Message from the President
As we are coming up on Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be grateful for even in this crazy year we have had!

I am grateful I was able to make the move back to my hometown of Los Angeles mid year despite a pandemic. I am grateful I can be closer to my parents that both just celebrated 80th and 76th birthdays. In times like these, being able to have family close by is even more important.

I am grateful that my business continues to thrive. Marketing is always important to help a business sustain and grow, but even more so this year! My clients have had big challenges, but we have all banded together to keep on keeping on!

When it comes to NAWBO, I am so grateful to be part of #NAWBONation. This year has been especially great because this pandemic brought us all closer together. All the virtual programming means we get to know our NAWBO family across the country and will continue to do so while we are still mostly virtual. So many new relationships and connections forged! I hope that we all keep some virtual programming in the future so we can continue to stay connected!

On a local level, I am even more thankful for my awesome board of directors…21 members strong! Mostly new board members this term and they are already pretty darn impressive to me and what they are helping to build for our local members!

Speaking of members….drum roll….we gained 40+ new members during the Fall Membership drive! We were the #1 chapter for Large Chapters beating out Chicago and set the record for most new members during a drive! We are excited to welcome so many new members to our local “Teal Tribe”. We even added a few “NAWBRO’s” to the chapter.

To me..this is not just a number on a leaderboard. Yes..we loved the win..but these are 40+ women and men who are going to add their own awesome flavors to our chapter mix! They put their faith in us to give them valuable resources and connections and we plan to deliver! Watch out everyone..Los Angeles is bringing great things for 2021!

As we go into the holiday season…give thanks for the blessings you do have and the blessings that will come in 2021! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Patty Ross
National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles (NAWBO-LA)
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  • Why Certification matters

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  • The Certification process, including required documents to become MBE certified

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Shake off that Zoom fatigue for our final virtual event of the year, as we bid farewell to 2020. We've designed this evening to inspire, energize and entertain you! 

The NAWBO-LA board would love the opportunity to connect our members, partners, and community one last time in 2020. We can’t wait to 'see' you.

No themes, no gimmicks, just show up with your favorite beverage and be ready to deepen connections and create new ones! Let's play some games and have some fun!
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