operation IMPACT and led the NATO mission in Iraq from 2018-2019. The NATO Association was proud to host him with CAE in Montreal earlier this year in March.
Recent Events
Rejoignez-nous jeudi 26 novembre à 14 heures (HNE)
Politique étrangère et multilatéralisme : quel rôle joue le Canada sur la scène internationale ? 

Jeudi 26 novembre, l’Association canadienne pour l’OTAN a eu le plaisir d’organiser une discussion virtuelle à propos du rôle du Canada sur la scène internationale. Dans le cadre de cet évènement, nous recevrons Jocelyn Coulon, chercheur au Centre d’études et de recherches internationales de l’Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM) et ancien membre du groupe des conseillers sur les affaires internationales de Justin Trudeau en 2014-2015 et conseiller politique principal du ministre des Affaires étrangères Stéphane Dion en 2016-2017, et Dr. Jonathan Paquin, professeur titulaire au département de science politique de l’Université Laval et chercheur responsable au Réseau d’analyse stratégique (RAS). 

On Thursday, November 26th, the NATO Association of Canada held a virtual discussion in French about Canada’s role on the world stage. This event will feature Jocelyn Coulon, researcher at the Center for International Studies and Research at the University of Montreal (CÉRIUM) and former member of Justin Trudeau's group of advisers on international affairs in 2014-2015 and senior political advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion in 2016-2017, and Dr. Jonathan Paquin, full professor in the political science department at Laval University and researcher at the Network for Strategic Analysis (NSA). 
NAOC Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade Publishes His Book, "A Genealogy of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of an Idea"
Congratulations to our Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade!

Pre Order "A Genealogy of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of an Idea" available through Cambridge University Press.
The NAOC Team
We are excited to introduce our new cohort of interns for the fall 2020 session! This diverse group of young leaders are volunteering to bring you a fall filled with spectacular events, articles, and projects.

The Canadian CF-105 Avro Arrow was a technological achievement made at the wrong time. In this article, Samer Khurshid examines the story of the Canadian CF-105 Avro Arrow and how a re-imagined Arrow would be Canada's best bet in the Stealth Age.

Information manipulation can be spread from the top-down and self imposed. In this article, Julian Snelling assesses the increasing presence of the Party in China's "third realm," aiming to comprehend the extent to which information dissemination constitutes not just top-down control but individual self-censorship.
The Future of Canada-Japan Relations in the Post Trump-Era

The Canada-Japan relationship is well established but it will face some uncertainty in the coming years. In this article, Emilio Angeles examines the bilateral-relationship and highlights potential areas of contention between the two countries.
NATO Video
#WeAreNATO Video

Watch our NATO Association video - Giving Thanks for Nothing - which explains the value of NATO including interaction with the Toronto Scottish Regiment and HMCS York.