CRGC News Broadcast
January 7, 2020

Follow this link to a listing of SEER SINQ's that have been finalized during the months of August thru December, 2019.  These SEER SINQ's include corrections or changes to some of the 2018 data items, thus we strongly encourage registrars review the latest SEER SINQ's to have the most current and correct information.
Highlights of this listing include: 
  • 20190089 advises how to correctly code histology for lung cases that mention differentiation or features and have no ambiguous terminology.
  • 20190080 confirms when to use operative findings in coding melanoma surgery margins if there is no mention of margins in the pathology report.
  • 2019050 clarifies whether evolving melanoma is reportable when Clark's level and/or Breslow's thickness is mentioned in the path report.
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Mignon Dryden, CTR
Director, E-Reporting
Cancer Registry of Greater California