It has been positive to have the immediate potential of a strike set aside while we undertake the steps in the new essential services process. This will take time, so we are continuing to seek options with government and CUPE to achieve a negotiated agreement. In spite of the challenges that persisted through 2019, we have opportunities in the 2020/2021 year we can take advantage of. We will be sharing more about that at the upcoming Administration Group Meeting. I would also like to  thank Justin Wies for his excellent work during his eight years at NBANH. We wish him all the best as he departs for a new opportunity. 
The NBANH team looks forward to seeing everyone soon.

Jodi Hall
Executive Director

Cuddle-therapy at Jodin
Collaborative project with students
Grade 9 students from Cité des Jeunes A.-M. Sormany in Edmundston expressed their interest in a new cuddling room at Résidences Jodin Inc. Under the supervision of the Director of Nursing, these students were responsible for the design and assembly of the room. They planned everything: from the purchase of the necessary materials and furnishings until its launch. This room will be called "Câlins au Jodin" named by the students. This room will be a place where residents and their families can rock, wash, cuddle and take care of the four new babies. These students have accomplished their mission to make this room calm and peaceful for our residents and their families.

See news articles below (available in French only):


Lobby Day and AGM
Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC)

O n February 4-6, CALTC members gathered in Ottawa for CALTC's Annual Lobby Day on the Parliament Hill and its AGM. The purpose of the three-day event was to plan for CALTC's activities in 2020/2021, and to raise awareness among policy makers about the challenges and opportunities facing the long-term care sector.

CALTC members met with Members of Parliament from across Canada to put pressure on the government, urging them to make seniors care a priority in the upcoming federal budget. Armed with our new pre-budget submission, CALTC members sought MP's support on the following commitments:
  • Address the seniors care labour shortage by developing a Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Strategy.
  • Invest in seniors housing where care is provided by using federal infrastructure funding to create 42,000 new beds and help rebuild old homes.
  • Support innovation, data collection, and benchmarking standards by mandating, funding, and supporting the implementation of a new management information system for long-term care.
A new Executive Committee was elected at this year's AGM. CALTC is pleased to announce that Jodi Hall, Executive Director of NBANH, remains the Chair of CALTC. CALTC is the leading voice for quality long-term care in Canada. CALTC advocates on behalf of seniors at the federal level and shares knowledge, insights, and best practices to ensure seniors can live and age with dignity.

In the picture: Jodi Hall (NBANH) and Mélanie Martin (NBANH) met with several MPs including NB's MP Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

A note from Justin Wies, NBANH

I t is with great difficulty that I must advise you that I am resigning from my role with the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes. I started with NBANH in 2011 as a labour lawyer. It was a role that I was able to practice not only law but empathy. The nursing home sector has given me a lot and I will forever carry with me the lessons I have learned here. I am proud that I can say with certainty that I worked hard every day to support the people that care for elderly in New Brunswick. It was a calling that I didn't see until I was doing it and although it came with many challenges and hardship, I relish every day I spent working in this sector. Nevertheless, the time is right for change. I will still be practicing law in Fredericton and I hope to stay involved in the sector in one form or another in the future.

The team at NBANH is brilliant and passionate. I am happy to have the opportunity to leave the sector knowing that you will continue to be supported by a great group of people who have you and New Brunswick's elders at heart.

Community organizations, researchers and clinicians working together to inform and engage seniors in decisions about their medications
Medications can help us in many different ways. However, as we get older, we become more sensitive to the effects of medications. Our bodies do not process medications as efficiently and we become more likely to experience side effects, drug interactions or other adverse effects. In Canada, seniors are hospitalized five times more often than people under the age of 65 because of harmful medication effects (CIHI 2013).
The Canadian Deprescribing Network (CaDeN) is a national nonprofit research organization working to educate and equip the public, healthcare professionals and governments to support the safe and appropriate use of medications for older Canadians. In New Brunswick, CaDeN partners with several community organizations including Go Ahead Seniors, the Association francophone des aînés du Nouveau-Brunswick, and the New Brunswick Senior Citizens' Federation. These organizations are putting on presentations in their communities, publishing articles in their newsletters, and sharing helpful resources with their members. Their goal? To equip more New Brunswick seniors and their caregivers with the information they need to engage in important conversations with healthcare professionals and ensure the medications they're taking are still right for them. These conversations can lead to deprescribing, which means reducing or stopping medications that may not be beneficial or may be causing harm. The goal of deprescribing is to maintain or improve quality of life, which is of importance when making health-related decisions, particularly in the long term care setting.
To learn more and access CaDeN's free online resources for patients and healthcare professionals, visit deprescribingnetwork.ca. Would you like to take part in spreading the word about the importance of taking special care with medications as we age? Contact info@deprescribingnetwork.ca.

Showcase of Healthy Aging & Care Innovation in NB
Call for Submissions
Let's celebrate what is happening in New Brunswick!
Have you had a successful initiative from the last year that supports aging in NB that we should all celebrate? Are you working on an something new that you would like everyone to know about? Are you looking for an opportunity to share and network with other like-minded individuals? This showcase is for you!
The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes (NBANH) and the Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care are thrilled to host an event that will showcase good news stories and local innovation related to healthy aging and care in New Brunswick on May 12th at the Casino NB in Moncton, New Brunswick.
This free reception-style event will provide an opportunity for New Brunswickers to share their unique and innovative approaches to supporting healthy aging and care from around the province. Let's celebrate the positive impact of aging in New Brunswick!
Click here to view the Call for Submission including the Submission Form. Please share!


Volunteer Gala
April 21st at the Wu Conference Center

We are thrilled to share that the 10th Volunteer Gala will be hosted on Tuesday, April 21st at 6 pm at the Wu Conference Centre in Fredericton during National Volunteer Week.
Please click here to view the Regional Volunteer Submission Form to nominate a volunteer from your nursing home.
Please forward your submission to your regional representative before March 16th See the   NBANH Board of Director's list here.
Stay tuned for more information on this event.

When Enough is Enough
NB Hospice Palliative Care Association
Annual Conference

How do we help patients understand when and how to shift their goals of care as their illness progresses? How do we look after ourselves while providing care to our patients?
The NBHPCA 2020 conference will provide information and tools to healthcare providers so they are better equipped to help patients and families with difficult decisions and also assist healthcare providers in recognizing and addressing compassion fatigue in themselves and their colleagues. Other topics include s topping dialysis, n eurodegenerative diseases at end of life, d ecision making at end of life, and p aramedics providing palliative care at home. Invited speakers are   Dr. Nicola MacPherson and  Dr. Stephanie Maillet.

When: May 7th & 8th, 2020
Where: Crowne Plaza, Fredericton, NB


Click here for more information. For further information, contact: nbhpca@gmail.com


CALTC Dispatch
Fall 2019 Newsletter

The Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC) is pleased to share its quarterly newsletter. Click here to view the Fall 2019 edition including CALTC's Strategic Planning Retreat Recap, Federal Policy Updates, and much more!  Thanks for reading.

Legislature Bureau:
Nursing home bill amended to secure Alliance support

If you have any questions, comments, or submission ideas, please forward them to Melanie Eva by  e-mail or by phone (460-6262).
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