Weekly Legislative Update
 Week of August 10, 2020  
Congressional Outlook

The Senate is in session this week but no votes or committee-level activities are scheduled to occur at this time. The House is not in session this week but will meet for a pro forma session tomorrow at noon. House Members and Senators remain on 24-hours' notice to return to Washington if any votes are expected.
House and Senate leaders have delayed the official start of the August recess to continue negotiations on the next coronavirus relief package. However, late last week, Congressional leaders and the White House were unable to reach agreement on a relief package, prompting the President to sign several executive actions aimed at providing economic relief and leaving the status of further negotiations this week unclear. As of this morning, no new talks have been scheduled, but further talks are still possible. Congressional leaders and the White House have both expressed willingness to proceed with negotiations.  
Voters in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin will head to the polls this week for Congressional and/or Presidential primaries. Runoffs will be held in Georgia and South Dakota this week.
Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President Joe Biden is expected to announce his vice presidential running mate this week ahead of the virtual Democratic National Convention on August 17-20.
Week in Review