NATO Association of Canada - May 25th, 2020
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Watch Our Last Event: Cyber Conflict and Security in the Age of COVID-19

The NATO Association of Canada was proud to host a discussion with NATO HQ Cyber Expert Ben Hiller, Deloitte's data protection expert Beth Dewitt and Josh Gold from Citizen Lab ! These three experts discussed cyber conflict and security in the Age of Covid-19 and what international institutions like NATO are able to do to address this challenge. The event was very exciting and it was compelling to have both an international perspective and a corporate perspective!

If you missed this event you can watch the recording here !
The NAOC Would like to Congratulate Our Editor-in- Chief on His New Book!
The NAOC is pleased to note advance praise for Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade's forthcoming book,  A Genealogy of Terrorism: Colonial law and the origins of an idea , to be published with Cambridge University Press. Professor Samuel Moyn of Yale University calls the book, "An essential contribution to imperial and international legal history", while Professor Sugata Bose at Harvard University refers to it as a "brilliant deconstruction of the colonial prose of counter-terrorism". We look forward to the book's release in November 2020!

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The United States Pulls Out of Open Skies Treaty
NATO Ambassadors held an urgent meeting on Friday to discuss impending US withdrawal from The Treaty On Open Skies.

Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg made a statement following the meeting and described Russian violations as "ongoing selective implementation" that "has undermined" the treaty.

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NAOC Vice-President Dr.Tina Park Has Published A New Book Chapter!
The NAOC's Vice-President, Dr. Tina Park's most recent publication is a book chapter on the Responsibility to Protect and Cyber Security. This book chapter was published by NATO's CCDCOE, as its mission is to support NATO's member nations and NATO with unique interdisciplinary expertise in the field of cyber defence research, training and exercises covering the focus areas of technology, strategy and law.

To See the Book Chapter Launch Click here!
NATO Launches Programme to Hire Young Professionals!
NATO is looking for future leaders, experts and influencers through its first Young Professionals Programme. If you are a recent graduate interested in NATO and professional development this is the opportunity for you!

For more information on this exciting programme click here!
The NATO Innovation Hub is Coming Soon!

The NATO Innovation Hub provides individuals with the opportunity to collaborate with others to tackle challenges that NATO faces in order to design solutions. This spring the Innovation Hub has decided to focus on COVID-19.

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Previous Events
Watch Our Event on May 13th: COVID-19: Implications on the Global Order
On May 13th the NATO Association of Canada hosted a virtual event with former Defence Minister Hon. David Collenette, Member of the NATO Parliamentary Association MP Julie Dzerowicz and Retired Major-General David Fraser on "COVID-19 Implications on the Global Order."

If you missed this event you can watch the recording here !
April 15th Zoom Discussion on COVID-19: Strategic Implications for Canada and NATO
On April 15th we had an amazing Zoom event with General (Ret'd) Tom Lawson, Dr. Adam Chapnick and Dr. Tina Park! They were able to answer questions regarding the strategic implications of COVID-19 for NATO and Canada from our President Robert Baines and some of our participants who were able to join us on Zoom. We would like to thank our panelists for joining us and providing us with their insights!

If you missed this event you can always watch the recording here !
April 9th Zoom Presentation and Discussion With Hanna Hopko
We were so happy to host Hanna Hopko for a discussion on NATO after 70: New Global Challenges & Ukraine’s Contribution to European Security! As past Chair of Ukraine's Foreign Affairs Committee, Ms. Hopko provided us with a very interesting presentation on emerging threats, including Russian expansionism and hybrid warfare, which led to a great discussion.

If you missed this event you can always watch the recording here!
April 6th Virtual Event With Paul Stevers!
The NAOC hosted another great virtual event on April 6th with Paul Stevers on "Increasing Human Security Through Climate Action." This event included a presentation led by Paul, followed by a great number of questions from many who decided to tune in and join us! We thank Paul for his participation in our first virtual event and would also like to extend a thank you to everyone else who joined us and has shown their interest in our continued work!

2019 Highlight: Reception of Honour for Rt. Hon Paul Martin
On the evening of November 1st, 2019, the NATO Association of Canada Honoured Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada for his dedication to supporting and improving the rules-based international order.

What do Imran Khan and Godzilla Have in Common: Both are bitter enemies of climate change

In his new article, Samer Khurshid examines the commonalities between Imran Khan and Godzilla, especially how both are bitter enemies of climate change.

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Why Women Play an Essential Role in the Canadian Armed Forces

In her new article, Mary Peplinski discusses the vital role that women play in the Canadian Armed Forces and why gender diversity in the military is so crucial!

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Coronavirus and Surveillance: Bring on the Surveillance State

In her new article, Nicole Dougherty explores how Coronavirus has impacted technological innovations and surveillance in Asia and around the world.

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Why a Carbon Tax Might be the Best Weapon Against Climate Change

In this article, James Cho examines the impact of an increase of one degree celsius of global temperature and the benefit of carbon tax. Also, the paper explores both global and domestic obstacles preventing carbon tax. 

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Are we Saying 'Hi' to Skynet? Facial Recognition Technology and Surveillance

In our new article, the NATO Associations Nicole Dougherty, examines the use of facial recognition in Canada and the implications for surveillance and security

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Read our Disinformation and Digital Democracies Publication

Forwarded by NATO Association Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Joseph McQuade and with contributions from authors Janis Sarts , Sebastian Bay , Guna Šnore , Jazlyn Melnychuk of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Dr. Regina Rin Dr. Heidi Tworek , Elisha Corbett , Abigail Curlew , Dr. Jeffrey Monaghan , Victoria Heath , Christian Picard , Ryan Atkinson , Ian Litschko and Josh Campbell , t his scholarly publication features original work by leading experts studying information and democracy. This marks our first collaborative publication with our new Centre for Disinformation Studies.
NATO Video
#WeAreNATO Video

Watch our NATO Association video - Giving Thanks for Nothing - which explains the value of NATO including interaction with the Toronto Scottish Regiment and HMCS York.

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