NACL Team presents NBA2K player Leef with the first 1st place prize of $500.00 for winning the NACL Shockey’s Summer Slam. 
06/29/2020 - Phoenix, AZ - North American Collegiate League ( NACL) co-hosted their first ever online NBA tournament in conjunction with retired Pro NBA2K legend Shockey. The tournament was a great success with a wonderful mix of ex-pro players and NBA2K enthusiasts.

NACL’s NBA tournament hosted a total of eight different players; Leef , PickSix , Ian Almighty , ShawnWin2K , Snagaholic , XChrissy , Kontrul and Vryry. Viewers got to watch these highly skilled players competing in a bracket style tournament.

Round one featured Leef vs. PickSix in a titillating matchup that would set the tone for Leef's dominance throughout the night. In round one, Ian Almighty out-dribbled ShawnWin , Snagaholic showed off his superior shooting skills to beat XChrissy, and Kontrul demonstrated some true talent to out-play Vryry and move on to the second round. As round two began, our featured match was Kontrul opening on the Lakers up against Snagaholic on the Pacers, after an exciting match one of round two, Kontrul returned to show his dominance on the court as the Sixers to Snagaholic’s Clippers. Although Snagaholic was able to steal, or should we say, snag the ball a few times, Kontrul didn’t let the aggressive playstyle of his opponent get in his head and took the win in the best of two round. Leef and Ian Almighty had a tumultuous game with Leef’s powerful show in the first quarter on the Trailblazers setting him up for success in the later matches.

The semi-final match ended with Leef and Kontrul sweeping the opposition to give us a truly exciting final game. Both gamers played well in the first match of the final round, however Leef’s aggressive playstyle allowed him to out-score Kontrul . After a strong show from Leef on the Rockets, many viewers thought match two would inevitably be the last, but Kontrul played with lots of patience and skill. As match three was forced, Leef chose the Dallas Mavericks and Kontrul chose the Denver Nuggets as their champions to be. Although both players worked incredibly hard and the score was close throughout the match, Leef ultimately took home the win, and $500 with a winning score of 48-41.
NACL was honored to host this NBA tournament and thanks all of the participants, players, and viewers. NACL Shockey’s Summer Slam is viewable on Twitch at Moving forward, NACL will announce upcoming tournaments and events on! Follow NACL on Instagram (@play.nacl) and Twitter (@playNACL) to learn more about this, and future events!
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