September 1, 2016 
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Lymphatic Forum
in Chicago, IL
June 8-10, 2017

Vascular Biology 2017
Monterey, CA
October 15-19 
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Lymphatic Forum 2017
Exploring the Lymphatic Continuum
June 8-10
Northwestern University

NAVBO is partnering with the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN) and Northwestern University, University of Chicago and the University of Illinois Chicago to present the first forum focused on lymphatic biology and disease.

Registration is now open - go to the web site 
Special Sponsored Sessions at the IVBM
Sessions Sponsored by Collaborating Societies, NHLBI and Exhibitors
We are excited to welcome the following societies and we thank them for their participation at the IVBM:
American Society for Nephrology
Blood Vessels and Kidney Diseases
Canadian Society of Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology
Cure HHT
Defective TGFbeta family signaling in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

European Vascular Biology Organization

Japanese Vascular Biology and Medicine Organization
Angiogenesis and Regeneration

Korean Vascular Science and Medicine Organization

Ang-Tie System for Vascular Stabilization

Lymphatic Education and Research Network  
Lymphatics: At the Crossroad of the Circulation and Immune System 

There are also two additional sessions: 
E pluribus unum: The "Vasculome?"
Sponsored by the NHLBI  
Vascular Regeneration Using HGF Gene Therapy

Supported entirely by AnGes MG, Inc.  

Plus showcases sponsored by the following Exhibitors: 
Applied BioPhysics
Fujifilm Visual Sonics
Thermo Fisher Scientific
See showcase details under Industry News below  

See more details at

19th International Vascular Biology Meeting 
Boston - October 30-November 3
Register online through October 28
(onsite registration will be available, late fee will apply)
Hotel reservations - October 8
Member News
Welcome our new members:
Amirah Adlia, University of Groningen
NickoleCullen,   Boys Town National Research Hospital
Hua Huang, Uppsala University
Eva Kritikou, LACDR/Leiden University
Ravi Kumar, Acceleron Pharma
AkifumiKushiyama, Institute for Adult Diseases, Asahi Life Foundation
Lang Ho Lee, CICS
Qing-fen Li, Albany Medical College
RobertaLugano, Uppsala University
Masataka Majima, Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Natarajan Mohan, University of Texas HSC at San Antonio
Oscar Moreno-Loaiza,Universidad Nacional San Agustín
Duc T. Phan, University of California, Irvine
Keri Schadler, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Roberta ML Soares, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Agua Sobrino Gregorio, University California, Irvine
Richard Tempero, Boys Town National Research Hospital
Thomasvan der Heijden, Leiden University
Matijs van Meurs, University Medical Center Groningen
Hong Wang, Temple University School of Medicine
Ruyuan Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

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Spotlight on Trainees
Too Funny or Too Real?
Users of Facebook likely have already encountered shares of the droll
tableaux constructed of Lego minifigures and lampooning various aspects of graduate school life. Few aspects of the trainee experience are spared satirical barbs: targeted are the major professor's capricious directives, the student's need for extreme economy when socializing or traveling to meetings, and the vulnerability of all to the vagaries of audiovisual technology. Even at a distance of nearly 30 years from his graduate school days, your faithful editor still wonders whether it is too soon to find the vignettes altogether amusing without tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead.
 Recent Publications by NAVBO Members

Endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factors: a potential therapeutic target for vascular dysfunction in obesity and insulin resistance
The endothelium consists of a single layer of cells that serves as a barrier between blood and tissues and actively participates in the regulation of vascular tone and function (1). The influence of the endothelium on blood flow in arterioles and capillaries is modulated by the synthesis and release of a number of endothelial-derived relaxing and constricting substances such as nitric oxide (NO), prostacyclin (PGI2), and endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factors (EDHF) (2).  Read more


VEGF-A acts via PDGFRa to promote viability of cells enduring hypoxia
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Vascular endothelial cells growth factor A (VEGF) is a biologically and therapeutically important growth factor because it promotes angiogenesis in response to hypoxia, which underlies a wide variety of both physiological and pathological settings. Herein we report that both VEGF receptor 2 (VEGFR2)-positive, and -negative cells depended on VEGF to endure hypoxia.  Read more


Autocrine release of angiopoietin-2 mediates cerebrovascular disintegration in Moyamoya disease
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
Moyamoya disease is a rare steno-occlusive cerebrovascular disorder often resulting in hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. Although sharing the same ischemic stimulus with atherosclerotic cerebrovascular disease, Moyamoya disease is characterized by a highly instable cerebrovascular system which is prone to rupture due to pathological neovascularization.  Read more


Intravascular Inflammation Triggers Intracerebral Activated Microglia and Contributes to Secondary Brain Injury After Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (eSAH)
Translational Stroke Research
Activation of innate immunity contributes to secondary brain injury after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage (eSAH). Microglia accumulation and activation within the brain has recently been shown to induce neuronal cell death after eSAH. In isolated mouse brain capillaries after eSAH, we show a significantly increased gene expression for intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and P-selectin.  Read more


β-Catenin C-terminal signals suppress p53 and are essential for artery formation
Nature Communications
Increased activity of the tumour suppressor p53 is incompatible with embryogenesis, but how p53 is controlled is not fully understood. Differential requirements for p53 inhibitors Mdm2 and Mdm4 during development suggest that these control mechanisms are context-dependent.  Read more


Combined Non-Invasive Assessment of Endothelial Shear Stress and Molecular Imaging of Inflammation for the Prediction of Inflamed Plaque in Hyperlipidemic Rabbit Aortas
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging
AIMS: To evaluate the incremental value of low endothelial shear stress (ESS) combined with high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)- and computed tomography angiography (CTA)-based imaging for the prediction of inflamed plaque.  Read more


Point-of-Care Technologies for Precision Cardiovascular Care and Clinical Research: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Working Group
JACC: Basic to Translational Science
Point-of-care technologies (POC or POCT) are enabling innovative cardiovascular diagnostics that promise to improve patient care across diverse clinical settings. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute convened a working group to discuss POCT in cardiovascular medicine.  Read more

Job Postings
Job Title
University of Texas MD Anderson
Houston, TX
Postdoctoral Scholar
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, CT
Postdoctoral Fellow
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Calendar of Events
Sept. 7-10 ISACB - 15th Biennial Meeting
Sept. 26-28 Perspectives in Vascular Biology
Oct. 30 - Nov. 3 19th International Vascular Biology Meeting
Nov. 13-16 American Society for Matrix Biology Biennial Meeting
June 8 - 10 Lymphatic Forum 2017
Oct. 15-19 Vascular Biology 2017
Industry News
Exhibitor Showcases at the IVBM - Boston

Monday, October 31 from 5:150-6:15pm
Protocols for Measuring Endothelial Barrier Function with ECIS
(from TEER across transwell filters to large scale screens on 96 well plates)
Presentation by Dr. Christian Renken, Applied BioPhysics

Wednesday, November 2 from 4:00-5:00pm

Monday, October 31 from 4:00-5:00pm
Targeted proteomics performed on the Q Exactive permits to study the metabolism of circulating apolipoproteins
Sasha A. Singh, Director of Proteomics Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Translational Proteomics Workflows for Extending the Profiling Range of Plasma/Serum
Scott Peterman and David Sarracino Thermo Fisher Scientific BRIMS, Cambridge, MA
Tuesday, November 1 from 4:00-5:00pm 
Unlocking Translational Biomarkers in Vascular Biology with Ultra High Frequency Ultrasound 
Presentation by Dr. Julius Decano, Brigham and Women's Hospital 

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