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The NBA's 1st Indian-born athlete selected in the draft by Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks,  SATNAM SINGH, Joins T he UBAU and EUSAI to Promote Basketball throughout 
the Indian subcontinent. 

September 6, 2016
Satnam Singh Announces Alliance with UBAU and EUSAI

Satnam Singh has stepped forward to announce his alliance with the UBAU and EUSAI to aid and enhance the advancement and infiltration of basketball throughout India. There has been increased desire and attention to the sport of basketball in India, of late, with prime network adoption of the University Tournament. The tournament parallels the US' March Madness, known as Indian Insanity. In addition, the introduction of a professional league offers collegiate athletes the opportunity for advancement on a pro level.

The All  India Inter-Zonal Mens Basketball University Tournament going forward will present a Tournament MVP Award, "The Satnam Singh MVP Award" 

Abhishek Bachchan, arguably India's most famous young actor, has expressed his love and interest in the pursuit of basketball and team ownership.  Satnam 's participation will likely increase Bachchan's excitement and involvement. 

The UBAU and EUSAI is grateful for the support and unrestrained endorsement of  Satnam  Singh and we are pleased to share with you the pictures of the signing.

(Left) Mohinder Gill, Satnam Singh 

(Left) Mohinder Gill, Satnam Singh, Mantej Singh

(Left) Satnam Singh, Richard Whelan
(Left) Mohinder Gill,Kurt Warner,Mantej Singh, Satnam Singh

(Front row left) Robert Clawson, Sunday Zeller, Richard Whelan, Kurt Warner, Mantej Singh, Dr. Svarnias
(Back row left) John Rufty, Satnam Singh, Mohinder Gill

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"The EFLI was founded on the concepts of love and unity. By bringing together the East and the West in alliance to eliminate poverty throughout the globe, the EFLI will make the impossible a reality through peaceful, healthy competitive play. Regardless of faith or political view, we can all embrace the game and come together in celebration of the mission."

Sunday Zeller
Founder and Co-Commissioner, EFLI