CRGC News Broadcast
May 21, 2020

Follow   this link to a listing of SEER SINQ's that have been finalized during the months of January through April, 2020.  These SEER SINQ's include corrections or changes to some of the 2018 data items, thus we strongly encourage registrars review the latest SEER SINQ's to have the most current and correct information.
Highlights of this listing include: 
  • 20200015 confirms whether you can use an imaging report over a biopsy for Tumor Size - Clinical Breast.
  • 20200012 clarifies the number of primaries for a MDS with ring sideroblasts diagnosed in 2005 progressing to an early evolving AML in 2019.
  • 20200006 advises if a retinal astrocytoma is reportable.
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Mignon Dryden, CTR
Director, E-Reporting
Cancer Registry of Greater California