Weekly Legislative Update
 Week of July 13, 2020  
Congressional Outlook

The House and Senate are in recess this week but the House will be holding "Committee Work Days" all week. No votes are scheduled in either chamber until next week.
The House Appropriations Committee will continue considering FY 2021 appropriations bills this week. The Full Committee will be marking up the seven remaining FY 2021 appropriations bills through Wednesday (the other five bills were marked up last week). House leaders are still aiming to pass all 12 FY 2021 appropriations bills on the floor by the end of the month while Senate progress on appropriations continues to be delayed due to partisan disagreements.
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee plans to release and markup its FY 2020 Water Resources Development Act this week as well with the hopes of approving the bill on the floor before the August recess. The text of the bill is expected to be released today in anticipation of a Wednesday markup.
Voters in Alabama, Maine, and Texas will head to the polls this week for congressional primaries.
Week in Review