May 29, 2020
Tom O'Shea, CMC
Organizational Agility Practice Leader

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COVID-19 has created what we have been calling the VUCAVIRUS™ ... the viral global spread of extreme volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity!  It certainly has become viral in nature as it infects every part of our economic, political, social and even metaphysical domains of our lives. 

I venture to say that our current global condition is even far beyond the imagination of those social scientists at the U.S. Army War College who first coined the term VUCA to describe and label the extremely turbulent and disruptive world into which they were sending young military leaders in the late 1990's.  

We are now operating in what we might classify as a "Level 5" VUCA context where unimaginable levels of unpredictable volatility and uncertainty are bringing vexing levels of complexity and ambiguity thereby making being a leader today extraordinarily challenging and exhausting.  

This VUCAVIRUS™ is insidious in how it progressively penetrates and disables so many of our trusted operating systems.  It is somewhat like those nasty viruses that used to attack our computers and made them dysfunctional and disabled.  No doubt the VUCAVIRUS™ is light years beyond this example - but the potential calls to action may be similar.

I t's time to REBOOT and UPGRADE our operating systems
to a more AGILE paradigm for our leaders, our teams and overall enterprise.  It starts with coming to grips with what we call the  AGILITY CORE BELIEF SYSTEM . This imperative became very clear to me back in 2015 while we were finishing the writing and publishing of our book entitled  FOCUSED, FAST & FLEXIBLE: Creating the Agility Advantage in a VUCA WORLD.

Let me know your thoughts!

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