NATO Association of Canada - February 17th, 2020
Upcoming Events in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto!
February 20th Montreal Artificial Intelligence Presentation
Naval Warfare in the AI Age: How Can the RCN Harness AI Innovation from Canada's Pioneering Private Sector?
The NATO Association of Canada is helping to present a lecture to members of HMCS Donnacona and NAOC members. This upcoming lecture will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize 21 st  century naval warfare. As a general-purpose technology, AI will have a vast array of applications for navies worldwide including robotic systems, C4ISR, therefore enabling novel tactics. This presentation will then show how Canada pioneered the latest innovation breakthroughs in a sub-field of AI called Machine Learning which includes Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. Unlike previous eras where government labs and legacy defence firms were at the forefront of innovation, current AI developments are spearheaded by the commercial sector and academia. As such, this talk will subsequently concentrate on how the RCN has the opportunity of becoming one the most capable navies by harnessing innovation from the trailblazing Canadian civilian sector.

RSVP by February 18th: Anthony Colucci, Secretaire l'Association naval du Canada (Montreal)
February 25th Event at Glendon School of Public and International Affairs
NATO and Canada's National Security:what does 2020 hold for this 70-year alliance?
Join The NAOC at the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs on February 25 th  to discuss the changing political landscape and the role NATO plays in preserving peace and security and how Canada can contribute to the this civil-military alliance, what is our role moving forward? Does NATO continue to meet Canada’s security needs? Is Canada contributing its fair share? Is the alliance fit for purpose and ready to meet the security challenges of the 21 st  century? Does the treaty need to be revised? A panel of experts will discuss some of the challenges affecting the Canadian community and the audience is invited to participate in the discussion.

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March 5th Toronto Anti-Terrorism Talk With Jason Wiseman
The NATO Association Of Canada and Canadian Forces College Foundation will be Co-Hosting an event on anti-terrorism in Europe

This event will be a talk by Jason Wiseman, the Special Advisor
for Counter Terrorism, Security and Defense Committee, European
Parliament. Save the date, more details to follow!

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March 11th Montreal Event with Major-General Dany Fortin
The NATO Association of Canada will be hosting an event at the University of Montreal led by the previous commander to the NATO Mission in Iraq
This event will centre on the NATO Mission in Iraq, which was being led by Major-General Fortin before Major-General Carignan assumed the role in November. He will be discussing his experiences leading this mission on March 11th in Montreal.Save the date! More details to follow on this exciting event with a very distinguished NATO leader.
Change of Date (March 19th TBC)! Event in Ottawa: An Update on Iran
This event will feature talks from experts on Iran who will be discussing updates about the NATO Mission and its importance
This event will be a very exciting opportunity to hear from experts on Iran and the Middle East discuss their opinions about the NATO mission in Iran. Save the date, more details to follow!
Recent Events

February 12th: NATO Defence Minister Meeting
On February 12th NATO Defence Ministers gathered to discuss the implications of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty's demise. The ministers agreed on a package of measures following the INF Treaty's end in order to maintain NATO's strong commitment to disarmament and arms control.

NAOC Interns Attend Conference on Climate Change and its Impact on National and Human Security
On February 12th, our NATO Association of Canada Interns attended a conference held at the Canadian Forces College on the topic of climate change and security along with President Robert Baines and Vice-Chair Kathryn E. Langley Hope. The conference was very informative and our interns were happy to be involved in discussions regarding the security/climate nexus.

Senior Research Fellow Highlight: Victoria Heath
Since graduating with her master’s degree from U of T in 2016, Victoria has built a career as a storyteller and researcher, working with over 13 different non-profit and for-profit organizations globally. And she recently achieved her dream of attending and documenting a space launch and deemed it to be awesome! 

NATO Association of Canada Secretary Andy Mahut Pays Our Office a Visit!
Last week our secretary, Andrew Mahut, came by the NAOC office to speak with our interns and offer them some insight for their future careers and the opportunities that the NAOC provides them with. Andrew, was a most gracious visitor and our intern team enjoyed speaking with him very much so!

February 6th Event with Major Marie Andree Lavoie
On February 6th in Montreal the NAOC and the University Club of Montreal hosted an event with Major Marie Andree Lavoie, contingent to the United Nations Mission in Mali! We would like to thank to our co-host, the University Club of Montreal, and Major Lavoie for an engaging event!

2019 Highlight: Reception of Honour for Rt. Hon Paul Martin
On the evening of November 1st, 2019, the NATO Association of Canada Honoured Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada for his dedication to supporting and improving the rules-based international order.

In the Media
New NATO Poll

The most recent NATO poll shows that NATO is favourable among member states and provides a glimpse at what individuals think about Article 5, among other topics.


Why Canada Should be Wary of Huawei: Lessons from Nortel

Nicole Dougherty discusses the possible implications of allowing Huawei access to telecommunication infrastructure in Canada by using what happened to Canadian company Nortel as an example.

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Interview with Leigh Smout

Tehseen Rana's interview with Leigh Smout, Executive Director of World Trade Center Toronto, sheds light on the correlation between international trade and business competitiveness as well as the tools and programs available to help Canadian companies. This is in addition to recommendations for business owners and executives trying to manage risk exposure in an already competitive landscape affected by increased protectionism and economic uncertainty abroad.

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Read our Disinformation and Digital Democracies Publication

Forwarded by NATO Association Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Joseph McQuade and with contributions from authors Janis Sarts , Sebastian Bay , Guna Šnore , Jazlyn Melnychuk of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Dr. Regina Rin Dr. Heidi Tworek , Elisha Corbett , Abigail Curlew , Dr. Jeffrey Monaghan , Victoria Heath , Christian Picard , Ryan Atkinson , Ian Litschko and Josh Campbell , t his scholarly publication features original work by leading experts studying information and democracy. This marks our first collaborative publication with our new Centre for Disinformation Studies.
NATO Video
#WeAreNATO Video

Watch our NATO Association video - Giving Thanks for Nothing - which explains the value of NATO including interaction with the Toronto Scottish Regiment and HMCS York.

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