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Blood Clot Awareness Month 2016: Share a Story, Save a Life

Just like any other health observance, Blood Clot Awareness Month is met with a certain level of excitement and esteem, especially across social media avenues far and wide. In fact, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter often provide the perfect platform for people to share their blood clot experiences with an audience that can span the entire globe. When March has come and gone, It is these individual stories and experiences that endure well beyond March 31. The effects of blood clots are often far-reaching and can impact the lives of the people who have experienced them for weeks, months, years, or even an entire lifetime. 

In recognition of Blood Clot Awareness Month (BCAM) 2016 and the individual stories that matter most, the National Blood Clot Alliance is featuring the personal blood clot story of one individual each day: 31 personal stories featured on each of the 31 days in March. By sharing our stories, we share crucial information about blood clots that could ultimately help save lives. Each day this month, a person's story is featured on our Facebook Page with important information they - or in some cases a family member or a loved one - wishes to share to help educate other people about the signs, symptoms. and risk factors of blood clots. To get involved, you can share information and important educational tools found on our website with your friends and family. You also can connect with NBCA's Stop the Clot® Online Support Community, powered by Inspire, and share your story with many others in our community here: Share a Story, Save a Life

The National Blood Clot Alliance also will be sharing new and creative content across social media channels each week of Blood Clot Awareness Month based on important educational and clinical themes, including:  Week 1 Awareness;  Week 2 Risk Factors;  Week 3 Signs and Symptoms;  Week 4 Prevention and Week 5 Lifestyle and Recovery. It is our hope that by highlighting important information during each of these thematic weeks, we can further raise awareness when and where it matters most. 

We also will have other exciting Blood Clot Awareness Month events and information to share, so check back regularly for all of these updates. 

Blood Clot Awareness Month is a time for joy, sorrow, reflection and education. Joy for those who have survived a clot and returned to healthy life. Sorrow for those whose clot caused severe disability or even death. Disability changes a life in significant ways and affects the family and friends of the person who has suffered the clot. Death, of course, is the most profound consequence of blood clots. 

Too often that death could have been avoided, but the right medical care at the right time was not available and life was lost. We reflect on the vast scope of this public health problem-a million new clots every year, 100,000 deaths annually, translating into 274 Americans dying each day from a blood clot. Since having a clot can increase the risk of experiencing another one, the pool of people at risk grows each year, a shadow population that is often overlooked in medical statistics.

Education is the path to a better future, where the death and disability caused by clots is significantly reduced.  Blood Clot Awareness Month is a platform for NBCA and like-minded organizations and individuals to pool their resources, their talents and their energy to increase public awareness about clots, teach patients and families how to cope with the aftermath of a clot, and work towards a better tomorrow for us all.

Join us in celebrating Blood Clot Awareness Month 2016 for yourself, your family and friends and all those people you don't know, but who share your goal to Stop the Clot®.  
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NBCA Now Sharing on Instagram

In recognition of Blood Clot Awareness Month, the National Blood Clot Alliance is thrilled to relaunch it's new and improved  Instagram Community . 

We're posting special Awareness content there each day this month, including Patient Stories and new graphics highlighting important information about blood clots.  Instagram is a great social media tool to engage your friends and family - especially while on the go - and share critical information about the importance of knowing your risk for blood clots and recognizing the signs and symptoms of blood clots.
Share Information with the Women in Your Life

Throughout their lives, women face crucial choices that can contribute to the risk of life-threatening blood clots. These choices -- connected to birth control, pregnancy, and the treatment of menopause symptoms -- must be carefully evaluated to reduce the risk of  blood clots. Women are at an even greater risk if they have a family history of clotting or previously experienced a blood clot.

Connect with the NBCA's Women and Blood Clots program - in partnership with the Alexandra L. Rowan Foundation - to get critical information to share with women you know. 

You'll find great content and videos at the links below to help women understand the blood clot risks connected to several important life stages most women face, including:

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How You Can Help: Tools to Share with Everyone

Each year, up to 900,000 people will be affected by blood clots that form in their legs (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) and their lungs (pulmonary embolism or PE). One of the best ways you can help raise awareness for Blood Clot Awareness Month is by sharing NBCA resources with your friends, family, and personal social media networks. Knowing about the risk factors, signs and symptoms of blood clots can help save lives. 

Share the information below to help spread the word across your communities:

Also, be sure to connect with the NBCA on social media and share the life-saving information we are posting with your own networks. We're very excited to announce that the Stop the Clot Facebook Page  recently reached over 10,000 Fans. If each of those people share information with all of their followers, just one person truly can make a difference this month and all year round. If you haven't already, connect with us today:   
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Community Connection

The 2016 TCS NYC Marathon - Five Years Running for Team Stop The Clot®
The National Blood Clot Alliance is excited to announce that Team Stop The Clot® will once again be an Official Charity Partner of the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. November 6th, 2016, will mark our 5th year running this incredible and historic race. In total, our team of 35 members has raised $176,000 and brought significant attention to the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of blood clots. If you're interested in joining Team Stop The Clot® for this very special challenge, fill out an application or email Judi Elkin at jelkin@stoptheclot.org.  
Cycle to Stop The Clot® - April 9, Wellesley, MA
The National Blood Clot Alliance is teaming up with Michelle McGuinness, the founder of Sunshine and Superfoods, for an event dedicated to health, wellness, and blood clot awareness. Cycle to Stop The Clot® will be held at the CycleBar in Wellesley, MA, on April 9th, at 3:00 pm. The CycleBar experience is said to be unlike any other spin class of its kind. In their state-of-the-art Cycle Theater, riders will be treated to a heart-pumping, energy-enhancing class, followed by light refreshments and a discussion about how to protect yourself against blood clots.  

Cap City Half Marathon - April 30, Columbus, OH
The Capital City Half Marathon was recently named the "Best Half Marathon in Ohio," attracting over 15,000 runners and walkers. On April 30th, Team Stop The Clot® will once again take on this course to honor their own survival as well as remember those who were less fortunate.  If you are unable to participate, come cheer our Clot Busters on!

Upcoming Events
The National Blood Clot Alliance has many exciting events coming up all across the country. If we're coming to a city near you, we'd love to see you there. To view all of our upcoming events, please click here
April 2 (Kenyon, OH): 5th Annual 5k for Anna
April 9 ( Canton, MI):  Bowling for Brian

THSNA Summit, April 14-16, 2016, Chicago, IL
The Thrombosis and Hemostasis Societies of North America (THSNA) will hold its 3rd comprehensive scientific meeting dedicated to thrombosis and hemostasis issues in Chicago, IL, from April 14-16, 2016.  This summit is a collaboration of the fourteen leading non-profit organizations in both fields. THSNA 2016 will provide a focused forum for over 1,500 attendees with an interest in bleeding and clotting disorders to network, learn, and share across disciplines and disease states. For more information and to register please visit:  THSNA

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