October 15, 2020
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Vascular Biology 2020
An exciting virtual event
October 26-29, 2020

June 18-22, 2021 - Visit Website

Boston, MA
Postponed until Summer 2021

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Welcome to Miltenyi Biotec!!
Our newest member - visit their booth at VB2020 

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Opportunities and Calls to Action
National candidate engagement initiative championed by Research!America
COVID-19 has made plain the pivotal role research and technology play in addressing threats to our nation, our communities, and our families. Research!America, partnering with organizations from across the science spectrum, has launched a national candidate engagement initiative, VoteScienceStrong, with three goals in mind for the current election season: connecting with information to make the best case for a strong science future; helping candidates understand the urgent need for robust federal research funding and a supportive translational policy environment; and voting to express your views on decisions to be made by elected officials.

The  VoteScienceStrong website includes links to questions for candidates, a guide to tele-townhalls, and other actionable resources. Tweet and post to your candidates using this social media toolkit and keep tweeting throughout the election. Use the hashtag #VoteScienceStrong and be sure to tag @researchamerica. Representatives and politicians DO listen to their constituents. Become a champion for science: engage with candidates, promote science within social media and VOTE!
There's More to Experience at Vascular Biology 2020!
 We are very excited to be joined by: 
The Microcirculatory Society
and the
American Society for Investigative Pathology

The preliminary program/schedule is available at
Poster Discussions and Round Tables have been added
Plan to attend as many "live broadcasts" as possible.
Although speakers' presentations will be available for replay after the sessions (through November 28), the Q&A portion of the sessions will NOT be recorded.  This will allow for the discussion of some new and exciting data so plan to attend sessions as they are broadcast. 

Go to https://www.navbo.org/vb2020 for more meeting information.

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Meritorious Award Lectures
Earl P. Benditt Award Lecture
NAVBO members are invited to attend the 2020 Earl P. Benditt Award Lecture Webinar, "Understanding capillary growth and pathology using the retina as a model system," by Patricia D'Amore, Ph.D., MBA, on November 5 at 1:00pmET.

Judah Folkman in Vascular Biology Award  
NAVBO members are invited to attend the 2020 Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology Lecture Webinar, "Artery Development and Regeneration," by Kristy Red-Horse, Ph.D., on November 2 at 1:00pm ET.  
Registration links for these two lectures will be emailed to NAVBO members.

Springer Junior Investigator Award
The Springer Award Lecture, "
Suppression of Endothelial AGO1 Promotes Adipose Tissue Browning and Improves Metabolic Dysfunction," by Zhen Chen will be presented on Thursday, October 29 at 10:15amET during Vascular Biology 2020 meeting.  All meeting attendees are welcome to attend this session.  
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PISA 2020 abstract submission deadline has been extended
to 11:59pmET, Tuesday, October 20th
Lab of the Month
The Lab of Dr. Ramani Ramchandran

This month we are highlighting the lab of Dr. Ramani Ramchandran, who is a Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Find out more about Dr. Ramchandran's lab at https://www.navbo.org/membership/members-labs/956-lab102020
Product Showcase
Thrombosis and Haemostasis
Thrombosis and Haemostasis provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and concepts fostering cross-disciplinary insights in basic and clinical research. The journal is published monthly in print and online via Thieme E-Journals.

It is covered in the main abstracting and indexing services and has an impact factor of 4.379.

Spotlight on Trainees  (from our October 1 issue)
Funding opportunity to support undergraduate research
As we are all aware, equal opportunities cannot and should not be taken for granted. NAVBO has initiated a funding platform to support diversity and inclusion efforts at the undergraduate and graduate student career stages.

NAVBO has obtained funding via an NIH-funded grant to the Medical College of Wisconsin to support the educational training of students. This training includes the attendance at a scientific conference or webinar.  NAVBO trainee members can participate in several webinars throughout the year, thus recruiting new members will bring more educational opportunities to these trainees. 

We would like to use this grant to help increase diversity and inclusion within the vascular biology community, expose more young scientists to the field of vascular biology, and to bring more trainees into this collaborative community. Therefore, we are extending this offer of free membership to students who are members of populations that are not well represented in vascular biology, including but not limited to Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Indigenous Peoples of America/Native American (including Native Hawaiian and Alaskan), and LGBTQ+. NAVBO is also extending this offer to students who may be at a financial disadvantage and would benefit from this opportunity.
In order to take advantage of this offer, students should send their CV to membership@navbo.org. If not included in their CV, all contact information should be included in the email. A supervisor must send an email to membership@navbo.org confirming the candidates' status as a student and as being a member of one of the populations listed above.
Member News
Harvard Medical School Seminars in Vascular Biology
NAVBO members participating this month:     
October 15 
Melody Swartz, PhD 
University of Chicago 
"Lymphatic Endothelium in Inflammation and Immunity" 
October 22 
Peter Libby, MD 
Brigham and Women's Hospital,Harvard Medical School 
"COVID-19 and the Cardiovascular System"

Welcome to our New Members:
Victor Aguilar, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dila Atak, Koc University Hospital
Muaz Bhalli, Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Anna Rita Cantelmo, INSERM
Cora Carman, Virginia Tech
Tansu Doran, Koç University Graduate School of Health Science
Allison Dubner, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Guy Eakin, Lipedema Foundation
Nicole Gallardo, UIC
Aysu Bilge Gokyuzu, Koc University Hospital
Gloria Hernandez, University of California, Los Angeles/Northwestern University
Joel Howard, Centre de Recherche, CHU St. Justine
Guo Huang, University of California San Francisco
Ali Burak Kızılırmak, Koc University
Lucy Liaw, Maine Medical Center
Guillermo Luxan, Goethe University Frankfurt
Melissa Murphy, UCONN Medical School
Lasin Ozbek, Koc University
Blessing Nkennor, University of Toronto
Jordi Ribera, IDIBAPS/CIBERehd
Rebekka Schneckmann, Univ Hospital of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Ernesto Solorzano, NEOMED
Rui Tang, Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Williamson Turner, Baylor College of Medicine
Nicole Valenzuela, UCLA
Kaitlyn Wintruba, University of Pittsburgh
Mohammadreza Yousefi, Koc University Hospital
If you have news to share with your colleagues, send it to membership@navbo.org
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Recent Publications by NAVBO Members
NIR-II window tracking of hyperglycemia induced intracerebral hemorrhage in cerebral cavernous malformation deficient mice 
Biomaterials Science
Second near infrared (NIR-II) window fluorescence imaging between 1000 and 1700 nm with reduced scattering and autofluorescence and deep tissue light penetration allows early and non-invasive determination of vascular pathologies. Read more

Low-Level Nanog Expression in the Regulation of Quiescent Endothelium 
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Objective: Nanog is expressed in adult endothelial cells (ECs) at a low-level, however, its functional significance is not known. The goal of our study was to elucidate the role of Nanog in adult ECs using a genetically engineered mouse model system. Read more

EphrinB2-EphB4 signalling provides Rho-mediated homeostatic control of lymphatic endothelial cell junction integrity 
Endothelial integrity is vital for homeostasis and adjusted to tissue demands. Although fluid uptake by lymphatic capillaries is a critical attribute of the lymphatic vasculature, the barrier function of collecting lymphatic vessels is also important by ensuring efficient fluid drainage as well as lymph node delivery of antigens and immune cells. Read more

Transplanted microvessels improve pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte engraftment and cardiac function after infarction in rats 
Science Translational Medicine
Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs) offer an unprecedented opportunity to remuscularize infarcted human hearts. However, studies have shown that most hiPSC-CMs do not survive after transplantation into the ischemic myocardial environment, limiting their regenerative potential and clinical application. Read more

Monocyte recruitment and fate specification after myocardial infarction 
American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology
Monocytes are critical mediators of the inflammatory response following myocardial infarction (MI) and ischemia-reperfusion injury. They are involved in both initiation and resolution of inflammation and play an integral role in cardiac repair. Read more

LRG1 destabilizes tumor vessels and restricts immunotherapeutic potency 
Vascular dysfunction contributes to the pro-oncogenic tumor microenvironment and impedes the delivery of therapeutics. Normalizing of the tumor vasculature has therefore become a potential therapeutic objective. Read more
Industry News (from our October 1 issue)
Courses in clinical lipidology available
The International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) is collaborating with the National Lipid Association (NLA) to offer the Foundations in Lipidology Course and the Masters in Lipidology Training Course. Foundations of Lipidology provides an introduction to clinical lipidology for healthcare professional seeking to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to work effectively in a lipid practice. Masters in Lipidology is an intensive 14.75 hour course offering an in-depth core curriculum in Clinical Lipidology for health care professionals who desire to practice at an advanced level. For further information or to register, visit the IAS website; discounted registration is available to NLA members.

COVID-19 Evidence Hub herds the cats of coronavirus research findings
Earlier this year, the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) launched a COVID-19 Evidence Hub. This initiative was created to systematize the mounting array of global COVID-19 scientific research findings and respond to the resulting challenge for researchers, clinicians, journalists, and decisions makers to efficiently digest a large volume of new, rapidly evolving evidence. The Hub is a web directory of publicly available websites dedicated to COVID-19 research. Each included website includes a database of new/ongoing studies, a database of study results, appraisals of the emerging evidence, or a combination of the three. The CSPI encourages us to share this resource widely within our respective networks of colleagues and organizations.
Imitation is the sincerest form of...cardioprotection?
Verve Therapeutics, founded in 2018 by Sekar Kathiresan and fellow cardiovascular genetics researchers and operating with gene editing technologies licensed from Beam Therapeutics, Harvard University, and the Broad Institute, is developing protocols to edit the adult human genome to leave gene variants that mimic naturally occurring cardioprotective variants. Kathiresan and colleagues have identified variants in eight genes associated with low cholesterol in individuals throughout life who, as quoted in the August 2020 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, are "remarkably protected against heart attack." Targeting PCSK9 in nonhuman primates showed a 59% reduction in blood LDL cholesterol. Blood triglycerides were lowered by 64% and LDL cholesterol was reduced 19% in other studies targeting ANGPTL3.
Call for Papers
Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
Special Research Topics

Putting Engineering Back In Vascular Tissue Engineering To Advance Basic Science and Clinical Applications
Topic Editors:  Jessica Wagenseil (Washington University in St. Louis) and W. Lee Murfee (University of Florida).
This topic is sponsored by NAVBO
Vascular tissue engineering (VTE) can be characterized as the creation of replacement vessels. Over the past 30 years, approaches have incorporated different combinations of extracellular matrix scaffolds, cells and biological active chemical cues. Challenged by the goal to recapitulate the complexity of big or small vessels, the clinical use of in vitro tissue engineered vessel replacements is still limited. With research more often focusing on reductionist materials science or cell biology characterization of vessel-like constructs, an opportunity has emerged to re-apply engineering approaches to guide the next step in VTE. 

Submit your manuscript by October 17, 2020
For more information, click here  

What do we know about COVID-19 implications for cardiovascular disease?
Topic Editors: Hendrik Tevaearai Stahel, Masanori Aikawa, Shuyang Zhang, and Andrew F. James 
The coronavirus epidemic causes major cardiovascular complications. Underlying mechanisms, however, remain incompletely understood. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine invite you to submit your article on this topic. We consider all types of manuscripts: fundamental basic science reports, translational or clinical studies, review articles and methodology papers.
We have already published 17 articles.  More submissions are currently under review.  Due to the popularity and the emerging nature of this topic, we decided to extend the deadline to December 31, 2020.  All articles submitted before this deadline will be published free of charge.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to publish your original study or review article in FCVM (Impact Factor 3.915). 
For more information, click here 
For questions, please contact Masanori Aikawa  maikawa@bwh.harvard.edu or the editorial office cardiovascularmedicine.editorial.office@frontiersin.org
Dear friends and colleagues,
 Jun Zhang, PhD (Associate Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso), is organizing a special issue entitled "Advancements in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations" in journal Vessel Plus (VP, ISSN 2574-1209).
This special issue aims to bring readers the up-to-date view of advancements in the scientific and technology innovations, translational and basic-science studies, and clinical trials of cerebral cavernous malformations. For more details about this special issue and the "Author Instructions", please visit the website at https://vpjournal.net/journal/special_detail/459.
Are you interested in contributing an article before February 15, 2021? If yes, please contact Jun Zhang (jun.zhang2000@gmail.com), the Guest Editor for this special issue, or Mavis Wei (mavis@vpjournal.net), the Managing Editor of VP. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.
VP is an online open access journal which was launched on March 31, 2017 by OAE Publishing Inc.  It waives the Article Processing Charge (APC) for all publications since launched. Thus, your manuscripts will be published totally free of charge once officially accepted after quick and rigorous peer-review. Meanwhile, all manuscripts published in VP will be immediately available online for free downloading and reading. Further, if the work is funded by NIH, we can deposit it in PubMed on your behalf.
Thank you for considering this invitation.
Dear friends and colleagues,

Ramani Ramchandran, PhD (Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin), is organizing a special issue entitled "The Road (Genes, Proteins, RNAs, and Signaling Pathways) Less Travelled in Vascular Biology" in journal Vessel Plus (VP, ISSN 2574-1209).
This special issue aims to provide readers with an up-to-date advancement in lesser-known genes, proteins and signaling pathways in vascular biology. Manuscripts related to concepts from these genes and proteins and their associated signaling pathways that connect into the well-established vascular ligand-receptor signaling systems are welcome. For more details about this special issue and the "Author Instructions", please visit the website at https://vpjournal.net/journal/special_detail/478.
Are you interested in contributing an article before December 31, 2020? If yes, please contact Ramani Ramchandran (rramchan@mcw.edu), the Guest Editor for this special issue, or Mavis Wei (mavis@vpjournal.net), the Managing Editor of VP. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.
VP is an online open access journal which was launched on March 31, 2017 by OAE Publishing Inc. It waives the Article Processing Charge (APC) for all publications since launched. Thus, your manuscripts will be published totally free of charge once officially accepted after quick and rigorous peer-review. Meanwhile, all manuscripts published in VP will be immediately available online for free downloading and reading. Further, if the work is funded by NIH, we can deposit it in PubMed on your behalf.
Thank you for considering this invitation.
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Vascular Biology 2020 - A Virtual Experience
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Critical Issues in Tumor Microenvironment: Angiogenesis, Metastasis, and Immunology
Nov. 5, 2020
Satellite Scientific Meeting of the International Symposium on Retinal and Choroidal Angiogenesis
Nov. 9 - 13, 2020
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