February 22, 2018
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  20th IVBM   Helsinki, Finland   June 3-7, 2018
Abstracts due March 19! 


Vasculata 2018 
St. Louis, MO
July 23 - 26, 2018

Vascular Biology 
Newport, RI 
October 14-18, 2018 
Next webinar is March 8
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Congratulations to Rakesh Jain
Rakesh Jain Named the 2018 Earl P. Benditt Award Recipient
The NAVBO Meritorious Awards Committee and Council is pleased to announce the selection of Rakesh K. Jain, Ph.D. , as the 2018 recipient of the Earl P. Benditt Award, in recognition of his numerous contributions to our understanding of the unique characteristics of tumor vasculature. Dr. Jain is currently the Andrew Werk Cook Professor of Tumor Biology (Radiation Oncology) at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Edwin L. Steele Laboratory for Tumor Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital . He will present the Benditt Lecture entitled, "Reengineering the tumor microenvironment to improve cancer treatment: Bench to bedside," and receive the award, one of NAVBO's highest honors, at Vascular Biology 2018 in Newport, Rhode Island (October 17, 2018). 
Read More
Congratulations to Christiana Ruhrberg
Christiana Ruhrberg to Receive the 2018 Judah Folkman Award
The NAVBO Meritorious Awards Committee, the Scientific Advisory Board, and the NAVBO Council announce with pleasure the selection of Christiana Ruhrberg, Ph.D., as the recipient of the 2018 Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology. This award recognizes outstanding contributions from vascular biologists who are at mid-career (within fifteen years of their first faculty appointment). Dr. Ruhrberg will present the Folkman Award Lecture, "Molecular and cellular mechanisms of blood vessel growth," and receive the award at Vascular Biology 2018 in Newport, Rhode Island (October 17, 2018).  Read More
Registration NOW OPEN!
Register for Vascular Biology and Vasculata 
Registration is now open for our annual meeting, Vascular Biology (October 14-18 in Newport, RI).  Go to www.navbo.org/vb2018

You can also register now for Vasculata 2018 (July 23-26, St. Louis, MO).  Go to www.navbo.org/vasculata. Remember workshops fill up quickly, so register soon!

You can also submit an abstract for either meeting. Go to the appropriate meeting web site.
Plan to Attend the IVBM
Attend the IVBM
See the program for the meeting. register and plan your travel ( Finnair is giving discounts to those traveling to the IVBM).  Plan now to attend and submit an abstract.

Trainee Members Apply for a Travel Award
NAVBO is supporting more travel awards to this year's IVBM than for previous  IVBMs held outside of North America - 8 awards valued at $1,200 each.  Apply for an award at http://www.navbo.org/awards/trainee-awards/ivbm-travel-awards
NIH - Call for Applications (from the Feb 8 issue)
NHLBI would like to bring to your attention the following recently published Funding Announcements with rapidly approaching deadlines:

Long Non-coding RNA in Cardiovascular, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Research (R01). See NHLBI Long Non-coding RNA RFA
  to read more about this exciting research opportunity. Application deadline: March 30, 2018
Contact: Michelle Olive, PhD, NHLBI, phone: 301-443-7933

The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program has three calls open for applications
NHLBI is seeking vascular biologists to participate in this program.  The current open applications are:

Tissue Mapping Centers for The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (U54 Clinical Trial Not allowed) Deadline March 2, 2018 (letter of intent due Feb 1, but not required)

Transformative Technology Development for The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Deadline March 2, 2018 (letter of intent due Feb 1, but not required)

  The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) Integration, Visualization and Engagement (HIVE) Initiative (OT2 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
Letter of intent - required! - by Feb 28. Deadline April 16, 2018 (opens March 1)

See https://commonfund.nih.gov/HuBMAP/funding for more information or contact HUBMAP@mail.nih.gov with a ny questions.

A video recording from a previously held webinar provides an overview of the program and includes information about RFA-RM-17-025 and  RFA-RM-17-027.
Lab of the Month
The Lab of Dr. Kishore Wary
This month we are highlighting the lab of Dr. Kishore Wary, an Associate Professor of Pharmacology, who organized an extremely successful Vasculata last July at his institution, the University of Illinois at Chicago. Find out more about Dr. Wary and his lab at http://www.navbo.org/membership/members-labs/673-lab022018.
Spotlight on Trainees (from the Feb 8 issue)
In the market for a post-doctoral experience?
One of the toughest decisions with which PhD students must grapple as they approach completion of their graduate study concerns their post-doctoral fate.  Stay in a familiar discipline or explore a new field? Stay domestic or venture internationally?  Industry or academe?  Work under an individual patron or as part of a training program?  Fortunately, a variety of resources exist to help soon-to-be PhDs identify the available options.  Some of these information sources have a distinct global perspective, such as that assembled informally by eLife Ambassadors. Closer to home, NAVBO's Education Committee has compiled an online listing of Training Programs in Vascular Biology that includes contact information and descriptions of program scope and mission.  The list, which is frequently updated, is grouped according to the host institution's geographic location.
Member News
Welcome to our New Members:
Xiaohan Mei, University of Georgia
Dino Ravnic, Penn State College of Medicine
Shuang Yang, University of Georgia

If you have news to share with your colleagues, send it to membership@navbo.org.
 Recent Publications by NAVBO Members

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus causes sustained collecting lymphatic vessel dysfunction
Science Translational Medicine
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and is a frequent cause of skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs).  Read more


VEGFR1 promotes cell migration and proliferation through PLCγ and PI3K pathways
npj Systems Biology and Applications
The ability to control vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signaling offers promising therapeutic potential for vascular diseases and cancer.  Read more


Discovery of High-Affinity PDGF-VEGFR Interactions: Redefining RTK Dynamics
Scientific Reports
Nearly all studies of angiogenesis have focused on uni-family ligand-receptor binding, e.g., VEGFs bind to VEGF receptors, PDGFs bind to PDGF receptors, etc.  Read more


Angiogenic factor-driven inflammation promotes extravasation of human proangiogenic monocytes to tumours
Nature Communications
Recruitment of circulating monocytes is critical for tumour angiogenesis. However, how human monocyte subpopulations extravasate to tumours is unclear.  Read more


Rapamycin activates TGF receptor independently of its ligand: implications for endothelial dysfunction
Clinical Science
Rapamycin, the macrolide immunosuppressant and active pharmaceutic in drug-eluting stents (DES), has a well-recognized anti-proliferative action that involves inhibition of the mTOR pathway after binding to the cytosolic protein FKBP12.  Read more


A Forward Genetic Screen Targeting the Endothelium Reveals a Regulatory Role for the Lipid Kinase Pi4ka in Myelo- and Erythropoiesis
Cell Reports
Given its role as the source of definitive hematopoietic cells, we sought to determine whether mutations initiated in the hemogenic endothelium would yield hematopoietic abnormalities or malignancies.  Read more


Long-term diet-induced hypertension in rats is associated with reduced expression and function of small artery SKCa, IKCa, and Kir2.1 channels
Clinical Science
Rationale: Abdominal obesity and/or a high intake of fructose may cause hypertension. K+ channels, Na/K-ATPase, and voltage-gated Ca2+ channels are crucial determinants of resistance artery tone and thus the control of blood pressure.  Read more


Protein-engineered hydrogels enhance the survival of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells for treatment of peripheral arterial disease
Biomaterials Science
A key feature of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is damage to endothelial cells (ECs), resulting in lower limb pain and restricted blood flow.  Read more


Epithelial Na+ channel (ENaC) differentially contributes to shear stress-mediated vascular responsiveness in carotid and mesenteric arteries from mice
American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology
A potential "new player" in arteries for mediating shear stress responses is the Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC). ENaC's contribution as shear sensor in intact arteries, and particularly different types of arteries (conduit and resistance) is unknown.  Read more


Cell Type-Specific Contributions of the Angiotensin II Type 1a Receptor to Aorta Homeostasis and Aneurysmal Disease
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
OBJECTIVE: Two were the aims of this study: first, to translate whole-genome expression profiles into computational predictions of functional associations between signaling pathways that regulate aorta homeostasis and the activity of angiotensin II type 1a receptor (At1ar) in either vascular endothelial or smooth muscle cells and second, to characterize the impact of endothelial cell- or smooth muscle cell-specific At1ar disruption on the development of thoracic aortic aneurysm in fibrillin-1 hypomorphic mice, a validated animal model of early onset progressively severe Marfan syndrome.  Read more

Industry News (from the Feb 8 issue)
US leadership in science and innovation under the microscope
The US has dropped to 11th place in the 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index, giving way to France and Israel.  The index scores countries using multiple criteria, including research and development spending and concentration of high-tech public companies.  The slip in the US standing traces to a slide in the post-secondary, or tertiary, education-efficiency metric, which includes the share of new science and engineering graduates in the labor force.  China, already a major force in life science research, ranks at #19 on the 2018 Bloomberg list.  China has overtaken the US in total numbers of academic articles published annually and appears, according to  NSF estimates, on track to outspend the US in R&D within a matter of years.  The NSF evaluators, however, note that the collaborative and international nature of life science research should allow individual countries to focus on research priorities rather than on competition.

New smartphone tool smooths the path for air travelers
Our members are on the go, heading to professional meetings, invited talks, or grant review sessions.  GoogleMaps, Waze, and other smartphone apps can alert travelers to traffic conditions around the airport, but what about those inevitable lines at security once inside the terminal?  The travel app TripIt Pro ($49 a year) now has a feature that estimates wait times through security at several major US airports, and the vendor expects dozens of the nation's busiest airports will be included by year's end. Interior maps of the airport are displayed, routing the traveller to shortest lines. The app interacts with sensors at airport security checkpoints, providing continual updates to subscribers.  

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Feb. 25 - March 1, 2018
Keystone Symposia: Vascular Biology and Human Diseases: From Molecular Pathways to Novel Therapeutics
March 16 - 17, 2018
10th Anniversary Symposium on Vascular Anomalies
April 8 - 12, 2018
Keystone Symposia - Organs- and Tissues-on-Chips
May 31 - June 1, 2018
22nd International Workshop on Vascular Anomalies
June 3 - 7, 2018
20th International Vascular Biology Meeting
June 9 - 12, 2018
XVIII International Symposium on Atherosclerosis
July 18 - 21, 2018
ISTH SSC 2018 Meeting
Sept. 9 - 13, 2018
11th World Congress of Microcirculation (WCM2018)
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