NATO Association of Canada - September 14th, 2020
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Join us on Wednesday September 16th at 11am for a Virtual Event
What Next for the NordStream 2 Pipeline?
The NATO Association of Canada is very excited to host a panel discussion on the future of the NordStream 2 Gas Pipeline, which is projected to run under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany.

The interactive discussion will feature Dr. Sławomir Dębski, Director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), Dr. Maria Shagina, postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Eastern European Studies at the University of Zurich, Dr. Alan Riley, member of the judicial panel of the Energy Community based in Vienna, and will be moderated by Dr. Robert M. Cutler, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Energy Security Program at NATO Association of Canada.

The event will take place on Wednesday September 16 at 11am ET.

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Join us on September 23rd at 12pm for
a Virtual Event
Connecting Canada's Startup Ecosystem with NATO
The NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the Defence and Security Labs are proud to host a webinar meant to inform the North American startup ecosystem on the open innovation and procurement opportunities within NATO.

This upcoming virtual panel features two NATO agencies involved in open innovation including the Innovation Hub (iHub) and the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA). In addition, the webinar conveys the three Canadian startup contenders that participated in the latest NATO Innovation Challenge pitch day competition on June 16th, 2020.

We hope you can join on September 23rd at 12pm ET us for this exciting event!

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Canada-Turkey Business Council Webinar Series
NATO supports economic security and initiatives to foster trade between its allies. Have you ever considered Turkey as an export market? The Canada Turkey Business Council (CTBC) is working closely with Export Development Canada (EDC) to promote an important upcoming series of four webinars designed to build stronger business ties between Canadian and Turkish firms. The CTBC will participate in the first webinar, scheduled for
September 23rd at 10am ET.

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Fears Over Possible NATO Withdrawal in Trump's Second Term
Throughout his time in office President Trump has publicly criticized NATO, demanding that its members pay more for Europe’s collective defence. President Trump has also spoken repeatedly about withdrawing altogether from the alliance. Should he win a second term, he may get his chance.

Observers have commented that the US' withdrawal from NATO would be one of the biggest global strategic shifts in generations and a major victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Russian Arms Sales to Armenia and Their Geopolitical Effects
In tilting too far in favour of Armenia, Russia risks losing its longstanding influence over Azerbaijan. This week our Senior Research Fellow Dr. Robert M. Cutler wrote an article for Geopolitical Monitor on the geopolitical implications of Russian Arms Exports to Armenia.

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Canada and Portugal
Celebrating our
Shared Commitment
to Collective Defence
Thanks to the donation of Ed and Jocelyn Badovinac, earlier this year, the NATO Association of Canada had plans to present the Embaixada de Portugal no Canadá with a plaque commemorating the 70th Anniversary of NATO in person. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged us to highlight Portugal's long-standing dedication to NATO by posting the virtual version of the plaque, given NATO’s resilience. Canada is proud to have Portugal as a strong ally, as together we stand united in our defence of the rules-based global order through collective security. We welcome your cooperation in helping us make the world a better and safer place for now and generations to come.
Recent Events
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A Panel Discussion
on the Future of
Global Humanitarianism
Last Tuesday, the NATO Association was proud to sponsor a panel discussion on the future of global humanitarianism, co-hosted by Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect and the InterAction Council. The interactive discussion featured Dr. Allan Rock (former Canadian Ambassador to the UN), Dr. Karen Smith (UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on R2P), and Q/A moderated by Dr. Tom Axworthy (Secretary-General of the InterAction Council).

To watch a recording of the event click here.
Logistic Efficiencies by Women Who Roll up Their Sleeves
The NATO Association of Canada was proud to host a discussion this past Monday with MP Leona Alleslev, Silvana Huaman and BGen Carla Harding. These three experts were pressed on issues relating to how the government, corporate Canada and military had to address logistical challenges to address the great challenges posed by the current health crisis, and how they were able to work together to the benefit of Canadians.

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Operation Impact: Examining Canada's Engagement in
The Middle East
The NAOC was thrilled to host a Zoom webinar where JTF Impact Commander BGen. Michael Wright discussed Operation Impact and Canada's Contributions to address the instability caused by Da’esh in the Middle East.

To watch a recording of the event click here.

2019 Highlight: Reception of Honour for Rt. Hon Paul Martin
On the evening of November 1st, 2019, the NATO Association of Canada Honoured Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada for his dedication to supporting and improving the rules-based international order.

The NAOC Team
Meet the Summer the 2020 Internship Team!
We are excited to introduce our new cohort of student interns for the Summer 2020 session! This diverse group of young leaders are volunteering to bring you a summer filled with spectacular events, articles, and projects.

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Does Taking Down Statues Mean Erasing History?

As anti-racist and anti-colonialist movements are spreading around the world, instances of statues’ removals have risen, sparking public controversy. In this article, the program editors at the NATO Association of Canada discuss the implications of taking down cultural and historical landmarks.

Read the article here.
Crossing Borders During A Pandemic: How does COVID-19 impact immigrants?

In this edition of the Editors’ Forum, the Program Editors at the NATO Association of Canada discuss the impact of COVID-19 on immigration.

Read the article here.
The Future of Private Military Contractors

The growing presence of private military companies (PMCs) in armed conflict has introduced major security challenges. Emily Mullin, Program Editor at the NATO Association, spoke to Dr. Sean McFate, foreign policy expert, author, and novelist, to discuss the implications behind the rise of PMCs.

Read a transcript of the interview here.
Mercenaries in 2020: Blurred Lines

What is the role of mercenaries in 2020? In his latest article, Ethan Schwartz examines the utility of mercenaries in present-day conflicts.

Read the article here.

New Dimensions of the Great Caspian Energy Game

In this report, Mariana Liakopoulou analyzes shifts in US and the EU energy policies, combined with ongoing market developments, and their implications on the Caspian-region and Central Asian states' geopolitical significance

Read the report here.
Special Report: Is Voting By Mail A Safe And Viable Alternative To In-Person Voting?
Postal voting has become an increasingly polarized issue in the United-States as the presidential election approaches. In this special report, Chloé Ketels addresses voting by mail as a possible alternative to casting votes in person.

Read the article here.
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