NATO Association of Canada - January 27th, 2020

NATO Conference in Brussels: An Integrated Approach to NATO communications

Last week, our President, Robert Baines, and Vice-Chair, Kathryn E. Langley Hope, attended NATO's most recent conference in Brussels, Belgium. The conference took place from January 23rd to January 24th and focused on topics such as digital diplomacy, disinformation, propaganda, and national communication approaches, among other topics. During their visit, Robert and Kathryn were able to attend a number of panels, while simultaneously talking to attendees about the NATO Association of Canada's various initiatives and goals for 2020. Specifically, Robert and Kathryn worked to highlight our massive online course, and work to educate Canadians on the role that NATO and Canada have in maintaining peace and security, and ensuring prosperity.

Upcoming Events in Montreal and Toronto!
February 6th Montreal Event on Emergency Response in Mali
An Evening with Major Marie-Andree Lavoie, Medical Emergency Response Team Leader Canadian contingent to the United Nations Mission in Mali
This event will be an opportunity to hear about Major Lavoie's leadership experience as a doctor and her contributions to the peacekeeping mission in Mali. The event will take place at the McGill Faculty Club ballroom at 5pm on February 6th and will be co-hosted by the NATO Association of Canada and The University Club of Montreal. For UCM and CAF members the event will be at a cost of $50 and for any guests the cost to attend is $60. Business or military attire is required and you can RSVP at
February 20th Montreal Artificial Intelligence Presentation
Naval warfare in the AI age: how can the RCN harness AI innovation from Canada's pioneering private sector?
The NATO Association of Canada is helping to present a lecture to members of HMCS Donnacona. This upcoming lecture will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize 21 st  century naval warfare. As a general-purpose technology, AI will have a vast array of applications for navies worldwide including robotic systems, C4ISR, therefore enabling novel tactics. This presentation will then show how Canada pioneered the latest innovation breakthroughs in a sub-field of AI called Machine Learning which includes Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. Unlike previous eras where government labs and legacy defence firms were at the forefront of innovation, current AI developments are spearheaded by the commercial sector and academia. As such, this talk will subsequently concentrate on how the RCN has the opportunity of becoming one the most capable navies by harnessing innovation from the trailblazing Canadian civilian sector.
March 5th Toronto Anti-Terrorism Talk With Jason Wiseman
The NATO Association Of Canada and CFC Foundation will be co-hosting an event on anti-terrorism in Europe

This event will be a talk by Jason Wiseman, the Special Advisor
for Counter Terrorism, Security and Defense Committee, European
Parliament. Save the date, more details to follow!

Recent Events

Meet One of Our Newest Directors: Major Felix Kesserwan
Major Felix Kesserwan is currently an Aide- de-Campe to the Commandant at the NATO Defense College in Rome. He has extensive training in engineering and army operations, and speaks Russian, English and French fluently. Major Kesserwan also has a number of certifications from the Department of National Defence and the Ontario Order of Professional Engineers, adding to his list of accomplishments. Major Kesserwan is looking forward to furthering the growth of the NATO Association of Canada in his new role as a director.

2019 Highlight: Reception of Honour for Rt. Hon Paul Martin
On the evening of November 1st, 2019, the NATO Association of Canada Honoured Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada for his dedication to supporting and improving the rules-based international order.

In the Media
CTV News Interview With Tina Park

NATO Association Vice-President Tina Park discusses the attack of 2 bases in Iraq.

CTV News Interview With Robert Baines

NATO Association President and CEO Robert Baines comments on the suspension of the NATO training and capacity-building mission in Iraq following the death of Iran’s top general Gen. Qasem Soleimani on CTV News.

Arlene Bynon Show Interview

President and CEO of the NATO Association Robert Baines discusses what President Trump’s request for allies to be more involved in the Middle East means for Canada and NATO.

Director Jeff Hull On Gen Qasem Soleimani
NATO Association Director Jeff Hull comments on the unclear indicator of the US’ intent to kill Iran’s top general Gen Qasem Soleimani on BNN.


Post-Communist Corruption: A Perpetual Virus

Ravdeep Sandal discusses the rise of corruption in post-communist countries.

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U.S. Passes New Geopolitical Energy Legislation

Dr . Robert M. Cutler discusses legislation that was passed by Congress in the United States and signed by President Donald Trump, which includes provisions for American foreign economic policy, and energy policy.

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Read our Disinformation and Digital Democracies Publication

Forwarded by NATO Association Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Joseph McQuade and with contributions from authors Janis Sarts , Sebastian Bay , Guna Šnore , Jazlyn Melnychuk of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Dr. Regina Rin Dr. Heidi Tworek , Elisha Corbett , Abigail Curlew , Dr. Jeffrey Monaghan , Victoria Heath , Christian Picard , Ryan Atkinson , Ian Litschko and Josh Campbell , t his scholarly publication features original work by leading experts studying information and democracy. This marks our first collaborative publication with our new Centre for Disinformation Studies.
NATO Video
#WeAreNATO Video

Watch our NATO Association video - Giving Thanks for Nothing - which explains the value of NATO including interaction with the Toronto Scottish Regiment and HMCS York.

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