President's Message
Our first groundbreaking virtual conference NAWBO-CA Propel 2020 conference, “Women In Power” was absolutely INCREDIBLE. “I have never felt more inspired to be a woman”, “fantastic conference”, “I am so empowered”, “I love my swag”, “overcoming obstacles, so inspiring” were just a few of the comments that were received.    

NAWBO California extends a heartfelt thank you to our Propel 2020 Corporate Sponsors, Bank of America, Comcast, Integrated Fire & Safety, Metropolitan Water District, Morgan Stanley, PG&E, Poindexter Consulting Group, SDG&E, SoCalGas, Southern California Edison and Union Bank. Without your ongoing commitment to embracing women's advocacy issues and supporting our efforts our event could not have happened. Your support inspires, encourages and motivates us to continue efforts toward change and acceptance in the corporate world. Thank you for providing all of the gifts for our curated box to attendees to allow them to be supported virtually. A special thank you to Joy Experience for assisting us in pivoting into this virtual world. 

Although we could not be in Sacramento, we achieved our goal in bringing Sacramento to each woman in California and to our fellow NAWBO sisters around the nation with the assistance from some enormously powerful women:  

  • First Partner, Jennifer Siebel Newsom
  • Secretary for the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Julie Su 
  • 16th Senate District Senator Shannon Grove and 
  • 79th Assembly District, Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber.  

As women business owners, we have had to pivot as a result of COVID-19. Learning how to Market in A Virtual World, Knowing Your Why, Bouncing Back From Burnout, How to Apply Storytelling to Gain More Customers, Managing Remote Employees, Will the Real Independent Contractor Please Stand Up, Be Pitch Perfect, Investing with Impact and Scaling your Businesses were sessions to allow women to address concerns that were impacting them.

We continued with our theme this year, “Diversity is absolutely an asset.” We had some extraordinary breakout sessions during the Amplify your Power sessions to discuss how to Advance Diversity in the Boardroom and how Corporate America is Committed to Diversity. Our Women of Color Panel Who Lead, featured powerful and inspiring women who were transparent, humbled and had the ability to encourage women that yes, you can run multimillion-dollar organizations, be mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. Attendees stated: “The panelists show strength, drive and determination with their businesses and their personal lives”. “Ladies, thank you for sharing”. “It is our time now and for the next generations of WBOs/women”. "Don't compromise your values for anybody” “Loved the comment re: self-limiting beliefs. The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle”.

The woman business owner of the year was awarded to Nooshin Behroyan, Paxon Energy & Infrastructure Services. Nooshin Behroyan, founded Paxon Energy & Infrastructure Services only a short 3 years go. Since then, through her strategic hires, robust training programs, coupled with geographic and organic growth models, Nooshin has helped launch Paxon into Top 100 fastest growing and leading women owned consulting firms heavily involved in improving the safety of oil and gas pipelines in the US and Canada; as well as, the latest in technologies to monitor electric lines, and help upgrade electrical grids to protect infrastructures and surrounding communities. Congratulations Nooshin.

As we move into the next phase of Women in Power, we must remain focused on advocating for our rights, being recognized as an organization for change, and demonstrate the power of our united voices. 

Dates to remember:

National Women’s Day - August 9, 2020 National Women's Day is a South African public holiday celebrated annually on 9 August. The day commemorates the 1956 march of approximately 20,000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country's pass laws that required South Africans defined as "black" under The Population Registration Act to carry an internal passport, known as a pass, that served to maintain population segregation, control urbanisation, and manage migrant labor during the apartheid era. The first National Women's Day was celebrated on August 9 1995. In 2006, a reenactment of the march was staged for its 50th anniversary, with many of the 1956 march veterans.

Women's Equality Day - August 26, 2020 Women's Equality Day is celebrated in the United States on August 26th to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution, which prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. It was first celebrated in 1973 and is proclaimed each year by the United States President.

Women in history - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg assumed her role on the U.S. Supreme Court on August 10, 1983. As an advocate against gender discrimination, let's take a moment to consider her work on behalf of women and the fight to end discrimination. “I ask no favor for my sex; all I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.”

I know the work we do today is building a better tomorrow. 


Vikita Poindexter, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP, SHRM-CP
CA Insurance License #0K21140
Poindexter Consulting Group, LLC. 
2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winner
2020 Women of Influence Awards Nominee, San Diego Woman’s Advocate Award
2019 Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award Winner
2019 Spirit of the Entrepreneur Finalist
Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce
2008 and 2009 Citizen of the Year Nominee 
2008 and 2009 Sterling Business of the Year Nominee 

President-Elect, NAWBO-CA
National Association of Women Business Owners, California Chapter

Past -President, NAWBO-IE
National Association of Women Business Owners, Inland Empire

Committee Member
Labor and Employment Issues/Workforce Skills and Education/Workers Compensation
California Small Business Association 

California Department of Insurance
Insurance Commissioner Lara Appointed Diversity Task Force Member
Insurance Diversity Initiative (IDI)
Local Affinity Partners Program

Have you heard about our Local Affinity Partners Program? This program provides exclusive member-only discounts and benefits to NAWBO-CA members, while financially benefiting our chapters.
Corporate Board Pathways Program
The Corporate Board Pathways Program equips, educates and positions high potential, diverse, women business owners, executives and leaders for corporate board leadership through mentorship and coaching. The Program provides confidential and in-depth ideation, guidance, and thought-partnership to position outstanding professionals, owners, executives and leaders for corporate board leadership.Qualified candidates will be selected for a six month, customized pathway development program with a seasoned corporate director. 
Grant and Learning Opportunities
The LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund will deploy $3 million in grants available at $5,000 or $15,000 to micro-entrepreneurs, small businesses, and 501(c)(3) non-profits. There are 6 total rounds, with finalists notified after each round. Round 3 is now open through August 7, 2020. Learn more and apply here.
The United Latinx Fund's Community Grants Program provides unrestricted funding for a one year, small-grant between $5000 and $15,000 to grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations committed to creating a Los Angeles where Latinx thrive. Funded programs must align with at least one of ULF's priority areas: Jobs and Housing.Application deadline is August 28, 2020; learn more and apply here.
Strategic Restructuring: Virtual Lunch and Learn
Center for Nonprofit Management
Friday, August 7, 2020 11:30-12:30 p.m.

Are you starting to think seriously about forming a partnership with another group or a more formal alliance with other organizations? Join LA N Sync Program Officer and CNM Board Member Ellah Ronen, and Carrie Harlow, manager of the Los Angeles Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI), for a free virtual Lunch & Learn discussion on Strategic Restructuring. RSVP TODAY.
National, State, County and City-wide resources and grant information for nonprofits, compiled by the Asian Pacific Community Fund, are here.
Public Policy & Advocacy Committee Update

As a result of the impact of COVID-19, the California State Senate and Assembly returned from their extended summer recess on Monday, July 27th only for the Assembly to adjourn again for a couple of days. The short adjournment allowed the Assembly to settle their differences with the Senate regarding the volume of bills from the Senate prior to their adjournment for the year on August 31st. The Senate will receive roughly 500 bills from the Assembly and the Assembly will receive approximately 200 or so bills from the Senate.

With a little more than a month to conclude it's business for the year, pressure is on both houses to “pare down and prioritize” their bill loads for the remainder of the session. This is the same message they received during the first shut down when the legislature expected to resume on July 13th. The Assembly adjourned because the Senate would not agree to set hearings for the magnitude of bills they were receiving from the Assembly, therefore stalling a significant amount of the bills that the Assembly believed deserved a hearing in the Senate.
We will have much more to report in the next few days after the Senate and Assembly negotiate their bill load differences and we have a solid list of the bills that will move forward during the remaining days of Session. There is still talk regarding the need for an Extraordinary Session to deal with any unfinished business during October – December, but with the election and ballot year ahead of us, it remains to be seen if there is any interest among the legislators.  
Bills to Watch

AB 2257 (Gonzalez) now remains as the only AB 5 “clean-up” bill. The author decided to merge AB 1850 into AB 2257, rather than having to move two bills. Therefore, AB 1850 will be held this year. AB 2257 would exempt “certain occupations” in connection with creating, marketing, promoting, or distributing sound recordings or musical compositions. Those occupations are listed as: recording artists; songwriters; lyricists and composers; managers of recording artists; record producers; musical engineers and mixers engaged in the creation of sound recordings; musicians engaged in the creation of sound recordings; vocalists; photographers working on recording photo shoots, album covers, and other press and publicity purposes; and independent radio promoters. The bill would also establish an exemption for services provided by a freelance writer, editor, illustrator, or newspaper cartoonist provided the individual doesn’t replace an employee and is not only committed to one entity.

AB 1066 (Gonzalez) codifies in statute a 10-day timeline to respond to any mailed demand for information from the Employment Development Department (EDD), and if an employer fails, will punish them by assigning the claiming employees maximum benefits. In addition, for employers with five or more claimants, this bill will assign maximum benefits to all claiming employees, if one document request is not responded to within the 10-day time window. AB 1066 has been assigned to the Senate Labor Committee and has not yet been set for hearing. There is a strong possibility that this bill will not be heard this year, due to the volume of Assembly bills landing in the Senate as previously noted.

Proposition 16 (formerly ACA 5)

In our July 2020 newsletter we celebrated NAWBO-CA and our chapters’ role in securing the passage of Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 5 (Weber) which would repeal barriers to state contracting, employment and access to higher education for women and minorities by repealing Proposition 209.

ACA 5 has now become Proposition 16 which is slated for the November 3, 2020 ballot. We are now asking for our members’ support in securing its passage. The Proposition 16 Steering Committee and other organizations, including NAWBO-CA members, will have the first Kickoff on Tuesday August 4th. We invite each of you to attend. Below are links for getting involved:

Sign up at VOTEYESonProp16.org

Spread this message:

Share these toolkits to friends and other business owners as well - through twitter and other social media: English toolkit; Spanish toolkit
Once again, let’s show how women business owners can use the power of advocacy to create change!  

Toast to Tenacity: Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage

Join your NAWBO VC sisters and Vision 2020 Ventura County on Wednesday August 26th, from 4-6 PM as we commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment, and honor the sacrifices of the courageous Suffragists, with a fun and informative non-partisan virtual event about the history of women's rights and the importance of being actively engaged in our democracy. The Third Annual Toast to Tenacity will feature a digital exhibit from the Museum of Ventura County, performances, and presentations about voting, advocacy, and equality. Participants are invited to dress in white, and wear your favorite hat. Be prepared with a glass of your favorite beverage to join in a "live" Toast to the Tenacity of the Suffragists.

What it Takes to Get Takes to Land a Corporate Board Seat

On Thursday August 13, 2020, a free virtual workshop for women interested in serving on corporate boards is being presented by California State Treasurer Fiona Ma, Thirty Percent Coalition, NAWBO California, NAWBO Sacramento, 2020 Women on Boards, Women in Public Finance Northern California, Women in Public Finance Los Angeles, Women in Public Finance San Diego, and California Women Lead.

The idea for this event was first discussed in August 2019 as part of a meeting with Treasurer Fiona Ma’s staff attended by the then NAWBO-CA President Hilary Lentini, Legislative Advisor Lori Kammerer and Director, Public Policy Moreen Lane. Originally, it was envisioned as a half-day, in-person event in March 2020 in honor or Women’s History Month. As a result of COVID-19, it was been reimagined a 90-minute virtual event. 

#National News
Negotiations are Stalled and House Dems and Senate GOP are $2 T Apart

As unemployment benefits began to expire across the country starting July 25, negotiations aren’t going anywhere. Late last night WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that Democrats rejected a short-term deal. At the same time, Senate Democratic Leader Schumer said “we just don’t think they understand the gravity of the problem.” In NAWBO’s discussions with Hill staff, some believe this weekend may put presser on lawmakers, but they aren’t sure if that pressure will be enough.
NAWBO, SBR, and Numerous Other Organizations Send Letter to Leadership on 501(c)(6) Concerns

NAWBO along with other organizations sent a letter to House and Senate leadership this week to express our strong support for expanding eligibility to 501(c)(6) organizations to apply for loans under the Paycheck Protection Program.
ICYMI Earlier this week: Rubio, Collins Introduce Phase IV Small Business Relief Package

Senators Rubio and Collins introduced the GOP Phase IV Small Business Relief Package today. You can find the section by section and summary of the Continuing Small Business Recovery and Paycheck Protection Program Act. Keep in mind! This is the GOP proposal. The Republican party will still need to negotiate with Democrats to get this across the finish line. This is also only the small business portion of the package.
Highlights surrounding the Paycheck Protection Program include:

  • Additional eligible expenses in Paycheck Protection Program including but limited to payment for software, cloud computing, PPE equipment.
  • 8-week covered period for forgiveness
  • Simplified applications for loans under $150 K
  • Employer-provided group insurance benefits are included in payroll costs
  • For those taking out their first PPP loan: max loan $2 million instead of $10 million
  • For those taking out a second PPP loan: (a) meet the SBA's revenue size standard, if applicable; (b) employ not more than 300 or fewer employees; and (c) demonstrate at least a 50 percent reduction in gross receipts in the first or second quarter of 2020 relative to the same 2019 quarter. The loan amount of 2.5 times average total monthly payroll costs in the one year or to the loan, up to $2 million 60/40 cost allocation between payroll and non-payroll

Set aside for very small businesses: $25 billion in funds set aside for entities employing 10 or fewer employees

Set-aside for Community Lenders. $10 billion in funds is set aside to be made by community financial institutions; insured depository institutions with consolidated assets of less than $10 billion; credit unions with consolidated assets of less than $10 billion; and farm credit system institutions with assets of less than $10 billion.

Guidance to prioritize underserved communities. Directs the Administrator to issue guidance addressing barriers to access to capital for underserved communities.

Eligibility of 501(c)(6) Organizations for loans under PPP if:
  • the organization does not receive more than 10 percent of receipts from lobbying;
  • the lobbying activities do not comprise more than 10 percent of receipts;
  • the organization has 50 or fewer employees; and
  • the covered loan is not more than $500,000.
IRS provides guidance on recapturing excess employment tax credits: The Internal Revenue Service issued a temporary regulation and a proposed regulation to reconcile advance payments of refundable employment tax credits and recapture the benefit of these credits when necessary. 

IRS issues final regulations and other guidance on business interest expense deduction limitation: The Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations regarding the provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that limits the deduction for business interest expense, including basic statutory amendments made by the CARES Act.

IRS issues proposed regulations for TCJA’s simplified tax accounting rules for small businesses: The Internal Revenue Service today issued proposed regulations updating various tax accounting regulations to adopt the simplified tax accounting rules for small businesses under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). For tax years beginning in 2019 and 2020, these simplified tax accounting rules apply for taxpayers having inflation-adjusted average annual gross receipts of $26 million or less (known as the gross receipts test).
The next regularly scheduled Advocacy Call will be held on September 15 at 12 PM ET. Please mark your calendars!
Member News
Felena Hanson with NAWBO-San Diego has a new YouTube project: A series interviewing women who have sold their company. Check it out here: http://www.womenwhoexit.com/
Virtual Chapter Events
Silicon Valley: Thirsty Thursday on August 6

Ventura County: Self-Care for Entrepreneurs on August 11