February 20, 2020
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William R. Huckle, Editor
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Boston, MA
July 7-9, 2020
September 9-12, 2020
Abstracts due Feb 29, 2020
Travel Awards available

Vascular Biology 2020
Newport, RI
October 25-29, 2020

June 18-22, 2021 - Visit Website
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Travel Awards to the IVBM2020
NAVBO will Present Up to 8 Travel Awards to the 2020 IVBM    
The deadline for the award application submission is the same as the abstract submission deadline - February 29.  If you are a NAVBO Trainee Member and plan to attend IVBM2020 in Seoul (September 9-12), please submit an application for a travel award (you must be submitting an abstract and be the presenting author). 
More information can be found on our web site at:

Information about travel awards from other societies can be found
NEW!!!  Online Mini-Symposia
Join us Today, February 20, at 1:00pm ET for Mechanotranduction and Vascular Disease
This new format webinar, which we are calling an online mini-symposium, will feature three presentations by NAVBO Trainees that presented posters at Vascular Biology 2019:
Nck1 adaptor protein Regulates Oscillatory Shear Stress Induced endothelial NF-kB activation and permeability via distinct mechanisms
Mabruka Alfaidi, Louisiana State University
ALDH1A3 Inhibition Protects Against Hyperproliferation of Pulmonary Arterial Smooth Muscle in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Dan Li, Stanford University
Genetic networks in aortic aneurysm formation associated with Marfan syndrome
Rongmo Zhang, McGill University

To register, go to:

The next mini-symposium will be held on March 17 and will cover Signaling in Vascular Disease Progression and Remodeling
Meet More of the 2019 Travel Award Recipients
Watch Our Travel Awardee Interviews
Pictured are today's featured trainees.  On the left with our interviewer, Mary C. Wallingford, Tufts University and Membership Committee Co-Chair.  Center and right, receiving their awards from one of the meeting organizers, Kayla Bayless of Texas A&M University.  Click on the images and watch the interviews. 

Hyun Min Jung
Aarren Mannion
Karolinska Institutet
Jan-Renier Moonen
Stanford University
Next Webinar is March 12
Next Month's Webinar
On March 12, we will host a webinar with Brant Weinstein, NICHD/NIH titled, " New Insights into Lymphatics and Lymphatic-related Cells from the Zebrafish."  Click here for more information and to register for Dr. Weinstein's webinar. 
And on April 2, join Courtney Griffin, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, as she gives her presentation, "What Chromatin Remodelers Can Teach Us About Vascular Development and Integrity. Click here for more information and to register for Dr. Griffin's webinar.

Join us!!  NAVBO Webinars are free to current NAVBO Members. Non-members can attend for $25 per webinar.   

And don't forget you can watch recorded webinars as well - go to  
Vascular Biology Publications Alert
Seeking New Editor
If you are interested in being an editor for the NAVBO Vascular Biology Publications Alert, please send your CV to  membership@navbo.org
Applicants should be current Regular members of NAVBO.  
Editors review the abstracts of papers in their assigned journals and select those most appropriate to be included in our Vascular Biology Publications Alert. We have two teams of editors so this task is performed every other month. 

Vascular Biology Publications Alert Now Available by Subscription
The NAVBO Vascular Biology Publications Alert will now be available to non-members for a $55 a year subscription.  If you would like to receive this alert, but are not a member, please contact Danielle at membership@navbo.org.
Lab of the Month
The Lab of Dr. Roger Johns
This month we are highlighting the lab of Dr. Roger Johns, who is a Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Find out more about Dr. Johns' lab at https://www.navbo.org/membership/members-labs/878-lab022020.
March Journal Club
Join the Club on March 19 at 1:00pm ET
The next NAVBO Online Journal Club will be led by William Hughes, Medical College of Wisconsin, and a member of the NAVBO Education Committee.  The paper is:
Age Associated Mitochondrial Dysfunction Accelerates Atherogenesis
Daniel J. Tyrrell, Muriel G. Blin, Jianrui Song, Sherri C. Wood, Min Zhang, Daniel A. Beard, Daniel R. Goldstein

Access information will be sent to current NAVBO members via email or join through the Journal Club Forum at https://www.navbo.org/forum/03-20journal-club (login required).
Spotlight on Trainees

NHLBI-Sponsored Summer Programs for Underrepresented Junior Faculty  
PRIDE - Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research - is accepting applications for its 2020 trainee cohorts. The PRIDE programs include intensive research training experiences across two summers, a mid-year meeting, an annual PRIDE conference, and an opportunity to apply for small research project grant funding. Programs in nine subject matter areas are available, each with year-round mentored training opportunities to enhance research skills and promote the scientific and career development of trainees. Junior-level faculty members or scientists with a background that is under-represented in the biomedical sciences (and are US citizens or permanent residents) are eligible to apply.    
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Current NAVBO Members Can List Their Upcoming Presentations (Oral or Poster) on our Web Site
Keep members, and all who visit our web site, aware of presentations by NAVBO members.  If you are attending the meeting, be sure to attend your NAVBO colleague's presentation.  If you are also presenting at that meeting, you can attend each other's presentations and offer mutual support! It can also help make you aware when a colleague is in your town so you reach out and arrange an in-person chat. And finally, this listing can also keep you abreast of other relevant meetings and  conferences.

So check out the current listings: http://www.navbo.org/membership/meeting-presentations-by-members and add yours!
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Member News
Welcome to our New Members:
Allison Brichacek,  West Virginia University School of Medicine
Candice Brown,  West Virginia University School of Medicine
Kyung Ha Ku, University of Toronto
Divine Nwafor, West Virginia University School of Medicine

If you have news to share with your colleagues, send it to membership@navbo.org
Recent Publications by NAVBO Members

LDL induces cholesterol loading, inhibits endothelial proliferation, and angiogenesis in Matrigels: Correlation with impaired angiogenesis during wound healing
American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology
Hypercholesterolemia is a major risk factor for adverse cardiovascular outcomes but its effect on angiogenesis and wound healing is not well understood. In this study, using a combination of mass spectrometry and Laurdan two-photon imaging, we show that elevated levels of LDL, like those seen in hypercholesterolemic patients, lead to an increase in both free cholesterol and cholesterol esters, as well as increase in lipid order of endothelial cell membranes.  Read more 


Exosomes in the Regulation of Vascular Endothelial Cell Regeneration
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Exosomes have been described as nanoscale membranous extracellular vesicles that emerge from a variety of cells and tissues and are enriched with biologically active genomic and non-genomic biomolecules capable of transducing cell to cell communication.  Read more 


Therapeutic senescence via GPCR activation in synovial fibroblasts facilitates resolution of arthritis
Nature Communications
Rheumatoid arthritis affects individuals commonly during the most productive years of adulthood. Poor response rates and high costs associated with treatment mandate the search for new therapies.  Read more 


Annexin A1 drives macrophage skewing to accelerate muscle regeneration through AMPK activation
Journal of Clinical Investigation
Understanding the circuits that promote an efficient resolution of inflammation is crucial to deciphering the molecular and cellular processes required to promote tissue repair. Macrophages play a central role in the regulation of inflammation, resolution, and repair/regeneration.  Read more 


Loss of tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP) enzyme activity in cerebral microvessels is coupled to persistent neuroinflammation and behavioral deficits in late sepsis
Brain, Behavior and Immunity
Sepsis is a host response to systemic inflammation and infection that may lead to multi-organ dysfunction and eventual death. While acute brain dysfunction is common among all sepsis patients, chronic neurological impairment is prevalent among sepsis survivors.  Read more 

Industry News (from the Feb 6 issue)
Medical innovation center rises from Kobe earthquake rubble
Japan's Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, built as part of earthquake reconstruction to revitalize Kobe's economy after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995, provides unique opportunities for researchers to work in an innovative environment with a wealth of resources. KBIC has expanded dramatically in its 21-year history, growing from 18 companies and 200 employees in 2001 to 363 companies boasting more than 11,000 workers in 2019. This public-private partnership is supported by the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe, which is headed by Nobel prize laureate Tasuku Honjo and is committed to the incubation of promising technologies and medicines from ideation to commercialization.

Dramatic advances in treatment of sickle cell disease
The remarkable story of Helen Obando, the youngest person in the US to undergo a gene therapy to correct her sickle cell disease, will be featured on the New York Times online on Feb. 17, 2020. Helen received the breakthrough experimental treatment at Boston Children's Hospital. Sickle cell disease is the most commonly inherited blood disorder in the U.S. and has fated sufferers to a lifetime of intense pain and heightened risk of stroke and organ damage. The outcome of Helen's gene therapy could help determine how an estimated 100,000 people in the U.S. and millions more around the world are treated.

New restrictions on resources for research using fetal tissue
Amy Goldstein reports in The Washington Post that research into major diseases, including AIDS, Down syndrome and diabetes, may be slowed by a Trump administration decision to limit funding of research that uses fetal tissue. The amended federal funding rules, announced in mid-2019, are already prompting investigators to adjust research objectives and the scope of grants sought from the NIH. The changes have upended funding for the Humanized Mouse Core at UCLA, which has been in operation since the early 1990s and now provides such mice to 70 scientists on campus and around the country. Discouragingly, the new rules require review of proposed work by a centralized ethics advisory board that is not yet established.
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April 4 - 7, 2020
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ISTH 2020 Congress
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