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We Are Better Together 

Hello NAWBO Chicago,

The NAWBO year is up. With our theme of confidence drawing to a close, I've discovered something rather surprising: Confidence grows with a person. You don't leave it behind like your favorite pair of leather gloves or launch it like an app.
Instead, that fearless drive we've focused on all year lives inside of us. Here's how I know.
It's easy to exude confidence when we start something - a business, a new career or, in my case, the NAWBO presidency. But then the unexpected wanders in and shakes confidence by the shoulders. Suddenly, the more you learn, it seems like the less you know. And that's when you have a choice: do you go forward or do you hesitate?
More than a few times this past year I've drawn a deep breath and said to myself: I am being challenged right now personally and professionally. Coming face-to-face with a challenge gives a person the freedom to shed fear and insecurity because you then focus on pursuing a greater purpose. In these times, I held onto confidence with white knuckles.
Confidence commands a share of the credit for the leader I've become and the many milestones we all worked so hard to achieve. It's the right moment to look at what we did together:
  • New online member forum
  • Formation of a junior board
  • New executive-level membership with peer-to-peer meetings led by a facilitator
  • A regional membership programming plan in Chicago and surrounding suburbs
  • Hiring of our first ever full-time executive director
  • Successful second year of YEA!, our Young Entrepreneurs Academy
  • A record year of new memberships
Ladies of Chicago's top businesses, after looking at this list, can you believe we are all volunteers? We are creating serious change! Our very roots champion change. Remember when H.R. 5050 passed so women didn't require a male cosigner on a business loan? That was NAWBO. As we approach our thirty-ninth year in Chicago, we do it with a great sense of accomplishment - and confidence - to go even further.
I'll close with a fond recollection of something my father would say: If we don't make/do/donate (fill in the blank with your action word here), who will? This year has been one of great action. Every one of those milestones has been with the singular purpose to propel our members and supporters onward and upward! Thank you to the talented and dedicated board of directors for making this year a game changer for NAWBO Chicago. 
Being part of NAWBO gives us a chance to accrue confidence through unity and make a difference for others with a broader brush. We're more invincible as a group. We are better together.
Thank you for believing in our mission. Thank you for your time and heart devoted to NAWBO. And a special thank you for the opportunity you gave me to serve as your president this past year .     
President, NAWBO Chicago
Founding Partner, AdvĂ­tam IP, LLC  
NAWBO Chicago's New
Executive Director
We are proud to announce Wendy  Bensley Jaehn as NAWBO Chicago's new executive director. The appointment marks NAWBO Chicago's first full-time executive-level position and was inspired by the organization's growing influence within the greater Chicago business community, which includes more than 300,000 women business owners...

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9 Ways to Bolster Confidence
The meeting with potential investors from New York is next week. Your pre-money valuation is off the charts. They love your uber-creative staff and plushy velvety orange chairs dotting your loft office. They "get" your brand. Now they want to hear from you...


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Florence Ann Romano, CEO, Original Six Media
A conversation with Florence Ann Romano of Original Six Media about the man who inspired her to chase down dreams, rugby at Soldier Field, and the pick-me-up movie of the century. 
NAWBO Chicago Member:
Since 2016

My father ran a third generation family business - Romano Brothers
Beverage Company - until he sold it in 2002. I grew up with the
dedication, innovation and passion for his business at the forefront
of my thoughts and our family. If it had not been for the company
selling, I would have loved the chance to work for Romano Brothers. But, fate had a different plan for me! As my father always says, "we stand on the shoulders of giants;" and I knew that I wanted to build a career for myself that would keep my father's same principles at my core: 1) care about people; 2) be generous; and 3) chase your dreams...

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3 Ways to Get Involved with NAWBO Today
1)  Attend the 2016-2017 Installation Reception with Networking, Cocktails and Appetizers in a New Year's Eve party style - June 15 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at The Dawson, 730 W. Grand Avenue. Speeches will be short and the conversations long over appetizers and signature Dawson drinks. Meet the new leadership team and learn about NAWBO Chicago's upcoming initiatives. $60 for members and $85 for nonmembers.


Not a member yet? Sign up for the Why NAWBO? 30-minute presentation on June 7 from noon to 12:30 and learn WHY NAWBO is the premiere women's organization in Chicago.


Register for the NAWBO Webinar: "Technology and how Millennials are Changing the Workforce and Workplace" - Thursday, June 9 - 8 PM - 9 PM. Learn how the Millennial generation can effect your business and make a positive impact.

NAWBO Members Who are Making a Difference.

Sophia Leaguedi, President of Ameroc Export, Inc. in Glenview was chosen as SBA Illinois 2016 Exporter of the Year. The award is given based on growth in sales or unit volume, financial strength, increase in the number of employees, product and service innovation, and community support.

June 2016 - Confidence


Building an Inclusive Economy in the Digital Age

June 8-11, 2016

Being at the top does not have to be a lonely place. The NAWBO Leadership Development Training Series brings driven, influential women together from our 60 chapters to sharpen skills and renew focus

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
All Day


Wednesday, June 15, 2016
All Day

J oin us to network and connect with business leaders and learn more about upcoming NAWBO events and networking opportunities.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Panera, 2070 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago. Meetings are always the fourth Tuesday of every month. RSVP to Helen Bloch at (312) 281-9931 or hbloch@blochpc.com.
June 28, 2016 
8:15 am - 10: 00 am 


Toni Burt, Spring Forward Financial, LLC

Elizabeth Grad Christofylakis, DisposAll Waste Services, LLC

Jennifer J Conley,
Duggan Bertsch, LLC

Tamara K Fay,
TKFay Consulting, LLC

Colleen Flaherty, Tiny Lounge, Inc.

Joyce Gye, S & M PLOW CORP.

Megan Kristina Harrison, Megan Harrison, LLC

Debora Denise Hogan, Spotless Dog Wash

Lori Jackson, Masters of Business Academy

Christine Johnson, Cued Forward, LLC

Diane M Keate, Tire Services Company

Rena Henderson Mason, Bold Agenda

Kate O'Malley,
Bangle Stacker

Bo Peng, Datascope Analytics

Jacki Petrovic, Petrovic Law Offices, PC

Debra Pickett, Page 2 Communications

Maria Pinto, M2057 by Maria Pinto

Debbie Riley, Quintarios, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.

Jeannine Ringland-Zwirn, Daily Planet

Gabriela Rodil, Gabriela Rodil, LLC

Kris Sargent, The Gutsy Gal

Mary Tomanek, Graystone Consulting

Tobbie Walter, Morgan Stanley

Virgina Weiskopf, Weiskopf Consulting

Cynthia Williams, Ideation Zone 

NAWBO Chicago
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