November 14, 2019
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William R. Huckle, Editor
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September 9-12, 2020
Conrad Hotel Seoul

Vascular Biology 2020
Newport, RI
October 25-29, 2020

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More News and Pictures from VB2019!
Congratulations to the Outstanding Poster Award Recipients!
Denver Britto
The University of Aukland
De Yu Mao
University of Illinois at Chicago

Alex Khang
The University of Texas at Austin
Jami Gurley
University of Oklahoma HSC

Ryan von Kleeck
University of Pennsylvania

Awards were presented to the recipients by meeting organizers: Vicki Bautch, Courtney Griffin, Kayla Bayless and Marlene Rabinovitch


Not Pictured:
Mabruka Alfaidi, LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
Siqi Gao, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
David Marciano, Stanford University
Hannah Savage, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ting Zhou, University of Wisconson-Madison
More pictures from the meeting are online at

See you next year at Vascular Biology 2020!
Spotlight on Trainees
Meet the 2019 Travel Award Recipients
Each travel award recipient was invited to talk with Mary Wallingford, Co-Chair of the NAVBO Membership Committee, about their science, their experiences and the impact of the travel award and attending Vascular Biology 2019.
Upcoming issues of the NewsBEAT will feature 3-4 of these interviews. Not pictured here is Seon Pyo Hong, with whom we hope to hold an interview via phone.

Matthew Detter
Emily Bramel
Caitlin Bowen
Brian Raftrey
Xiaowu Gu 
Callie Kwartler 
Kaveeta Kaw 
Dan Li
Kevin Boyé
Aisah Aubdool
Jiayu Zhu
Cara Rada
Rebecca Bolton
Hyun Min Jung
Aarren Mannion
Redouane Aherrahrou
Dionna Kasper
Bria Macklin
Jan-Renier Moonen
Today's Webinar with Hyung Chun
NAVBO Continues to Bring You Exciting Webinars 
Mark your calendar for our next webinar featuring
Hyung Chun of Yale School of Medicine.  His presentation is titled, " Endothelial regulation of metabolic homeostasis," and takes place today at 1:00pm EST.  His presentation will be related to his paper in Science Translational Medicine
Follow this link to register: Register for this meeting  

Our December 19 webinar (also at 1:00pm  EST) will feature Kristy Red-Horse of Stanford  University.  Her presentation is titled, " Coronary blood vessels play multiple roles in cardiac development."   
Follow this link to register:
Register for this webinar 

NAVBO Webinars are free to current NAVBO Members. Non-members can attend for $25 per webinar.   

And don't forget you can watch archived webinars as well - go to  
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Current NAVBO Members Can List Their Upcoming Presentations (Oral or Poster) on our Web Site
Keep members, and all who visit our web site, aware of presentations by NAVBO members.  If you are attending the meeting, be sure to attend your NAVBO colleague's presentation.  If you are also presenting at that meeting, you can attend each other's presentations and offer mutual support! It can also help make you aware when a colleague is in your town so you reach out and arrange an in-person chat. And finally, this listing can also keep you abreast of other relevant meetings and  conferences.

So check out the current listings: and add yours!
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Member News
Welcome to our New Members:
Florian Alonso, INSERM/University of Bordeaux
Tyler Lawton, Boise State University
Shin-Jeong Lee, Yonsei University
David Marciano, Stanford University School of Medicine
Irene Santiago Tierno, University of California, Riverside
Mary Witucki, Boise State University

If you have news to share with your colleagues, send it to
Recent Publications by NAVBO Members

The isolation and molecular characterization of cerebral microvessels
Nature Protocols
The study of cerebral microvessels is becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of conditions, such as stroke, sepsis, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying cerebral microvascular dysfunction in these conditions are largely unknown.  Read more


Anatomy and function of the vertebral column lymphatic network in mice
Nature Communications
Cranial lymphatic vessels (LVs) are involved in the transport of fluids, macromolecules and central nervous system (CNS) immune responses. Little information about spinal LVs is available, because these delicate structures are embedded within vertebral tissues and difficult to visualize using traditional histology.  Read more


VEGF188 promotes corneal reinnervation after injury
Journal of Clinical Investigation - Insight
Vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF) induces angiogenesis and vascular hyperpermeability in ocular tissues and is therefore a key therapeutic target for eye conditions in which these processes are dysregulated.  Read more


Structural and functional conservation of non-lumenized lymphatic endothelial cells in the mammalian leptomeninges
Acta Neuropathologica
The vertebrate CNS is surrounded by the meninges, a protective barrier comprised of the outer dura mater and the inner leptomeninges, which includes the arachnoid and pial layers. While the dura mater contains lymphatic vessels, no conventional lymphatics have been found within the brain or leptomeninges.  Read more

Industry News
Funding opportunity for early phase clinical trials will be funded through a partnership between the Alzheimer Association and the Gates Foundation
"PART THE CLOUD (PTC) Bioenergetics/ Mitochondria, Clearance Related, Vascular Contributions and Inflammation Clinical Trials Program" will accelerate the testing of innovative therapy, including experimental or repurposed drug and/or experimental or repurposed device in the earliest stages of neurodegeneration. For this program, therapeutic approaches to Alzheimer's disease (AD) and related dementias (ADRD) should have a focus on biological mechanisms related to vascular pathology, mitochondrial/ bioenergetics, clearance related mechanisms (autophagy, lysosomal and lymphatic/ glymphatic systems) and inflammation. Projects will be considered that move experimental or repurposed drug candidates and/or experimental or repurposed trial ready devices into Phase 1 or Phase 2 clinical trials for AD and/or ADRD.

Please see all the RFA details at this link:

Job Postings
Calendar of Events
Nov. 22, 2019
Boston Angiogenesis Meeting
Sept. 9 - 12, 2020
21st International Vascular Biology Meeting (IVBM 2020)
Oct 25 - 29, 2020
Vascular Biology 2020
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Part of the updates relate directly to the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into place May 25.   The GDPR seeks to improve the transparency of data usage and give end users more control over their own data. We believe these changes are important and will be compliant with the GDPR regulations.
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