Issue: No. 4
For those unfamiliar with the Edward W. Kane and James Gubelmann IYRS Maritime Library, you may be surprised to learn that in addition to thousands of cataloged books, periodicals and A/V materials, its holdings also include a variety of rare, valuable, fragile and scarce items. These include hundreds of charts, boat plans, letters, posters, brochures, press kits, typescript or handwritten histories, photographs, slides, film, and video tape. Ephemera such as wearable items, burgees, flags and an impressive display of trophies, paintings, and models are also preserved, protected, and displayed among the Library’s Special Collections.
In this issue:
FEATURED COLLECTION: The Museum of Yachting's Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame, by SallyAnne Santos
PHOTO FIND: The OSTAR at Goat Island Marina, 1981
GOOD READS: by (or about) Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame Inductees
VIDEO: An Inside Look at the Vendee Globe Single-Handed Race w/ commentary by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
LIBRARY NEWS:Visitors, Acquisitions & Book Sales, by Helen Sowinski

The Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame Collection
by SallyAnne Santos, Museum of Yachting Creative Director 2002-2008

2002-3 Around Alone Newport Start
Starting in 1985, The Museum of Yachting’s (MoY) Single Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame (SHSHoF) recognized the achievements of outstanding solo sailors throughout the world. The first inductees included pioneers Joshua Slocum, Sir Francis Chichester and Marin Marie.
Many of the items previously in the Museum's SHSHoF are now in the IYRS Library Collection.
Backstory: Periodically, two independent Nominating and Selection Committees were convened at the Museum of Yachting to select the next class of SHSHoF Inductees. These Committees were comprised of authorities in the sport of Single-Handed Sailing including journalists, race officials and other Hall of Fame members. The Nomination and Selection Criteria included:
  • Unique contribution to the sport
  • Extraordinary accomplishment, first-time, record-setting or heroic act
  • Demonstrating a pioneering spirit
  • Exceptional love of the sport
  • Advancement of the sport beyond a single voyage or event
  • Source of inspiration to others
  • Outstanding performance in single-handed racing events
  • Overcoming a remarkable challenge
  • Advancing the sport through exceptional design or development of single-handed equipment or technology

photo: 2006 SHSHoF Induction Ceremony Program, now in the IYRS Library Collection
While educating myself about this extraordinary yacht racing discipline and its competitors, I was mentored by Dr. ARG (Robin) Wallace, George & Mary Beth Pike, Herb McCormick, Billy & Joyce Black, Muffin DuBuc, Bill Biewenga and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Each of these generous individuals had been instrumental in numerous single-handed races that started and /or finished in Newport including the OSTAR, BOC Challenge and Around Alone; all served (with others) on SHSHoF Nominating or Selection committees.

photo: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston aboard Suhaili, now in the IYRS Library Collection
Among the first stats I learned about Single-Handed Circumnavigation was that more people have traveled to space than have sailed around the world alone! While the numbers have ticked up on both, it remains true today-- more than 600 individuals have blasted off of the earth, only half has many (approx. 300) have sailed around it alone.
photos: (above) SHSHoF Member Ann Davison's octant, in the IYRS Library
(right) A jubilant Bernard Stamm claimed first place in the 2002-3 edition of Around Alone at the Prize Giving held at the Museum of Yachting. This is one of many photos on file in the IYRS Library.
Some of the MoY galleries contained items found at other maritime establishments, but the Single-Handed Sailors Hall of Fame was truly unique to The Museum of Yachting--  a one-of-a-kind worldwide. Its content was comprised of items donated or loaned by its inductees. Among them was Ann Davidson’s octant, now on display in the IYRS Library. These treasures, as well as numerous programmes, photos and correspondence were collected and cataloged by MoY Librarian Phil Weld; his files are now in the IYRS Library.

While at the Museum of Yachting I was afforded the privilege of meeting many extraordinary single-handed sailors. In 2002, Christophe Augin, Isabelle Autissier, Kenichi Hori and the late Mike Plant were inducted in a ceremony that preceded a festive event attended by 2002-3 Around Alone competitors-- see photo below.

photo: MoY Librarian, Phil Weld welcomed solo finishers to Newport
The last induction was held in 2006, when Dame Ellen MacArthur, Kenichi Hori, Bertie Reed and Jean-Luc van den Heede were welcomed into the Musuem of Yachting's Single Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame (program photo above in IYRS Library collection).--SAS

photo: Around Alone competitors at the 2002 MoY SHSHoF Induction Ceremony: (left to right) Tim Kent, Emma Richards, Bernard Stamm, Bruce Schwab, Alan Paris and Brad van Liew. This is among many photos documenting SHSHoF events, now in the IYRS Library Collection
PHOTO FIND: The OSTAR at Goat Island Marina, 1981
This photo shows the frequent home base for many Single-Handers; the Goat Island Marina busy with activity surrounding the 1981 OSTAR Transatlantic Race. Email us with any information that you are able to glean from this interesting image; we'll print your replies in the next Navigating the Stacks.
Ever since solo sailing pioneer Joshua Slocum wrote about his 1898 record-setting single-handed circumnavigation-- many Single-Handers have followed suit documenting their own adventures-- and why wouldn't they? The resulting books are incredible stories of determination, bravery, perseverance and skill --exciting and inspiring for any armchair sailor. At right is list of books by (or about) Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame Inductees.
in the IYRS Library Collection.
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Though not in the IYRS Library collection, the video below provides a fascinating inside look at the Vendee Globe Single-Handed Sailing Non-Stop Around the World Race with commentary by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
LIBRARY NEWS: Visitors, New Acquisitions & Book Sales
Hello Friends!

The Library hosted a special guest last month. Single-hander Kass Schmitt paid a visit to IYRS Library to delve into our OSTAR archives. She was visiting from France, in town to greet the OSTAR finishers as they completed this year's race. Click on either of the links above to learn more about Kass and / or the OSTAR.

Since our last newsletter IYRS Library has added more than 150 books to our stacks thanks to generous donations from our supporters including a first edition of On the Wind’s Highway, Ranger, Rainbow and Racing written and personally inscribed: "and then "Vim", Harold S. Vanderbilt, August 1939." (ed. note: Vanderbilt's 12mR Vim was built in 1939, his inscription foreshadows the evolution of America's Cup racing from J-Class to 12 Metre yachts when AC competition resumed in 1958.)
Additional donations have been received from John Hokinson, the Warburton Family, the Gubelmann Family and the Redwood Library with another installment of the Steve Lirakis Collection. Any book donations that are duplicates are placed in our ongoing book sale which has raised nearly $5000 since December. The proceeds support operational costs, supplies and book purchases that keep our collections maintained and relevant. The book sale shelf has become a favorite for patrons looking for a unique find at a great price! -- HS

This just in... the IYRS Maritime Library is featured Newport Neighbors magazine!
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Items in the library's Special Collections have been acquired through donations by private individuals and families as well as by esteemed organizations including the Redwood Library & Athenaeum, the National Sailing Hall of Fame, Salve Regina University and of course the Museum of Yachting. In addition to IYRS's searchable online catalog, which utilizes the Library of Congress system, the IYRS Maritime Library was selected to join RIAMCO-- the prestigious online gateway to the Rhode Island Archival and Manuscript Collections.
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